19 Years Old, Breast Reduction, 34F to a 34DD?? - Great Britain, GB

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So I'm writing this review because I'm just so...

So I'm writing this review because I'm just so excited and it's all that I can think about, and reading other people's reviews has really helped me through this process.

I have pretty much been uncomfortable with my boobs since I was 12 and they started growing twice as quickly as anybody else's, since primary school they have always been larger than all of my friends and I have always tried to hide them. I recently started a job where I have to be on my feet for 6-9 hours with no real break, which makes my back pain almost unbearable by the end of it. As well as the painful aspect of it I also hate how they look, they've been like this since I was 16 and feel like I shouldn't have such droopy while I'm so young! I can't buy certain clothes, have to spend at least £30 when i buy a bra and they're all ugly, the same with swimsuits. I have bad posture as I feel like when stand up straight I am sticking them out and making them look even bigger.

I had my first ever consultation on the 18th of March with Iain Brown, he was so kind and and really understanding, I was going in there thinking I'd have to almost convince him to let me have the surgery but he said that he could see why I wanted it and was very sympathetic, more so than anyone I've ever spoken to about it, even more so than my mum who has the same problems.

Iain says he tries to make people look in proportion and says I will be about a 36D, which still seems quite big to me. I'm a 34F at the moment, I just hope I don't still feel like they're too big afterwards.

My boyfriend is trying to be supportive, and he is sympathetic with my pack pain but he doesn't see the aesthetic side of it, he just thinks I'm being silly when I say I want to change the size because of the looks as well as comfort, it's about 50/50 for me, but he thinks that that's vein as he's never really struggled with confidence issues and I don't think he realises that this is something that will change my whole life. But my surgery is now scheduled for the 16th of May, looking at other peoples reviews 2 months seems pretty quick but it feels like a lifetime away! The waiting is definitely the hardest part so far, I'm not even slightly nervous yet just too excited. Any tips or advice will be appreciated and I will add more photos when it's done!

Some pictures

Surgery moved up!

So my surgery has been moved up due to a cancellation, it is now on the 25th April. I can't believe i have just over a week left of having big boobs, it's so soon! I'm still pretty worried about the anesthetic but I am just so excited now. I had to have my MRSA test today and now have just one consultation before the surgery.

Only 2 days to go!!

So I've done some shopping for things I should need after surgery, mainly sports bras - I got a few different sizes and shapes as I don't know my exact size or what I'm going to find comfortable. I also got some short sleeved button up pyjamas so that I don't get to hot and I can get in and out of them easily. And I got some bio oil which I hear is very good for scarring, and some general moisturizer spray. If there's anything any of you think would be handy for me please let me know!

Sports bras before

Safe to say they don't fit!

Surgery day!

So I'm at the hospital in my room waiting with my mum and boyfriend. We got here at seven and the nurses did some paperwork and I've got my gown and socks on just waiting to go in now, My surgeon came to see me and did my marking and said I should be in at around eleven so I've still got an hour to wait, It's so nerve racking just want to get it over with now!

I'm all finished!

My surgery went really well, no complications whatsoever, the only annoying thing was that I had to wait four hours before I even went in which was really nerve racking. But after that I got wheeled away to the anaesthetic room where I said goodbye to my boyfriend and laid down on my surgery table. The anaesthesiologists put a needle in my hand and checked my blood pressure and things then they gave me a pre med which made me feel really drunk and nice and that's the last thing I remember! They were chatting all the while to me and they just said to be as calm and relaxed as possible because people who go under calm wake up calm and people who go under stressed usually wake up upset. I don't even remember him saying he was going to give me the anaesthetic but I'm guessing I was calm when I went to sleep because next thing I knew I was waking up and feeling really strange but calm and happy. I had a few weird dreams whilst under, mainly about being drunk lol? After about half an hour waking up in the recovery room I was wheeled back to my room and my boyfriend and parents came to visit me. I'd say so far my pain has been very minimal, the iv in my hand is uncomfortable most the time, and quite painful when the nurses put the anaesthetic through it but that has been the worst of it so far! I haven't been on much medication just two doses of codiene and had a bit of morphine when I first woke up. I was a little scared when I found out that my boyfriend wasn't aloud to sleep in the chair in my room as I didn't want to be alone but im absolutely fine and the nurses have been great! Practically nothing has come out into my drains so far so I'm having them taken out tomorrow which I am really dreading as apparently it bloody hurts but they said they can give me gas and air which will hopefully help :)

First little peek

I managed to get up and go into the toilet last night and had a little look, can't really see much but so far I'm extremely happy! They look like they're going to be perfect size and shape, and it's so weird being able to cup my boobs with one hand and not having to lift it up!

I'm a c!

Today my mum brought me back some non wired bras to try on in various sizes and I found out that I'm a c cup! I thought I was going to be a dd and Its hard to tell with bandages on, but the c was a good fit, even a little big actually which was a nice surprise. I still haven't had any real pain in my boobs and I'm not taking the codiene whatsoever any more, the worst thing is the itchiness, it's SO itchy under my bandages and I can't get to it at all it's horrible but I'm getting them taken off tomorrow! I'm also having trouble sleeping on my back, I usually sleep on my front and now I can't I wake up with the worst back pain ever(which is ironic). I don't know if I'm sleeping funny or I have to sleep propped up or something? Apart from that though my bobs have gone a little yellow from bruising and leaked a bit on the second day but I haven't had any other problems and I'm very happy with the size just excited to see what they look like under the bandages tomorrow!

No more bandages (:

Got my bandages off today which was by far the most painful part of this experience (and it wasn't even that bad!). I'm so happy with how they look, and they are pretty much perfectly symmetrical! I love the shape of my nipples too, before I didn't really even have an areola it was so stretched it just sort of faded out, but now they're a perfect circle :) Iain says that they have healed very well and I don't have to have any other dressings on them, he just put this spray on glue stuff on. He's done an amazing job, I keep getting up every half an hour to look in the mirror!


I've been invited for a drink tomorrow where I work, does anybody know when it's ok to drink alcohol after a reduction? If it's not a good idea I'll just go along and not drink would just be nice to know :)

2 Weeks Post Op

Can't believe it's been two weeks already, it's so weird how quickly I've got used to them, I look at my before photos and can't believe I used to carry that around! I started putting this oil on which is like Bio Oil but apparently better for your skin - made with more natural ingredients, it's called Rio Rosa Mosqueta. The only problem I've had so far is that the vertical scar and bit around it on each boob is totally numb? I don't know if this is normal or how long it lasts, did anyone else get any numbness anywhere after? I really hate having to touch my own skin when it's numb, like when you get a dead arm or that numbing stuff they put on you at the dentist, it wouldn't be so bad if it was just the scar but it's an inch or 2 of numbness either side of the cut as well, I have to hold my breath when I put the oil on! I also have developed a few spots on my boobs which is also a little weird as I never get spots anywhere!? But I'm still so happy with the size and shape, I'd probably walk around topless everywhere if it was appropriate! I'll add some recent photos off my phone in a while x


6 weeks post op

So it's been a while since I've updated but I am now 6 weeks post op! I think they're healing pretty well, I've got a few sore patches but I'm still applying the tape although I can't apply the oil as it means the tape doesn't stick so it's one or the other! I think they've dropped a little bit? I'm still totally paranoid of them growing back though!!! I'm sleeping on my side now which is good they're sometimes a bit sore when I wake up so I just try not to lean on them too much, not going to be sleeping on my front for a while though! Hope every one is doing well x
Iain Brown

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