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Am really unhappy with size assured 400cc would...

Am really unhappy with size assured 400cc would get me a D cup but feel really small considering I still have swelling to go down ???? not sure if they will re operate as I was told that I couldn't go any bigger but I still have plenty of skin. Really nice hospital in dolan park and the staff were fantastic

Be careful of size .... Didn't realise that if you go under the muscle they would give a efffect

No pain at all 5 days post op. And Even Before Then Just felt like I needed to breast feed with slight pressure on my chest. The best way I can describe the sensation.

7 days post op and feeling back to normal. Still a little nipple sensitivity but thats normal. So happy. But still questioning i

10 days post op. Worried about scares as mine look worse than others on here at 10 days post op or do you think they look normal

Any advice or comments welcomed

Updatea put days after on pic to help.

The size difference between them is already starting to come down.

Worried about inflammation on one scar

Please help any advice welcome

16 days post op

One is still higher and smaller but looking better everyday.

16 days post op much more moment

Finally starting to drop evenly

Looking huge in this sports bra and it's a large. Don't think I'm going to get much use out of this.
Infection has cleared up nicely with antibiotics. No need for it to be cleaned or drained or anything. So things are going well.

Sorry forgot to ad pics

Pics 19 days post op

Sorry forgot to ad pic

19 days post op

How to thank doctors

Asked some questions to doctors on here but don't know if there's a way to like or thank them. Any ideas please as there doesn't seem to be an option?

1 month update

1 month in. Still one is higher and smaller but it's early days.


Have had really nasty hurtful posts off a guy making fun of my nipples. In all fairness I emailed the site who removed this persons posts and account. Really happy with the way this was handled by realself.com. just annoyed that people would come on here and perv be immature
when it's such a helpful site that has myself and others and deals with sensitive issues.


Hi ladies
Seen my P's today and has agreed to revision surgery free of charge in December. Decided to go for a bigger implant from 400 to 500. Not quite sure how much bigger this will make me. Just happy they listened to my worries and have treated me well. Going to spend the week looking at 400 to 500 picks. Hope iv made the right choice. Got plenty of time to think about this. But feeling positive. Hoping second surgery won't hurt as much as the muscle has already been stretched. X

6 weeks last week but didn't have time to post. Feeling great. Boobs really feel like they are a part of me instead of foreign.

Sorry pics didn't load

Look so big from some angles and not so big from others

Sorry ladies lots of moaning

Over 6 weeks post op and still no sign of them looking like they are a matching pair. Also posted one to show for me that 400cc looks small on me in a top and it's a tight vest. Also 1 of me laying down. They litrally sink and go so wide apart is this normal? Thought as I had high profile that even laying down they would still he there looking all perky lol

7 weeks and looking great much more squishy and even getting a cleavage ????

Took my boobies out for the first time with my boobie friends but didn't show them off. Still getting used to having them :-)

Still not used to showing them off. They like my naughty little secret haha

Like ones a football and one s rugby ball lol 9 weeks and still have a stubborn one that will not drop. Doing the massage every

9 weeks still not looking the same yet ps says the difference is minimal. Hardly well not yo me anyway. Very noticeable in some

Front view from before. Bikini and slant noticability in tops

Thought it be helpful for all that are thinking about their transformation

What a difference

Not quit what I was hoping for

Some comparison pics of my results and wish boobs

Going for it...... booked in with my ps on the 22nd of Nov and 2nd op on the 10 of December

Hopefully the bigger size and revision will give me the results I'd desire. Fingers crossed ay. Really excited. Can't believe I'm doing this again. Would just be happier with less wonky boobs but as their in there may as well put a bigger size in haha.

Wonky donkeys.... The new name I'm calling my boobies.

Though I'd post a pic to show what my boobs look like without a bra. Clearly wonky and noticeable. Leaving me to always look down and correct my top/ dress etc. Not as noticeable with a bra but still gets on my nerves.

Hello everyone x it's been a while :-) 11 months post op

Well after a very stressful few months in back. Got my revision booked in for Monday and can't wait. Going for larger implants, having my awful scars sorted out and having pocket revision to sort out my wonkey boobs. Really hope things turn out well this time. Hope everyone is well xx

Revision from 375 to 510 cc

So I finally had my revision today after being a little over a year post op. Looking forward to sharing my new results with you lovely ladies. Hope they stay where they should this time. Suffered with
Bottoming out
Implant displacement
And symmetrical issues

Post op day two revision 375 mod to 510 hp

Very sore but worth it to see these before and after pics I have just done xx

Laying down shot before 375 mod now 510 hp corrected implant displacement

Feeling really good after seeing the difference post op day two

My before , my 1st op and my second up *revision

3 days post op 510cc

Always wanted to be able to take these pics. And after this revision I am finaly about to feel good about my boobs.

12 month update 510 cc

12 month update 510 cc
Excuse the tan lines.
Dr mileto

Really nice surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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