tummy tuck oct 24. Breast Lift Dec 3/ sad side of tt update June 2014

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A little about me. I am 54 years old and have...

A little about me. I am 54 years old and have wanted a tummy tuck for a long time. I have had 12 biological children and adopted 2. I have nursed for over 25 years. So, which was I going to do first? Tummy tuck or breast lift. Tummy tuck won hands down. I am a very active person, very fit but could not loose the extra skin on my belly. I am just a week out of surgery. The first few days were a blur. I was in a lot of pain but kept up on the pain meds. Now at a week post op I am doing very well. I do have pain at times but not to much. I am up and about, lightly cooking and driving small distances. I do feel very swollen which is normal. I did buy silicon strips to put over the incision . Here are a couple photos

10 days po

I am actually do very well. My scar is healing fine. I am bloated but very happy with what I am seeing so far. Looks like I am free of the pesky stretch marks. Belly button is centered and fine size. Scar is a little high on hips but I knew it had to be after 12 kids did their number on my belly. Trying to decide if I should have a breast life. It actually is scheduled for december 4th. I wanted an augmentation along with it but hubby says no to any fake things put it. here are some pictures from today

12 days post op

I feel I am doing very well. The scar is closed and healing well. I am using silicone strips. I can see more of a waist everyday which is wonderful as I have been straight up and down for so many years. I know the lipo will take a longer time to see the results but I am so happy I did this also. I hated the back view of me as there just was not a shape. As for the muscle repair I am beyond happy about that. I have had a problem with sitting on my tailbone since I broke it 15 years ago. It has been impossible to sit. I had an MRI and there was nothing they could do. But I have noticed since the tt and muscle repair my tailbone does not hurt to sit on any longer. I am shocked and delighted. I could not sit for any length of time. I walked 8 blocks today and felt like I ran a marathon . Gotta start somewhere. But the big news is I am going ahead with the breast lift. It is scheduled for dec 3. Any suggestions. My husband does not want augmentation. I do as 25 years of nursing has taken its tole. Will a breast lift be enough?

just a recommendation

I have found that if I wear a camisole under my CG that I really dont notice the garment at all. No rubbing or discomfort . If I wear one with reinforcement in the bust I dont even have to wear a bra which also is so comfortable. I only have a cg down to my hips as I did not have lipo on my thighs

13 dAYS po

on ward

I have been reading and reading so many of all your reviews on this site. Thank you all for taking time to share your journey. You dont know how much it has helped me and I am sure many others. I am taking it easy, just lying in bed today. My little girls made me breakfast in bed. So sweet. My incision is healing up very well. My belly button is great. I am dealing with a lot of muscle soreness due to the major repair I had to have done from my wonderful 12 blessings. I deal with a lot of swelling. I can tell my muffin top is gone but my waist is actually bigger right now. So that is depressing. I have very low energy which to some would seem like I am still doing a lot . But to my normal busyness , I am doing nothing :) Here is a picture a few days ago of me in a dress. I am scheduled for a breast lift December 3. I figured I would just get it all done at once. I am a tax accountant by winter and a Inn owner by spring and summer. So this is my down time.. Fighting the blues but thank the Lord for this site. It keeps me sane

a few more pictures

What a difference

A few days can make. I woke up today and just felt wonderful. I had a lot to do and felt ready to go for it. I had a mammogram today to get ready for my breast lift on Dec 3. I walked to the appointment and back. Three miles. I was afraid I might over do it but I still felt great after. I ended up cleaning my house to get ready for grandbabies that are coming tomorrow.


Okay. So I bought one of these off of amazon. One with hooks and short, ending on thighs and straps. I checked the sizing and decided I would go by waist as the weight and hip parameters put me at 3x extra small. Decided to go by my waist, the biggest part of me and got a small. Ill tell you what, there is no way I can get this on my body. How do you do it. Is it really supposed to be this tight. Wont it squeeze out all my innards :-) What is the secret. Should I just give up and send it back

3 and 1/2 weeks

I couldnt be happier. I am walking on the treadmill 3 or 4 miles a day. But the wonderful feeling is having a waist again. I have small hips and now I have a waist that goes with it. Size 6 and shrinking :-)


I am seeing my po on monday. I want to ask him how he did my belly button as I never had stitches or tape or anything and it looks exactly like my old one. Exactly. How did he make it ? Must have done internal stitches before he sewed me up. He also did all internal stitches on the tt line and I never had scabs or anything past the first week. No strips. I wonder how it did it so well.. I am seriously happy with his work. Now on to my breast lift on December 3


I have so much to be thankful for and am so thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with. Last night I decided to read some of the reviews on this site of people who had bad tummy tucks. It really broke my heart. I can't believe all that some of these women have had to deal with. So sad.

