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Ok, I am planning to have my surgery in two...

Ok, I am planning to have my surgery in two months, and am very excited. I have had two children, and my body shows it. I have lost 20 lbs since my 1 year old was born, and I am currently in a size 4. I am currently 125lbs, and still working on my weightloss - which I am confident I can reach my goal by operation day. I still have a loose bulge on my tummy, and my breasts (size 36 B) are not full and plump after breast feeding and engorgement. I am hopig that some of you could share some advice on your experiences, and hopefully give me some pointers to help me along. What questions should I be asking, what should I be expecting? I am looking for anything you can offer. I will post photos

Still working on losing weight. I want to be at...

Still working on losing weight. I want to be at the best weight I can reach by the time June 27th gets here.. I am currently 5' 125 lbs, and hoping to reach 120lbs or less. I am somewhat of a stocky build (take after my Italian father lol), so I am trying to be realistic with my goals. I am still not sure which direction to go when it comes to the size of my breasts, along with whether I should go with silicone or saline, subglandular or subpectoral, moderate profile or mod I have seen multiple surgeons, who all have a differing opinion, and I am choosing the winner on Tuesday (3 days away) of this week. All of the surgeons have marked my date in their calender, so at least I know I am somewhat secure with the date I have chosen. I have added more photos to the album today. Please share any kind of advice you can offer. Thanks!!

So today was a big day for me. I made my final...

So today was a big day for me. I made my final decision for the surgeon I am going to go with, I am so excited!! deposit down, Its now legit, YAY!

About today...
I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of service I received. Everything looked high class! The surgeon was amazing for the consultation. He was thorough, and he seemed very passionate for what he does. His credentials are great, and the referal I received to check him out was certainly worth following thru with! I feel that of the five surgeons, he is certainly the best choice for me. If anyone here lives Michigan, and is seeking plastic surgery, check him out. :)

When all was said and done, I was set on 425 - 450cc silicone implants, which I feel will be the best choice for me. I will be having them placed subpectorally thru an Inframammary incision. My right breast measures around 13 centimeters wide, and my left one was 13.5, so a mod plus profile with 450 cc's would give me the best result keeping in rage of around 13.6 centimeters in diameter, and giving me the volume I am seeking (a D cup, which is a good size for my chest width). Dr. Renucci was very positive regarding the results I was hoping to achive. He believes that I will be quite satisfied, with both procedures.. :).. I am giddy right now hehe..

I added a photo of the chart I have which helped me to determine the best choice for me. The Dr. also uses this chart for determining which cc and profile to use.

Ok, I have been putting together some pointers (I...

Ok, I have been putting together some pointers (I have gathered from variou surgeons etc.) to remind myself and share regarding PO, and I thought I would post some tonight. Feel free to offer more suggestions or opinions.

Decreasing Swelling:

- Water Detox - (pre op) Try to include intermittent "water only" fasts to rid the body of toxins - the body is able to go into a rest mode from digestion, and is able to focus on healing (especially the liver & kidneys) and restoring thru cleansing (especially the blood). It is good preparation for surgery, as less toxins are in your body while your body is trying to heal. I personally plan a 3-5 day fast per month for a few months, followed by 1 day fasts per week...drink drink drink.. *Not recommended if on medication*
- Arnica Montana and Bromelain for fluids (and swelling)
- Ice, elevate
- Fresh pineapple with cottage cheese (Daisy only - natural)
- More water - more water helps you to lose extra water weight - also carries toxins out of the body
- Less sodium (Low to no) - Sodium causes water retention
- More protein (leans) - Less Carbs (and keep carbs separate from fats & proteins at least an hour or more, to allow the enzymes to break the food up more efficiently)
- Wear compression garment religiously and only take it off for showering if possible
- Don't eat as much - eat smaller portions more frequently if possible - snacking
- Don't get the cardio up - this gets you swelling more - Stick to keeping it slow paced for a while. As your body rests it can focus on healing.
- Lymphatic massage - light rhythmic massage with circular strokes and some pumping techniques. Light strokes circular toward the heart and down toward your lymph nodes in your thighs.
- Endermologie (LPG) - Treatments are performed by a professional using machines. (rolling & sucking) Stimulates the venous and lymphatic systems, eliminates toxins - It also enhances scar softening/maturing.
- Rest - when in an upright position, the lymphedema cannot cross the fresh incisional scar to drain into the inguinal lymph glands in the groin, so it tends to get "hung up" in the lower abdomen, producing more swelling above the scar. At night time, while lying down, the swelling drains dependently around to the back, but the cycle resumes when the sitting up/stands up the next day. *Chronic lymphedema (swelling) can turn into chronic fibrosis (scar tissue) resulting in a bulge or step off above the scar. Avoid any bouncing or twisting for several weeks…Don’t try and exercise too soon…Just do gentle things
- **My personal thought - Have drain tubes coming out of sides of incision to collect fluids traveling downward and resting on incision scar while sitting upright. This makes the most sense to me..


