So Happy I Did This. Bye Bye, Stomach Fat! - Grande Prairie, AB

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I decided to focus on my health this year when I...

I decided to focus on my health this year when I got back from Korea in March, having spent the past 3 months there. I have always struggled with losing weight, especially in the abdominal area and in my boobs. Anyway, I cut meat completely out of my diet, and was able to lose 10 pounds on my own, but I felt stuck. Exercise and diet wasn't helping me anymore.

So, here I am in my first session. I am getting 2 coolmax applicators, one for my upper Abdomen, one for my lower. Originally, I had made the appointment for my back fat (bra area), but I decided last minute that I would rather treat my stomach instead. Can't wait for the results! Here are my measurements:

Age: 24 years old
Height: 5'4
Weight: 150 lbs

Underbust: 29 inches
Waist: 31.5 inches
Belly button: 37 inches
Hip bone 37.5 inches


These are my pictures from 3 months after, taken October 13, 2016.


Weight: 140 lbs
Underbust: 29 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Belly button: 33 inches
Hip bone: 35 inches

Overall, I am very happy with my results, and decided to get another session done! Will update with those photos as well :)

Forgot some


Here's some side by side pics to better see my results. I know it doesn't seem like too much, but I'm very happy! I did my back fat after this, and scheduled my 2nd abdomen session :)

Before Coolsculpting

July 11, 2016. Right before my first coolsculpting session, and right afterwards. You can see the red mark on my upper abdomen.

Back fat

October 20, 2016. I had my back fat done! :D This area hurts way less than the abdomen. I was still numb for about a month, but there was no pain from the nerve damage. These pictures are taken right after, my rolls look a lot worse here because of the suction and swelling ????


November 10, 2016, I had my 2nd abdomen session. I had a Coolmax applicator on my lower abdomen, and 2 Coolcore applicators on my upper abdomen, because my technician said there wasn't enough fat there for the Coolmax again (yay!) It felt like there was a lot more fat that got sucked in this time. It also felt more painful than I remembered! During the session was a bit uncomfortable, but bearable. My belly button got sucked in a little bit, so that's probably why. I hate the massage part so much. But I know that it's needed. Beauty is pain, right??? XD Day 5 was the worst. I took it easy during the first week, I was basically lying in bed wondering why I did this to myself, being all bloated and tingly. I did break down and take an ibuprofen that day so I could sleep. After that tho it got a lot better, just waiting for the numbness to fade at this point.

I only started taking progress pictures once I felt more of the swelling was gone. I can't really see too much of a change, not as much as I wanted, anyway...! It's been a month and 10 days since my back fat session, and 3 weeks for my abdomen. I confess I have not been eating that healthy this time around, and I have not lost any weight. I'm at 139 lbs right now. No change in my measurements.

I definitely need to find my motivation again, but it's so hard! Yesterday I went for a run and ate pretty well. I'm hoping if I can clean up my diet and start exercising again, I will see more of a change by month 3!

I'm considering doing my love handles and the sides of my waist after this, to give me more shape. Coolsculpting can be addicting...


November 30, 2016. My back actually has a shape! One month and 10 days from coolsculpting my back area. I'm so excited! Now I suppose I need to work on growing my butt to balance out my top half hahaha

One month

It's been one month since my second abdomen session. I'm not really seeing a significant change, so I don't think I will post pictures today. I'm also feeling quite bloated! I was hoping I would be able to see more of a difference, but so far I only see more areas that I want to treat.

My belly is still a bit numb. It also feels kind of liquidy, and I'm hoping that's the dead fat cells in there that have yet to be flushed out! ;p I'll try to update with some pictures next week.

Results from second session!

I went to get pictures taken on February 23, 2017. These are the results from 3 months after my second abdomen session, and roughly 4 months after my bra roll area. The difference is definitely more noticeable now when I put them side by side! I still don't think the change is as drastic from the first session though.

I tried to wear the same pants that I had on last time ;D


March 13, 2017. Getting my love handles and the sides of my waist done! This one was a breeze. Not much pain or anything afterwards, of course there's the numbness, but it's nothing compared to the abdomen. I have my final ab session scheduled in a month after this, just doing the small ones in a diamond shape to contour. After that, we'll see I guess. I still want to do another session on my bra roll area, and maybe arms?

Oh and I forgot to post measurements for my last update, I've stayed mostly the same, but I weigh 135 lbs and my waist is 26 inches (when I'm not bloated DX)

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