I am five weeks now and here is pictures today. I couldn't be happier with my results. I am about the same weight as pre op Maybe about 5 lbs less. I am definitely smaller in my lower abdomen. All my pants are big on me. My waist is a tiny bit smaller and for some crazy reason my boobs are a little bigger. Weird. I am scheduled on tuesday for a breast lift. I can't wait to have this done . I posted pictures of the droopy twins on my other review

I am swollen below my incision line a little. But the dr said it was very normal and would resolve in time. I don't swell at all any where else. I just got back from a family gathering with relatives. No one knows what I have done but they commented on how tiny I was. I just smiled
Have a great day ladies. This site has been my best buddy thru all of this

5 weeks

I have so much fun reading all your reviews and so appreciate those who have taken time to wrote all their feelings . It helps those who are going thru and will go thru this procedure. I am not one that has shared as much and can now see how useful it is to others. Sorry. Short update. I go in for my breast lift in 2 days. I haven't taken to much time to think about it as it is a much easier surgery to recover from. I haven't told anyone about the surgery. My mom knows and my husband. My husband and I don't live together due to our jobs. But he won't even be there this time. My 16 yo daughter will take me and I haven't even told her what I am having done :-) I went out on friday to a family reunion. It was fun and especially nice when so many commented on how tiny and great I looked. I kept my secret. Somehow I just don't feel like sharing the procedure to many. I told all my daughters about my tt in advance and none of them had much to say,so figured I would keep my bl to myself.

Pysically I am pretty well much back to normal. I have been going on my treadmill for 4 miles and 10 percent incline at 4mph. I haven't started back to Insanity or t25 or done any abdominal work. I guess I will have another set back after this bl. But then it is just onward from there

I am one that has had a remarkable recovery, no issues, I feel very blessed. I am posting a photo of me going out to the family gathering.

It's almost time

Getting ready to go to sleep. My surgery is in 9 hours. Not really nervous . Just wanting to get it over so I can move on to recovery. Nighty nite


My surgery is done. I think it all went well. The dr said he did not have to change my size which is what i wanted. So I think I am still a c but hopefully a non droopy C :-) Icing myself now


This is such a crazy happening. I had my TT 5 1/2 weeks ago. When My husband went to get me to take me home, his car battery had died and he had to get a jump from the staff. Today my daughter picked me up in a different car and guess what. My battery was dead and had to have another jump. I am now known as the lady with the dead car batteries . The dr actually changed and helped my daughter jump the car.

Breast lift

Here I am 3 days post breast Lift. Cant believe these droopy boobs are now not resting on my belly. I hope they stay like this. I did not have any implants. 6 weeks post tt

Just recovering

I had my breast lift one week ago and can't wait to get to the point where I can get back on the treadmill. I feel like the ponds are coming on. The tt has healed very well. I would still like a smaller waist I have read over on bbl that the women waist train. I did not have lipo on my upper stomach. It stands at 30 inches . i would love to see 28. Here I am with new pair of levis that are 28 by 32 . They sit on my hips so they fit fine. Is just good old exercise going to help shrink my waist


I finally did my first ab work since the tt. It didn't hurt to do it.. Didn't feel weird. But tomorrow will be the test to see if I feel like a mac truck ran over me. All in all I feel pretty normal now. Breasts are fine and I am very happy with the size and shape. Time now to have fun dressing this new body and getting stronger with exercise

Fit, fabulous and 54 :-)

I couldn't be happier. I have my 20 year old body back. I have started back with t25 and my stomach does not have an ounce of fat on it and the muscles are so strong. The incision has healed up wonderfully. I truly am so thrilled. Hope this encourages anyone reading this that it is never to late. Im 54 and have had 12 children. So if you are on the fence about your tummy tuck I encourage you to do it. My breast lift also went better than I expected. I did not have an implant. I did increase in cup size. Maybe because my band size went down but I am now a 32DD. I am wearing size 4 clothes and am slowly redoing my wardrobe as all of my clothes are 6 and 8. I go back to work tomorrow . I hope everyone is doing well. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner. I didn't realize how much I hid behind clothes and avoided mirrors. But I have my confidence back. If you are in the grand rapids area I highly recommend my dr.