- Massage the scar to produce blood flow and release tension on surrounding skin
-Honey - spread honey on incision scars and cover with sterile strips/coverings
-Fresh Aloe
-Vitamin E
-Cocoa Butter
-Steri Strips
-Silicone sheeting strips
-Scar Guard or Mederma

Regain feeling in abdominal after TT:
-Gently massage abdominal area to help stimulate nerve feelings

A couple other pointers to remember:
-Be sure to get up and walk shortly after surgery to decrease chances of blot clots forming in legs. Also, getting massages on the legs is another great option while laying in resting positions.

I got my Surgery Planner from the PS in the mail...

I got my Surgery Planner from the PS in the mail today! I will be using the Allergan Natrelle Silicone filled implants. Are any of you using or getting the same brand implant? Any thoughts or opinions, knowledge on them? Have any of you received the planner for yours? What do you think about the tracking device?

This looks like my best two options for the...

This looks like my best two options for the results I am seeking:

Allergan Natrelle Style 15 Smooth Round Midrange Profile Silicone

Catalog# Volume Width Projection
15-421 421cc 13.3cm 4.3cm
15-457 457cc 13.7cm 4.5cm

Ok, I thought I would add this Information since...

Ok, I thought I would add this Information since its known to be a great supplement for many things. Check it out!
Medicinal Properties : It augments the appetite , relieves fever , alleviates swelling and reduces body fats but vitiates Pitta. Fenugreek seeds and leaves are anticholesterolemic, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, carminative, demulcent, deobstruent, emollient, expectorant, febrifuge, galactogogue, hypoglycaemic, laxative, parasiticide, restorative and uterine tonic, and useful in burning sensation.

Medicinal uses:
Helps treat Diabetes & Reduce Cholesterol : It has been proven to be an excellent remedy for reducing level of bad Cholesterol levels from our body. It is also used to reduce blood glucose levels in the blood.

Aids Digestion : It purifies blood and helps in flushing out the harmful toxins. It helps in dissolving excess mucus, thereby making the digestive organ refreshed and clean. Also fenugreek seeds are useful in improving memory power too.

Prevent hair loss : The Fenugreek seeds being high source of Protein are very useful in hairfall, so it helps in treating baldness, thinning of hair and hair fall. It also has Lecithin, a natural emollient which helps in strengthening and moisturisation of hair. It also keeps the dandruff away and keeps the hair free of lices.

Helps In Losing Weight : The fiber in fenugreek fills the stomach, even when consumed in a little amount. Soak a few fenugreek seeds in water and chew them in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Antidote For Skin Problems : Fenugreek seeds prove to be an excellent beauty product. They help prevent wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, dryness and rashes.

Good For Beauty & Health : Fenugreek helps attain hormonal balance in women and therefore, helps in enlargement of breasts. It helps increase the lactation in breast feeding women (this is so true! I tried it!)

Prevents Dandruff & Strengthens Hair : Not only does fenugreek help prevent hair loss, but also keeps the dandruff away.

I plan to take this on a regular basis!!

One month to GO!! Woot, Hurray!

