Mr Simon Lee Transformed me with an extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift + Augmentation

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At aged 14 I weighed 230lbs. By 15 I weighed...

At aged 14 I weighed 230lbs. By 15 I weighed 140lbs through diet and exercise. I have stretch marks up to my armpits .... literally. Over the years I've made the best of a bad body. I've worked hard. Dieted my ass off! And hated myself beyond belief as if it would make a difference. I gained about 65lbs with each of my pregnancies which only made a bad body worse. I managed to lose the weight with each pregnancy but the sagging skin just got worse. I've struggled with bulimia for 20 years on and off in an attempt to control my shape and as an expression of my own shame. Finally now I'm approaching 41 and have been a stable 140lbs for 10 years now. I've gone through divorce and raising two kids alone and I'm ready to spread my wings!
I'll take all advice and support I can get please! I'm now just over 36 hours away from my mommy makeover! I'm having a full probably extended Tummy Tuck but I don't need a muscle repair so it's just a skin removal surgery. I'm also having a circum aereolar breast lift without a vertical incision down my breast and High Profile Mentor round implants over the muscle 345cc. I'm scared as hell everyone! May the 4th be with you! Xx

Less than 12 hours to go!

Hi all, I'm absolutely crapoing myself! I'll be up at 5am and on the road by 6am to go to hospital for my mommy makeover! I worked today from 8am to 6pm. Not sure how I managed it as every other thought was... Will I wake up.... Will I bespoke not for Years....will my incision come apart....will I look like Freddy Krueger has operated on me....etc I know y'all understand. I've had a decent dinner. Plenty of protein. My boyfriend just got back from the gym after work and he has next week off to help me out.
I don't have any comments yet but I'm ow many of you have been where I am now. I'll just say good night and see you tomorrow on the flat side!

On the flat side! 48 hours post op

Hi all - I hope everyone is well in Real Self land. Right...The nitty my Op took....wait for it....6 Hours on the slab! I took another 2 1/2 in recovery as I was zonked! To say my PS is meticulous would be an understatement. All the staff at the hospital said his ops go long. He himself said he would rather take twice as long and get it absolutely perfect. I had a small breast uplift with a half moon incision in the top of my nipple. I have no lollipop scar. Through this tiny incision he was able to uplift my breasts and move my nipple up a good 3cm. He then placed my implants in through this little incision too! I have 345cc hp over the muscle. Wow I have Boobies now!
My tummy ended up being an extended tummy tuck with a scar going about 60% back on each hip but it's so low from what I can tell so far. I had 2 drains in. They came out yesterday morning at 36 hours post op..that was the worst part! It's no joke the drains were in 8 inches each! The searing pain as they were pulled out made me feel like I was going to Vom! They gave me morphine syrup beforehand but it was still awful.
I developed a haematoma in my left breast in the night of the op. They called a surgical resident out to look at it and he was sure it would subside of its own accord and he was right.
So tips for all you about to go under. ..take all the pain relief they give you for 48 hours but take laxatives too as you will not be able to poo for ages. Second tip is to drink tons! Keep flushing through. Eat little and often and high protein. Once you get through the first 48 hours you will be fine. I've not had a muscle repair though remember so I can't say what it would be like with a muscle repair but I imagine it's a harder recovery

Day 5 PO Wowzers I've got pneumatic boobs!

Howdy real selfers!
I'm feeling pretty good today. I had a crap night sleeping on the couch tho. Read...grumpy, frumpy, compressed and missing my man who was up making the most of the king sized sleeping like a starfish! Grr ..
But once the cobwebs cleared I actually feel pretty ok today. I've even managed to wash my hair over the bath this morning which made me feel heaps better.
Complications....I have fluid squelching in my right breast when I raise my right arm. It sounds and feels gross but doesn't hurt.
I saw my Nurse today for my first dressing change. See pics. They took down the top dressings but left the steri-strips in place. I had the first peak at my new BB. I think it looks like a leaf or is just me?! Maybe it's cuz spring has sprung!
My abdo and nipple incisions are good - touch wood. I see my PS on Thurs for a full removal and replacement with a different type of dressing.
I feel better just having the dressing changed today as they are much less bulky than the ones put on in surgery.
I'm still not walking upright but I've made dinner sat down at the kitchen table for last few nights.
My boobs are really tight but wow are they gravity defying at present. Looking forward to them softening and dropping just a touch as time passes.
Pain wise I'm just on acetaminophen a few times a day now.
Much self love to everyone! X

Day post op pics

Sorry everyone forgot to add pic for day 5.

Before and after photos from extended incision tummy tuck no muscle repair and semi peri aereolar breast lift with augmentation

I had surgery on the 4th of May at the Spire Hospital in Bristol, UK. I'm now 7 weeks post op. I went back to work 3 weeks post op. My results get better and better every day! I'm now exercising again too and can't wait to see how my body changes thanks to the brilliant work of Mr Lee! I'm happy to answer any questions!
Dr Lee

My wonderful surgeon - Mr Simon Lee, Bristol, UK has transformed my body and my life! He has a wonderful clinical yet reassuring manner. He isn't selling you surgery. He is a doctor first and foremost and you really feel he is looking after your health and best interests while listening to your thoughts and managing your expectations. Just when you are internally cringing at having your flawed body examined he makes you feel utterly at ease and he even likes a good laugh if you can manage to crack a joke at the time! His surgical and artistic eye is spot on! But be warned....he is meticulous! What some surgeons may have completed in fewer hours...he takes his time and ensures exquisite results! His assistant Jane was available via email almost around the clock thus is her and Mr Lee's dedication to his clients. I really can not recommend him highly enough!

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