Chin Lipo with Dr. Rodriguez. Utah, UT

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Hi ladies, been wanted chin and jaw lipo forever....

Hi ladies, been wanted chin and jaw lipo forever. I carry weight in my face even when I'm slim. I'm 5'5 155lbs right now. I've put on weight for another procedure, I'm usually 122lbs. Anyway, I found out about Dr. Rodriguez in Utah on a youtube video. A women documented her journey with him, she had great results and the price was crazy good. I finally got a phone consult with his nurse and sent pictures and scheduled December 16. I will post before pics real soon. By the way, I had a phone consult cause I live 4 hours from Utah.

my side profile now

no jawline

Front view

Hoping for lower face to look thinner and more defined

Chin and jawline Lipo $700 total

Wow, I've noticed people are paying a lot for this procedure. I'm excited, and have only 2 weeks left until my double chin is gone. Fly to Utah and spend way less ladies. I shopped around and found a review about this doctor on You Tube. I will definitely post more pic of before and then after.

1 day post op

Hi ladies I am very swollen and very bruised I can say that the whole procedure went very well and very quick the lidocaine shots were not as painful as I thought they would be and I can already see an improvement in my side profile the type of liposuction that my doctor used was manual syringe liposuction he did my jawline and my underneath my chin and neck then he centrifuge the fat down and he injected some on the corners of my mouth just to give me a more Sleek look on my jawline I will be wearing my chin strap for 2 weeks but I will keep you posted Ladies as for now I am happy with these results so far

Before lipo

Here are some before pictures.

Big difference

Hi ladies I am 6 days post-op from my chin and jaw lipo I have to say the most uncomfortable part is the chinstrap it's very itchy and I just want to take it off but I know I need to keep it on for the best and result I also wanted to say I cannot believe my side profile before I had no definition it was just straight down from my chin to my neck and now even with the swelling I'm loving my results. This doctor is really awesome very professional and it didn't really hurt it was just a little Sting with the lidocaine shots and that was about it I have to keep my strap-on for a total of 14 days and then just at night for about a week after that. I also got a quote to get my arm lipo, fully awake $1000.

6 Says post op pictures

Here some pictures 6 Day post op . Please ignore the no make-up. It's bedtime here.

Chin garment

Before and 6 days after lipo

Dr. Robert L Rodriguez

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