31 Year Old, 1 Kid, Breast Reduction and Liposuction with Fat Transfer to Butt BBL

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I am yet to do my surgery. It is scheduled for...

I am yet to do my surgery. It is scheduled for 27th Dec. and i am looking forward to it. I have put it in God's hands in prayer and i really pray i get a fantastic result. I have decided to do the Surgery in Africa and i will update you as time goes on about the progress. I have a big scar on my breast which i will like removed and the Dr has confirmed that it will be removed with the excess skin removed during the reduction.
I am having three different procedures done at the same time. I am really looking forward to it. Any advise of what i should do pre-surgery is welcomed. Will send better pictures later. For now, that is a pic of my tummy.

Preop appointment done

So i went for my post up appointment today. The funny part is the clinic is less than 10 mins drive from my office and about one hour drive from my home (without traffic) although i wish the reverse was the case. Today's preop involved asking questions, getting my blood test and really understanding all the other procedures.
The Dr told me the breast reduction will be done using the inverted T technic, The 360 liposuction will be done first followed by the bbl and finally the breast reduction. He however scared me by saying i might need to be transfused if their is high blood loss. Please advise me is the blood transfusion normal????
He marked my breast to give me an idea of the breast reduction. I posted the pictures for it with the review.
I had to do a few blood test as well. Which i had to pay for in addition to the cost of the surgery. I was a bit upset with that as i was not pre informed. But i accepted to pay for it because all that is on my mind for now is having a successful surgery. Anyways will post more update as the come

post surgery kit

So i decided to start buying my post surgery kit to avoid any last minute rush. The compression garment will be gotten from the clinic. For the bbl pillow. i was not able to get anyone in time for my surgery as it is not readily available here. So i got a new kick boxing box which seems like it will work fine. For the ab board i also got like a make shift form board which i plan to cut into shape. I have posted the pictures to them.
In preparation for how i will rock my new body i got a floating bed. I will get a bikini once my BR is completed. Still putting all of this in Gods hands. He is my strength.

Why the sinus infection

So I am not someone that gets ill easily so it is surprising to me that I ended up with sinus infection less than 10 days to my surgery. I need to keep the immune system at top shape. Not apply with this at all. I am drinking loads of water though to help flush it out of my system. I might also to to see my GP later today.
Wish me luck

Cold feet

A few days to my surgery and I am having cold feet. God help me

What a journey - day 1

So today I have more than enough energy to write the review. Overall the journey has been a bit harder than I anticipated. Went for the surgery on 27th Dec 2016. I got to the clinic at about 6:30am and the surgery started at about 7:30am. The surgery was 5hrs which is quite short for all the procedures I had. So I was really impressed.
When I woke up, I wasnt compressed anywhere and I had no drains either. Don't ask me why the surgeon know best. I was on blood transfusion and was shaking profusely. The doctor saw me briefly and prescribed some iv injections. I was administered it and the shaking and pain reduced. Didn't feel like eating anything or drinking anything as I felt sick and was really uncomfortable

post surgery review 1

So i made it to the other side and was discharge in the morning of 1st dec 2017. I was so happy to go home even though i knew it was going to be rough. Paracetamol became my friend as it was the main drug that seem to reduce the pain. To cut the long story short i wasn't able to eat well, the doctor was nice enough to give me another blood transfusion for free as my blood level was still low after the initial blood transfusion i paid for.
I bought two fajas and didn't use any as i was still too big for them(L and XL).
Finding a suitable position to sleep was a real challenge as i couldnt sleep on my chest or my back (butt). I eventually had to sleep on my side which has really affected my result as i kind of have a square hips now.
I did sleep on my chest once and woke up with a very swollen painful breast.

The journey so far

So far the breast is still healing after 1month and 16 days. Its just a small section left to heal. The swelling has gone done considerably even though i still have side boobs. The doctor said it will resolve it self. I lost majority of the fat in my butt. My tummy is much flatter compared to what it was. I will post pictures in my new body shortly. Do i regret the surgery? NO. Am I satisfied? 55%-60%. Do i need additional surgery? Yes. Will I get one any time soon? Not likely, the pain is far too much. Do i dream of additional surgery? yes without the pain and the recovery time


more pictures - some days after surgery: All about the breast

pictures after leaving the hospital. Progress.......

Observations so far.
1.) smaller breast which i love- But one of my breast is larger and heavier than the other
2.) Smaller waist
3) Still have a lower pot belly although smaller than what i had before
4) Square hips, left side is very square but right side is manageable, you wouldn't notice it when i wear something that divides me eg when i wear my pants and a blouse is better than when i wear a fitted dress

Feeling very sad

As my breasts begin to settle I realize that one breast is much more bigger than the second. This is getting obvious in my cloths and it is beginning to make me feel sad. I will appreciate if anyone could advise on what I can do to solve this problem
Dr Ayo

So far the Dr is okay. I have done my first appointment with him and he has advised accordingly

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