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Almost 5 years ago after giving birth to our 3rd...

Almost 5 years ago after giving birth to our 3rd child (A 9lb 3oz baby girl) I semi jokingly told my hubby he owed me a tummy tuck. His answer..... if it would make you happy then sure you should get it done. Well one more baby later and here I am!
Everything seems to be moving so fast. I only seriously started looking into getting this done the beginning of the year. It started with just looking into getting a TT done but the more I got into looking and researching I decided I would like to get a Mommy Makeover. I had already researched cosmetic surgeons in my state and
knew I wanted Dr. Ringler.


So I called in March & set up my consultation for the next opening he had which was May 17th. My consultation went great other then posing for those awful before pics :( I told him I was interested in a tummy tuck, breast implants & some lipo to my thighs, buttocks & flanks. Even when I'm at my skinniest I store a little extra in those areas. Well after my exam he told me I was a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck with some lipo because my upper abs still have good tone & since what bugged me the most was below the bellybutton. When it came to my breast we both agreed on saline implants to reach a full C cup. One thing I was hoping to keep away from was a breast lift because I wasn't nuts about the scar around my nipples but he said that if I didn't that I probably wouldn't be as happy with the results. For the lipo he said that for larger areas he likes to use body jet water assisted liposuction. I really didn't have any preference which type of lipo was used whatever the doctor thought would work best I was good with.
So I walked out with a surgery date of August 29th. 12 days after my 29th birthday ... happy birthday to me!! I still can't believe that I'm actually getting it done.

Some Old Pics

So I am slowly working my way into downloading pics. I plan on downloading some more undated pics the week of my surgery. I would like to lose 5 - 10 lbs before the big day but I seem to be gaining a few even with all the workouts :( Anyhow these pics are from my vacation in 2007 after 2 kids but before my last 2. The last 2 really seemed to do a number to my body. I look at these pics and think if I still looked like that I wouldn't be doing this but to be honest no I would still be here doing this cause even then I didn't like how full my thighs were and my lower tummy bugged me even then.

Try this again Summer 2007

Home & Work

So real quick no luck with adding pics sorry :( don't know why my phone is struggling to post them but I'll keep trying! One of my biggest worries was how much time I would need off work since I work a factory job that has me on my feet lifting 20-50 lbs boxes for 8-12 hrs. I was told only 2-3 weeks so I'm using my vacation time with the dr. excuse & I will be covered for 4 weeks. I just don't want to go back to soon and hurt myself. Now as far as the home front ..... I have 4 kids ages 10, 9, 5 & 2. My Hubby has been so sweet letting me get this surgery done & not complain about the $ that I wanted to make sure I didn't dump everything on him so my mom will be staying the first week to help take care of us. I can't believe how fast the time is going!!! Before I know it August 29th will be here :)

4 MORE Days!!!!


I should be sleeping but NO. My mind will not shut down so I have been keeping busy. I cleaned both bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen cabinets - along with cleaning all the stainless steel & swept the floors. What can I say I'm a clean freak & i had to do something to keep my mind off of things. My oldest daughter is taking it really hard which doesn't help me at all - She cried when I tucked her into bed & wanted to know why I was doing this and told me that I could die. Oh my goodness I already felt scared & guilty but boy she sure did lay the guilt on me thick! Well I have to be "up" in a little over 2 hours so guess I better try to get some sleep!

Surgery Day :)

Everything went great. I was a giant ball of nerves and only got an hr of sleep last night. That's ok cause I'll be making up for that plus some this week ;) so I was told that 7lbs of fat was removed from my many spots of lipo. I don't know what size implants he used but he told Hubby they were filled to 300cc's. Ok so maybe I'm just really numb right now with all the meds I'm on but the only thing bugging me is my boobs so much pressure.


So I made it through. Haven't had it all that bad. Managing the pain with 800mg of ibuprofen and diazepam at night. Had a little scare with one of the boobs but turned out that the tape holding my gauze in place caused my skin to blister. Thank god cause it looked like my skin was tearing and I was near tears thinking what did I do to myself!!! But all is well Dr. said no more tape! Boobs are still pretty swollen and tummy looks great so far :)
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