I had this great post I was about to submit, then POOF! It was gone, and here I am now, starting all over! That bites!! Now I suppose I am going to keep it short and

My hubby is finally showing his excitement for my surgery.. The other day he approaches me and says, "I have decided I want you to have DD's".. lol! The truth has come out! All of the "honey, you look fine the way you are, and you do what makes You happy", and now I can see that he is looking forward to this just as much as I am.. He knows that things will be getting spicier when he can dress me up in cute lingerie..hehe.. He already wants to go pick out some new cute bras and panties lol!! My man is all about me, and for that, I want to be all that I can for him. He is an amazing husband, and I could not ask for more! Now, if I can just get him to quit biting! lol.. such a man! I know that once the flabby scarred skin is gone, and my bust is fuller, I will feel so much confident being sexy for my man. He deserves it!

So this is my story, I am getting this surgery so that I can wear clothing without having to constantly find ways to tuck and cover up the flab, and to bring the sexy back into my marriage. Totally worth it!!

30 day AB Challenge before I get my surgery

So, because I have about a month to go before surgery, and I have been dieting since February, I am ready to work these stomach muscles to receive the best results I can! I found this awesome chart to go by, and posted it in my pics if you want to check it out.. Anyone want to join me?

Two weeks!! Prep foods for healthy healing list..

So I am just a little less than two weeks away from my new body! I am so excited! I am currently working on my health, to get me prepared for the surgery. I am fasting for a three days to rid my body of toxins, then I plan to load up my storage of healthy healing foods for the remainder of the days leading up. Woot! Man it's hard to give up food!! I love But, water it is for the next two days (one day down!)!! I know that some people freak out about this kind of thing, but thats only because they haven't researched it to know the amazing healthy benefits it offers. Heck, some people water fast for 40 days!! Now that is wild! I have never gone more than 5 days, and personally, I feel like that is a perfect span for me. I don't think that I will ever go back to my old ways, as the intermittant water fasting has given me a new hold on life. I feel like I can now control my eating, instead of it controling me. I have a new appreciation for healthy foods, and it rids the sugar cravings that always used to draw me back to the bad habits. I call my diet the 7th day rest lifestyle. I eat lower carbs with higher proteins, good fats and fiber for 4-5 days, then I carb up for 1-2 days eating low fats, but storing up my carbs with yogurts, fruits and healthy fiber (with occasional splurging on fav foods). Lastly, the 7th day is the day of rest. I flush my system with water, and give my digestion and body a much needed break! THIS WORKS!! and, IT'S HEALTHY! It's certainly not easy, but you get used to it, and it eventually becomes second nature.. I figured that if God worked for 6 days, then rested on the 7th, then why not our own bodies?? I am in the process of writing a book on the deeper details of this plan in hopes that it could help others out there wanting to get out the the rut - of the body controlling their eating habits - Even if it helped only one person, it would be worth it!

I just found out that my Dr. typically doesn't do a pre op appointment, but they will see me if I request it. I feel fairly good about most things, and will be sure to contact them as things come up. I think that the only concern that I have at this point, is wanting to emphasize my desires for my BA result - size wise. When I look at all of the surgeons before and after photos, it seems as though most are fairly small. I was also told by someone who's best friend had hers done by him, that she had to have him redo them because he gave her implants that were much smaller than she requested. UGH! I certainly do NOT want to go thru all of this more than once.. So.. I will be sure to get my message accross now, before its too late! I know what I want, and am not willing to conform to what someone else thinks I should have (unless its my hubby)..I am thinking that the Dr. is into smaller breasts...just my take on it.

So I thought for my own records, and to help anyone out there interested, I would add this info on healing foods to eat prior to and after surgery..

Foods for healing - I Found this info on livestrong, and wanted to add to it to my journal for good eating reminders..

Healing from surgery requires increased calories, protein, vitamins A and C, and zinc..

*Protein is important because it is needed to form antibodies, to produce collagen for scar formation, to repair damaged tissues and for maintenance of many vital processes in the body. A serving size of protein is 2 to 3 oz. of meat, a cup of cooked beans or legumes, or 2 tbsp. of peanut butter. Include two to three servings a day of beef, fish, poultry, pork, lamb, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, dried beans, peas or nuts.