here is a photo

whoops 14 children

I have 12 bio children and also 2 lovely little russian girls that didn't come from my belly but are just as much in my heart

back to the grind

of work. Its almost been three months since my tummy tuck. I have to say that the tt has helped me in the way I wanted most. Getting rid of the skin and lipo on my flanks made it so I could fit back into normal clothes. It has helped define my waist. I used to have size 4-6 hips with 8-10 inch waist. Clothes never fit right. If they fit in the waist, they were so baggy and I looked so dowdy. If I got my pants to fit in the hips. then I could barely button them and always had a muffin top. I hated putting clothes on. Which leads to not wanting to go out . Everyday was a reminder of how dissportioned my body was. I did not want to look like the typical stereotype of a grandma. With no waist. Now I fit perfectly in a size six that fits at the waist and a size for if on the hips, with no muffin top. Shirts and sweaters also were a dread to find to wear that didn't cling and show my bulging belly. But now I am so flat. I wish more than anything I did this surgery 10 years ago and didn't waste so many years feeling low about myself

I don't wear my compression garnet except when doing t25 and jumping. My flanks hurt were they were lipod I think they are still in sculpting time. But I have been able to do all the ab work and i feel strong muscles. I have been blessed with lithe swelling. I think it is age related as I am past menopause and don't have hormones floating around. I wish my waist was a little smaller. I am 38-28-34. a 26 waist would be ideal

4 month update

I couldn't be happier. Having my muscles repaired has given the strength back in my stomach muscles that I haven't had since I was in my 20s and 12 babies less. Right now I am doing shaun t25 gamma. I have never felt stronger. I am an easy size 6 with some being to big. I probably weigh a good 135 but weight doesn't matter as much as how I feel. I so encourage anyone on the fence about a tt to know that you won't regret it !

few more pictures


up close of scar


8 months post op

Things are going very well. I have been doing the 21 day fix and bike riding along with running our motel. I have continued to tone up and am very happy with my results. I am currently a size 4 or even a 2 and my stomach is like a rock. I wish all of you that are going to have a tummy tuck the best of luck

sad side of Tt

This is my second marriage. My first was for 33 years and I am sure my husband would have supported me 100 percent with a tummy tuck and breast lift. I have been married for a little over 2 years to my second husband. He could not accept my tt . Obvioulsy we had other issues but my surgeries he could not accept. Of course it is devastating to me that he feels the way he does. It has brought us to a divorce. Like I said , we had more issues going on.
As for my views on my surgeries, I couldn't be happier. I would not choose a different decision if I could go back in time. The surgery has done all I had hoped and more. I have to face that our marriage would have dissolved anyway if it was coming to an end for this reason. I cant really figure out why he feels the way he does.

I am curious if any of you have had a negative reaction from your husbands or boyfriends

11 months post op

It has been 11 months and I am still as happy as ever that I had a tummy tuck, breast lift( 9 months ago) and deep fx( 4 months ago). In the last months of the summer I have lost a little weight, about 129 now. My breasts are the same size as pre lift 36, c. My face has finally lost all the redness. Waist sits at 27 or 26 1/2. Hips are smaller at 34 1/2. The tummy tuck has been life changing as I now have my confidence back and I feel so much stronger. Having my muscles sewn together in my tummy has strengthened my posture all all that comes with better stomach muscles. I do have a slight dog ear on my left side which the ps is going to fix next month. The scar is fading nicely.

one year ago i had my tummy tuck

I have to say that the transformation from before the tt to now a year later has been life changing. I had given my body to raise 12 children and nursed them all I loved ever minute of it but when the last child was weaned, I was ready for a transformation to get my body to resemble somewhat my life before children. i am very, very happyHere I am at my moms wedding exactly 1 year after my TT and BR

One and 1/2 years after tummy tuck and breast lift

This persoannly was the best decision I made just for me. I am about 10 lb less but have gained muscle by doing cross fit. The tt has allowed me to enjoy getting dressed knowing that my clothes will not pucker or pull. They just fit. I am stronger. More confident and can say I love my shape. I do need a small dog ear repared. The dr did a master piece on a mother that delivered 12!children

Almost 2 years out

I couldn't be happier. I wish I would have done this 10 years ago. I love wearing clothes. I used to wear them just to cloth myself. Now I wear them to make me feel sexy. Pretty sofisticsted. Just plain fun to dress up. Here is a current picture. I would like opinion on getting a breast aug as I have very little upper pole. Nurses for 25!years. Had a lift a year ago. So any suggestions

2 1/2 year update

I have lost about 18 lbs since tummy tuck. Weight is 123. Size 0 or 2. I did not get any loose skin from the weight loss. The scars are almost invisible . I honestly give all the praise to my dr. I am bikini ready at 57 and 12 bio children.

over three years

i Have lost about 40 lbs since tummy tuck. My tt is almost invisible I don't worry about what i will wear and hide a muffin top.
centre for plastic surgery

I am very happy with my DR. He was professional, great bed side manner and took all the time needed to answer my endless questions.

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