29yr Old Mum of 4... BA and Full Uplift W/ 450cc High Profile, Under the Muscle - Great Britain, GB

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I've been on real self for a couple years now.. I...

I've been on real self for a couple years now.. I had a TT in 2013 and this website was my go to everyday to get me through.. Since then I have been scouring through the profiles trying to find someone who has breasts like me and what their results came out like.. Just seeing the beauty of the end of results made me push myself to just do it so I could be happy too!
So my breasts are two saggy sacks! Breastfeeding annihilated anything that I did have.. My youngest is 5mths so they became super deflated this year.
I'm booked in for the 3rd of August.. My consultant said I had rubbish skin from all the stretching from bf.. He said that he would not recommend implants because the lift would be undone within a couple years and I would need another one. I can't lie that just broke my heart.. If I had a lift and no implants I would be left without anything.. I'm a B cup right now!! My heart was set on it so he agreed to do it and I will just have to do another lift in a couple years.. So be it. Ima enjoy those babies whilst they last. He said the max he would take me to is 450cc high profile under the muscle.. I really wanted 500cc but he gave me a withering look so I let that party plan die lol and settled with the 450cc

Right now I'm trying to lose this baby weight quickly before my op, I'm 12 stone 10lbs and I'm trying to get down to my pre pregnancy weight of 10stone. Trying to work out everyday is challenging but I'm trying to find the time. I'm taking Xenical on the side to help things along.

I feel so guilty doing this as my baby is still young but I've been putting it off for so long I know that if I do not do it now the money will be spent elsewhere!

Slowly trying to get my bits and pieces together.. Arnica, Macom bras, gauze and rub long alcohol and surgical tape just in case! I'm looking at the silicon healing strips.. If anyone has any tips please let me know!
I've booked the hotel for my partner to stay in that's near the hospitaland organised 12 days of childcare for my eldest 3 children.
I'm hoping 12 days will give me enough time to at least be a little more functional by the time they come back home!

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These are the pics that I showed my consultant, I follow this lady on real self and her results are amazing! I love what they look like and hope to achieve something similar!
Dr Samouris

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