24, No Kids, Labiaplasty and septate hymen removal Great Britain, GB

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I have just arrived home after having my...

I have just arrived home after having my Labiaplasty privately at (Day case). My surgeon was Angelica Kavouni and I chose her because of her vast experience and reputation. The method she used wasn't one I had heard of before but again I trusted her opinion...I think I was quite vague during my consultation due to nerves so I am praying that I gave her a good enough idea of what I wanted (only time will tell I guess!)

With a severe needle phobia I honestly was not sure I was going to be able to go through with it and had spent a good part of the morning freaking out with a few tears and then I had a mini panic attack just before they sedated me...however with the support of the amazing nursing staff I finally went through with something that has affected my confidence for as long as I can remember (I also had a septate Hymen removed which had ruined my sex life for years!).

Waking up in the recovering room I was very out of it but was aware of the stinging pain down below so was given morphine and then another pain relief after as I was still quite uncomfortable. After about 30 minutes they took me back to my room and helped me onto the bed which again was very uncomfortable but not too painful (the morphine definitely helped!)

The left side was much more swollen then my right and it felt like every time I moved something was ripping and I was really panicky as there was fresh blood each time I moved, however the doctor reassured me a few times everything was fine (I really hope so!). It stings ALOT to wee at the moment!

I left the hospital at around 7 pm after being Fed and checked over again by the staff and I am now in bed with a frozen sanitary towel on which feels like it is really helping! I have taken Arnica for the bruising and antibiotics which they prescribed. I also have some cream to put on it but I think I will wait until morning when I have a proper clear as I don't want to disrupt the stitches right now!

Worried what it will look like tomorrow but I will update on my healing process and hopefully it will all be okay and worth it!

48 hours post op

Had an uncomfortable night sleep, had to take some pain killer this morning but I haven't needed any more today.

Still very swollen...bruising is coming out quite a bit now too. Recovery is very boring, thank god for netflix!

4 days post op....I am not sure if there is any improvement!?

I went out for the first time yesterday, minimal walking but a good couple of hours standing and it was slightly uncomfortable. Walking was more like major waddling so I know it is too soon to try that again at the moment. It feels a bit tight at times and sharp pains occasionally which I think maybe the stitches dissolving (I hope!)

More bruising today on my actual lip but I think the stitches are less visible which is a good sign at least. I have been putting on the ointment I was given to keep the stitches from drying out too soon (Hence the shininess).

Trying to not poke around too much and disrupt anything but I have found that ear buds are very helpful for drying/cleaning after a wee just in the creases as its hard to do it otherwise due to the swelling!

Bored bored bored....wish I could fast forward to day 10 already!

Any advice, i am getting worried :-/

I am now 9 days post op. My right side seems to be healing pretty well apart from a bit at the bottom which i feel might be open?!

My left side at the top keeps bleeding and clotting over and im worried if i bath and remove the clots it will just all open underneath...it just doesnt seem to be coming together at all ????

I had my follow up which lasted 2 minutes if that and she just told me it was really swollen, ge tthe blod clotts off in a bath and she would see me in 4 weeks.

I have a very active job and i start back on Monday so i am just really starting to stress ahhh

4 weeks post op god this is a slow process!

Looks better than it did but still swollen especially on the top part (i hope its still swollen anyway and not finished healing!)

Feels hard in places, worried some stiches didnt dissolve and are stuck under the skin?!

Practicaly back to normal activities now with only slight discomfort occasionally!

I made the very silly decision to masturbate yesterday for the first time and even though I was really gentle, it definitley has left me alot more swollen and sore today and i think has given me a small bump as well (frustrating but I think it will be at least another few weeks before I try that again!

I keep applying coconut oil to the area to hopefully help it soften in places. Hopefully in another week it will have settled down a bit more *fingers crossed*!!

Someone help :-(

I don't really know how to explain it but i know its gone wrong ughh. The right hand side like at the bottom of my clitorous is t attached to my labia...on the left side its attached on on the right it isnt and when i move the skin its like healed in like a triangle shape where it should be attached but now isnt.

I really dont want to have go through all this again but its sticking out because its not attached properly :-(

And its still swollen and sore at the top.


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