29 Yr Old Mom Getting Her 16 Yr Old Body Back!! Finally!

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I had my MM on Tuesday, December 4th 2012. My...

I had my MM on Tuesday, December 4th 2012. My motivation was the fact that I had my two kids at age 17 & 19 and really don't remember what my actually body used to look like before having it ruined by having kids. In high school I was 145 lbs. Then I got pregnant and gained 50lbs with my son. After having my son at age 17, I got pregnant shortly after and had my daughter at 19. Didn't loose any weight between the pregnancies. I remember leaving the hospital after having my daughter and them telling me that I weighed 212lbs. That was my highest weight (with no baby). I started working out as soon as I could and lost 60lbs right away. Then slowly lost 42 more lbs ending at 110. Which being 5'6" at 110lbs it was NOT a good look for me!! I was scary thin. I ended up slowly gaining and settling right where I am supposed to be at 130lbs and have been that weight for the past 8 years. I liked the way my body looked after loosing all the weight, but I HATED all the extra skin that went along with it!! I wanted for so long to get a MM and just made the final decision to go through with it this year. I put down my money in July 2012 and planned my surgery for December 4, 2012. I waited and counted down the days until it finally arrived!! I am done and loving my results!!

I just had my surgery on Dec 4th. I was terrified...

I just had my surgery on Dec 4th. I was terrified of the after pain after reading some of the horror stories on this site. This has NOT been my experience at all. I'm only 2 days PO but I have only had 1 extremely painful incident. While my husband was trying to help me get situated in bed, my stomach had a muscle spasm!!!!! Let me tell you it was like having a cramp (charlie horse) in your stomach. I cried and cried and I couldn't even speak. He slowly lowered me back down, then brought me my Valium which is for the muscle spasms. Now I don't dare go over the time of when I am supposed to take them! Other than that one time, it hasn't been too bad. Most of the time, If I get into a comfortable position- as long as I am not moving- I don't feel a thing! NO pain at all! Make sure you have someone help you up!! Don't try and use your stomach muscles! My husband completely lifts my back up every time I have to get out of bed. This makes it not hurt that much, plus no spasms! Good luck, and don't worry too much! It isn't nearly as bad as I had read about!!

Oh, and one more thing, lol. I was a small B after...

Oh, and one more thing, lol. I was a small B after deflating after my second child and all the weight that I lost. I chose to go with a FULL D. I made that very clear to him. I figured with a C I would feel like, "what was the point?" I went the absolute biggest size that I could, without looking fake - my PS words exactly. Which ended up being 450cc Memory gel silicone implants. So far- even though they are still swollen and haven't "settled" in yet, I am IN LOVE with how they look! So is my husband! Lol.

Well its day 3 PO and I'm again feeling better....

Well its day 3 PO and I'm again feeling better. The pain is very low and if I am not moving, I'm in no pain at all!! I can almost stand up straight, but I'm not stretching it out too much. Sleeping is getting way better too! Last night I slept from midnight until 7am!!
I have noticed that I have been really emotional lately. Crying a lot.. its not so much a big deal. I did read about this, but I think that as for me, i am just not used to sitting around in bed! I feel bad that I can't help out. I feel bad that I can't leave the room, can't help with our four kids, laundry, homework, etc... Even though my husband is amazing and keeps reassuring me that he has got it and to just relax. Showers are AMAZING! They are actually the highlight of my entire day! I've taken one everyday since the surgery. We did buy a shower chair, which I couldn't imagine trying to shower without one. My drain is also barely needed. My husband says that overnight into this morning it was only 9cc! I'm pretty sure they will take them out on my PO appt on Dec 12th. My right breast looks like its starting to drop and maybe has less swelling than the left. The left is sitting up higher still and is more stiff. But again, i have pretty much no pain in either of my breasts. I'm still taking my medication, but not needing the max amount anymore and I'm able to go longer between doses. All in all I'm feeling pretty good seeing as it has only been 3 days since my surgery! I am already so excited about wearing real clothes! And of course picking out a new bathing suit and bras!! Hope everyone else's recovery is going as good as mine is!

Day 4 PO- I got up on my own today to go to the...

Day 4 PO- I got up on my own today to go to the bathroom!! This is the first day that I was able to get out of bed without help from anyone! I was really happy. I woke up at 5:30 am and didn't want to wake my husband to help me so I slowly tried to manage to get out and I did it without a hitch! I also went out for a small car ride today, and ventured upstairs finally to the living room! Lots of little steps today, trying to not overdue it! I am able to stand a little bit taller and more straighter. I hardly need any pain meds. In fact i'm thinking that I would like to stop taking them so that my digestive system can start to work again! NO BM since Sunday! Yes almost a week ago! I've been drinking smoothies, colon cleanse, MOM and eating veggies and still nothing. It's not that unusual for me though. I'm not a once a day kinda person anyways.. so I guess i'm not surprised. My drains were only at 6cc for the overnight! I can't wait until Wednesday to see my PS and have them removed!! Nothing is really too sore. Especially if I am just sitting and chillin. My boobs are looking pretty perky and LARGE, lol. The only thing I'm wondering is how WIDE they are on my body, lol. Wonder if that is just swelling on the sides too? I am guessing it is. My husband keeps saying that I look like Lara Croft and apparently that is a fantasy look of his, so I guess I'm going to have to try and find that costume somewhere, lol I'm loving my results so far! Happy recovery to those who are going through or just had surgery!

