My breast reduction recovery story - Grand Rapids, MI

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I wanted to have breast reduction done for a long...

I wanted to have breast reduction done for a long time. My breasts always hurt my back, they were too big for my frame, they made me look heavier than I actually was, and I was tired of being known as bustybarb. It's very hurtful to be teased about your breast size. For some reason no one understands this. They always say "I wish I had your problem". and on and on it goes. Guess what! You don't want my problem. I promise you! I feel so great without them hanging off my shoulders I can't even begin to tell you! And I can wear cuter clothes and not have to hide under baggy sweaters anymore. If you wear a cute turtleneck with a jacket over it when you have large breasts people look at you like you're a freak. It gets REALLY old.

These girls were taking over my ribcage.

A photo showing just how low and heavy they were. Notice when I lift one up how much more of my ribcage shows vs. the other side where it hangs and sits on my ribcage.

Photo Update

Healing process photos

More photos of healing and before and after shots.

Here are some photos showing my journey to healing. They are a bit out of order but each has a caption so you will be able to see my breast reduction progress.

Photo timeline of healing progress

I thought it might be helpful for someone who is about to have a BR to see a timeline review of incisions and healing process.

I hope it helps you. The earlier photos look scary, but they don't feel as bad as they look. Every week just brings more healing. I got frustrated around 2.5 weeks post-op because I hadn't yet turned a major corner, but at about 3 weeks post op, things seemed to really improve.

Photo update of healing progress

I meant to put these photos in a different review, but once you hit "Post Update" you can't go back and add….so here are a few photos of my healing journey.


I said earlier that at 3 weeks post-op things seemed to really improve and start healing. I meant at 4 weeks. Actually to be honest week 3 was probably the hardest - even worse than weeks 1 and 2 because of my expectations. I EXPECTED to be much better by that week and it was beginning to seem to drag on. I was getting bored and tired of being so in-active. Especially since it was the last weeks of summer! But I knew that resting and NOT being active pays off in the long run when it comes to healing. I did not want to risk a setback, so I resisted the urge to become more active and kept on resting.

Six weeks post-op photo

Posting my six-week anniversary photo. I noticed my surgeon used a different technique for the incisions. You can see my healing progress and the different incision technique in this photo. It's more of a curve than an "L" shape.

They are a bit red today. Nothing to be concerned about…It's the normal healing process.

Six weeks post-op photo

Six weeks post-op and my scar looks a bit red today, but overall everything is healing nicely. Such a change from weeks 1-3!
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hammond uses the SPAIR technique. He created this technique himself, and it is a way of making the breast incisions have the least amount of scarring. He did an excellent job and am very happy with the end result. See my photos to see how the incisions differ from other breast reductions done by other surgeons. I recommend Dr. Hammond to anyone thinking of having breast surgery. Even if you don't live near Grand Rapids, it might be worth traveling here to have him as your surgeon. My scars (at six weeks post-op) are thin and less noticeable because of his technique. I am so happy with my results!

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