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Two years ago I went to see an orthodontist to get...

Two years ago I went to see an orthodontist to get braces. I knew I had an upper bite thanks to my dad's dna...but still I was very surprised when the orthodontist told me the problem was my lower jaw. Since then I've been through the whole NHS circus and was approved for surgery 19 months ago. I've worn braces since and I'm awaiting surgery within a couple of months.
The braces have aligned my teeth so that they will "fit" post op...Unfortunately that means I look worse now. My already strained chin is pushed forward and upwards as closing my mouth is a huge task (drooling is a beautiful side effect) and I'm not loving my horse-ish face. The surgery will move my lower jaw forward and tilt my upper jaw to close an open bite. Who knows: maybe I'll be able to do "normal" things like taking a bite of an apple or whistle?!
As I know the surgery will change my nose (which I already hate) I have decided to have rhinoplasty with Dr julian Rowe Jones and maybe a lip lift (...I haven't been able to find a good surgeon for that procedure here in the UK...so will probably have to go to the US for that). I was told my surgery would be in October (at our last meeting 2 months ago) but still haven't heard from the hospital reg dates so I've emailed them and will hopefully know more soon.

It happened

I've now had my surgery. It wasn't as bad as I feared. Lots of ice, rest and painkillers and now a new jaw and bite. Very happy I did it.
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