*Vitamin A is important for wound healing and maintenance of the skin, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery, and it is found in dark green leafy vegetables. At least one serving a day, which is equal to 1 cup of green leafy vegetables include pumpkin, squash, spinach, sweet potato with skin, carrot juice, fortified cereals, collard greens and red cabbage.

*Vitamin C is important for wound healing because it helps rebuild connective tissue. Eating one serving a day of a food rich in vitamin C can provide sufficient amounts of vitamin C for healing, according to Powerful vitamin C foods include strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

*Zinc is an important component of enzymes, which are catalysts for metabolic processes. Foods with zinc include beef, liver, crab, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter, eggs, milk, wheat germ, black-eyed peas and whole-grain products.

Note: Common foods found with more than one of these healing components:


Ok, I am now hungry! lol

So, anyone out there still waiting on their big day having post surgery dreams like I am? lol.. I keep kaving dreams that I got my surgery and see what my new body looks like. So far, its been great!! hahaha.. Its actually gotten me more excited. Yes, I know.. I am a nut! lol

I figured I would add a couple more pre photos to the sad ones I have already This is to help me really appreciate the outcome.. Maybe it can help someone else too. :)

3 more days!! Woot!

Ok, now the excitement is turning to -... Wait for it....-

I am actually looking forward to this with not an ounce if fret or worry! Woo hoo! Can I get a "sexy mama here I come"! I'll keep ya all posted on the gory pics hehe. ;)

On my way- Literally!!!

We are almost at the hotel we will be staying at- which is where the surgical center is also located!! Pray for a great outcome for me! 7am tomorrow here I come!

I did it!!!! Yay!!

I had the surgery and I'm in my hotel room. I feel great!!! The incision is SUPER low, and my flanks are beautifully contoured!! I have an hourglass!!!!! The staff here were amazing and treated me like royalty! Everything went so smoothly. I ended up with 457 CC's, which so far seem perfect for me. My boobs already look great, and I have yet some drop & fluff! A HUGE thank goes out to my LORD and savior- Jesus Christ- for having his hands and protection in and over this surgery! If not for his love and blessings, I would not have had this unique experience. More special thanks to my supportive family and friends (all of you!) & goes out from my heart! I have many photos to upload, and will get them up when I get access to a puter. Love to all of you, happy healing, and blessings from God!!!

Finally post photos!! And tons of them.. lol..

Everyone, I am doing great, and I am one happy camper!! I plan to post more photos tomorrow once I take all of my bandages off, but here are some sneek peeks of whats to be uncovered...OOO.. lol

Nausea 2 days post?

I woke up a few hours ago, and when I sat up had sudden nausea. I got to the bathroom and was able to breathe it off. Then about a few hours later, the same thing, Except when I got the bathroom I threw up. It was excruciating! I literally felt a very sharp hot popping feeling in my incision line. Ouch! Anybody else experienced this? I found some Zofran in my medicine cabinet, and took one of those. Hopefully I won't have this happening again. I really hope that it didn't do any damage.

As for the rest of this experience, I have been very relieved to say that it hasn't been so bad at all.
After birthing my first child, I had gone through some horendous, excruciating pain. I couldn't walk for two weeks. In a way, I feel like this is a breeze in comparison. I birthed my second child completely naturally, and would have to say that that certainly was very painful too, and far beyond what I am experiencing right now. All in all, as long as I keep up on my meds, I feel pretty darned good. I just hope that I don't go through that nausea again, that was pretty painful. Ouch!

Post 2 photo bomb!

I am feeling pretty good. Been sleeping most of the time, and feel pretty pain free. I took a shower today and finally got to see what was under the bandages. So far I am very happy. The belly button was nothing like what I was expecting it to be, but it looks good. I have a bit of expected swelling, but even with that I think things look so much better than it did. All in all, I am so very happy I decided to so this, and it was so worth it to me.

