Chin Lipo with Dr. Rodriguez. Utah, UT

Hi ladies, been wanted chin and jaw lipo forever....

Hi ladies, been wanted chin and jaw lipo forever. I carry weight in my face even when I'm slim. I'm 5'5 155lbs right now. I've put on weight for another procedure, I'm usually 122lbs. Anyway, I found out about Dr. Rodriguez in Utah on a youtube video. A women documented her journey with him, she had great results and the price was crazy good. I finally got a phone consult with his nurse and sent pictures and scheduled December 16. I will post before pics real soon. By the way, I had a phone consult cause I live 4 hours from Utah.

my side profile now

no jawline

Front view

Hoping for lower face to look thinner and more defined

Chin and jawline Lipo $700 total

Wow, I've noticed people are paying a lot for this procedure. I'm excited, and have only 2 weeks left until my double chin is gone. Fly to Utah and spend way less ladies. I shopped around and found a review about this doctor on You Tube. I will definitely post more pic of before and then after.
Dr. Robert L Rodriguez

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