Post poops

Okay, so the majority of the day/night I spend laying on my back with my legs propped, & my head propped slightly -pillows wrapped all around me. I actually feel very good, and am very comfortable. My room is nice and cool, the curtains are closed, the room is dark. Sleeping has been quite easy. I keep some ice packs on the girls, which feel pretty darned good too, and off to dreamland I go. The binder and drains don't seem to be bother me much at all. Between my husband and my mother, I have been fed very well, been taking my vitamins, and getting my meds on time. I feel like a queen. :). At this point the only issue I am coming to, is the fact I have to poop. But, it doesn't want to come out. I suppose I can't have everything so easy lol. I bought some Arnica Montana gel for my back when I get achy, but what in the world should I get for this? I have been eating fiber rich foods like spinach, salad, raisin bran etc. I was hoping I wouldn't have to break down and go to the medicine cabinet. Poo!!!!! Literally lol. It's going to come out eventually, I know that! lol. So besides the pooping thing, I have been doing quite well. Still a happy gal.

Days 5 & 6 Pics..

Been a good recovery. Been sleeping like a log, which I think was needed for physical and mental health. I have been needed a Break from it all - if you know what I mean. So, here are some pics to show my progress. I am very happy with everything thus far, and even with swelling feel sexy in just about any undies I put on!! Woot! I have been eating very healthy, small portions and taking supplements. Things as going well. Here comes the photo bombs lol.. feel free to ask me any questions!

Days 7 and 8 DPO and doing great

I pulled out an old bathing suit to show the grand parents the "new me". Grandpas jaw about dropped lol.. The top is a bit small, and the bottoms are bigm, but hey, it was all I had. I

Continued - cut me off

I pulled out an old bathing suit to show the grand parents the "new me". Grandpas jaw about dropped lol.. The top is a bit small, and the bottoms are bigm, but hey, it was all I had. I NEVER wore bikinis in public, and even with this old one, I would hide it under a tee..soooo, here it is - with the new me. Oh, and I have the steri strips off in some of these pics too.. Can finally see the insision line, and the great job John did.!

11 DPO & still have drains - no fluid!

Okay, this is getting annoying! I have had these drains since June 28, and have not had more than 20 mL for over a week! My first post op visit is tomorrow, at which I'm expected to miss another day of work- which I can not! I'm just about to the point of taking the drains out myself lol. To top it off, I have been calling the surgical center for the past three hours, and have gotten nothing but a busy signal. I was hoping that by some miracle, I could get in there today to have my post op visit. I'm not sure if their phone lines are down, or if something else is up, but now I am not knowing what to do. I really cannot afford to miss another day of work, and today, I was lucky enough to not have to be there.. Ugh...

Feeling Much better!!!

Drains came out yesterday, and my PS said I was graduating quickly so he had my binder cut to a level 2! I'm loving my new body more and more each day!!! I feel great, and can't complain! I'll post more pics for you all tonight! ;)

Thanks for all of the nice words.. You ladies rock!!

Binder question

Ok, the PS had the nurse cut a level out of the three level binder I had. So about 3 inches was cut off. Now Im not sure wear I should wear it.. It used to go from under my boobs to my iscision, but now, its only like 6" wide. Should I wear it around waste or on hips where incision is.. Anybody know?

DPO 9 &10 days pics

Been doing great. Healing well, moving around great and having no issues to this point..

Photo crazy, I'll admit it lol

I have quite a few more photos to add- 10Dpo-16DPO Daily, then I'll start just doing weekly photos. Sound good? lol.. I'll add the rest of the photos tomorrow, along with my current follow up.. Zingers anyone? Ahhh!

11-17 DPO Photos - I am doing great!!

What can I say other than this whole thing has been a great experience for me. I had no pain, very minimal swelling, and came out of it with my dream body!! I feel amazing!! From the beginning, I would not allow myself to worry or stress. I placed all of my life and trust into Gods hands, and you know what? I am so glad you did!! Why stress or worry about things we cannot control? Makw a decision and give the rest to God - of course I included him in on the decision as well..

There was one day that I over did it a little, and ended up getting a few "zingers", which are shooting pains in the breast (right), but after some good massaging it went away.. Other than that, I am healing extremely fast, and my boobies are dropping well.. They are squishy and soft like my own, and I don't even notice them.. weird huh? I feel like nothing has really changed in that area..though I am bigger/fuller there ;)..

I am very happy with my TT scar, and how it is healing. My PS said that he will offer lasering or whatever I choose for my scarring complimentary, so I do not think I will have any issues with that.

I walk straight, and have been since week 2, I sleep good and have since day 1. I eat very healthy right now, and drink water and pineapple juice. I am keeping it lower carbs, except for my yogurts and healthy stuff. I eat alot of spinach and take daily supplements like Vitamin D,C &E, multi, fenugreek (not daily)..etc. I still wear my binder and surgical bra religiously, and feel fine in them. Soooooo, thats about it. I am a happy camper!! STILL!! yay!! Thanks to God, who gets me thru, and so much better then if I was doing it all on my own!

More Photos

Heres the rest

18-20 DPO - Figured I'd share those too

I forgot a took a couple of photos these last couple of days, and figured I would share those too... lol

Looking for zippered girdle?

I am on the search for a zippered compression garment girdle. Anybody have any good suggestions? I am really hoping for something that's not going to roll or Cave in.. I want it to be pretty good compression too! Ready, set, go!! lol.

34 DPO

Still a happy camper.. no pain, no issues, healing well.


Little swelling here and there, but still so much better than what it used to be! I have no pain, no problems.. I have some numbness on my abdomin, but it doesn't bother me at all. The boobies have felt natural from the get go - no pain, no issues. I am very satisfied with my results. I plan to begin my toning regimen soon. :) Watch out!! lol.. Btw.. The hubs can't keep his hands off!! The marriage bed is sizzling! woot!! haha..

side by sides 34 DPO

Here ya go.. Some befores next to 34DPO

Side by sides 45 DPO

before next to 45 DPO

Any of u post oppers want to moto diet with me?

I would like to drop another good 10-15 pounds! I need some motivation. I'm calling this a Moto diet.. hehe.

I have been off any kind of diet for the past two weeks, and I need to get back on track!!

If I can get a couple of takers, we can have a challenge. We can communicate our stats, goals and progress, and offer encouragement to one another. I love the idea of sharing photos too! What do you think?

From size 9/10 to 1/2!

I wasn't sure if I mentioned this or not, but I had been dieting from February until my surgery date of June 28th. I had gone from a size 9/10 to a size 3/4. I continued with a strict diet up until about two weeks ago, at which brought me in combination with the surgery - to a size 1/2, with size 1 fitting better than 2's!! My starting weight in Feb was close to 150 pounds, and I am currently 124 pounds- (& with extra boobies lol).. So I am around 26 pounds lost, and down around 5 sizes (from 31 to 26).

This is a big change on my short body frame of 5ft nothing!

So, with this, starting tomorrow, with a new friend, I plan to begin my healthy eating back up, and will soon follow with a good Toning regimen. My goal is to drop between 10-15 lbs, which would bring me to a healthy and fit weight for my size- around 110lbs. Most of this "extra" is spread out around my body- my back, inner thighs, face, arms, hips, flanks and tummy (yep, still have some there). The surgery did its job, now it's my responsibility to maximize the results!

So starting tomorrow- I will begin, and I will share my progress in lieu with my surgery healing progress.

Making progress

Down to 119lbs! Yay! Broke my diet yesterday, then had a great dinner with my hubby. Plan to continue with healthy eating to prolong the outcome, and will soon be adding in the timing. ;)

7 months post and feeling great!! So happy that I did this!!!

I am 7 months post, and even though I have gained 5 lbs from the holidays (lol), I am so happy with my results! My hubby certainly can't keep his hands off me! haha

I figured that since it has been so long, I would post some more photos for all of you to see my progress.

I hope you are all doing well.. Cheers!

few more pics

just a few more pics
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