Day 5 PO already! I did a lot today! Might be...

Day 5 PO already! I did a lot today! Might be paying for it tomorrow... I cleaned up the house a bit cause I just couldn't take how everything was everywhere! I went to Target twice today! Once to take two of kids to shop for the other two. Then back for the other two to shop for the first two. (I have 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls) Then prepared dinner for everyone. My back is killing me and I'm dead tired... I did use the riding carts both times I went to Target, got some pretty weird looks. And my one daughter probably made me pop some stitches making me laugh because I couldn't fit through most aisles without taking whole racks with me! Those aisles are not made for those carts! Anyway I am glad tomorrow is Monday and the kids will be at school most of the day so that I can relax. Other than that my pain level is in the middle.. My back hurts and my stomach incision (probably from laughing), and I can't wait to take my night meds and go to bed! Night everyone!

Day 6 PO pretty much the same as the day before. I...

Day 6 PO pretty much the same as the day before. I went out once to run an errand with my husband. The swelling doesn't seem like it went down in my stomach at all. Still just taking it easy. Is this driving anyone else nuts! I am being impatient I know... I'm just a natural busy body and doing hardly nothing is really hard.

Week 1 PO. Can't believe its been a week already!...

Week 1 PO. Can't believe its been a week already! My daughter says to me today, " so you're basically all healed now then, right?" Which leads me to believe I'm doing more than I should be at only one week after. I am a tiny bit less swollen today. Boobs feel about the same, although I did have my husband massage my left breast for a good twenty minutes last night, and that helped immensely! But now I need my right one done as well, maybe tonight!? My scar is looking really low! I tried on my regular undies today and it appears that my scar will be hidden completely, just like he promised! There is a reason my PS was named surgeon of the year two years in a row! ;) I am also tired A LOT... I am guessing it's because I'm not listening to my body and resting when I need to be.. And I've been quite hungry lately, and I'm not liking it one bit! I'm barely moving around during the day, so i don't need a lot of food! So I'm scared that I'll gain weight throughout this. :( But tomorrow I'm going to see my PS and hopefully getting my drain taken out! Wish me luck! Happy healing everyone!

Day 8 PO I went and saw my PS today!! He took out...

Day 8 PO I went and saw my PS today!! He took out my drain!! YAY!! Which didn't hurt at all by the way.. I'm wondering why I read horror stories on here of how painful it was to get them removed..? Also, he changed my tape under my breasts on the incisions which felt GREAT! They were SUPER itchy and now I can't even feel that anything is there. He took out one small white stitch that was sticking out of my belly button (which I didn't even realize it was!). Then he said my breasts were looking great, and that the SIZE will not get any smaller, but the swelling on top of my breasts will go down as they drop into position!! I asked him about bras and he said that I need to wear one 24/7 for at least 6 wks so that when they are healing they don't "move" around and they settle where they are supposed to. He said that I could get an under-wire bra if I wanted, as long as it didn't rub on my incision area. Which I got really excited to hear! I am still going to wear the sports bras at night to keep them in place. He said my stomach looked really good and the swelling will just continue to go down, and to just allow the tape to fall off naturally on its own in 1-2 weeks. I have my next appt in 6 wks in January, and that then they will take my after pics. ...SO right after the appt I told my husband to drive me to Meijer so that I could grab a couple of cheap under-wire bras, because I CAN'T STAND SPORTS BRAS ( I have never liked them). I wasn't sure what size to grab, so I was looking for a 34D or a 36D and I found a 36D and tried it on. I almost cried in the dressing room. I could not even explain to my husband how it felt for me to try on a 36D bra that had NO padding in it whatsoever and actually FILL the cup size!! I used to wear 36B that had 90% of it filled with padding on the bottom, so my boobs would literally lay on top of the padding and barely fill in the rest.. (You can see what I mean in my before pic). I bought two bras from Meijer, one black and one white just for now. I am planning on going to VS to get properly sized and buy some really sexy ones when the swelling on the top finally goes down! But just the two cheap ones I bought made me smile from ear to ear and just reaffirmed to myself again this was SO worth it!! Pain level today is pretty minimal and I am standing up and walking straight (probably finally back to normal). It is still hard to get up and down from a sitting position still but there is no pain in my breasts at all today. And the feeling in my breasts are coming back and I can feel the nipple area and the top of my breasts now. Another milestone today was that I took a shower today standing up, instead of using the shower chair!! I still have been avoiding standing up for long periods of time, for fear of swelling. Everyday things are getting gradually better and better!! Good luck to everyone in recovery right now and fast/quick healing!!!!

Day 11 PO Feeling better today (so far this...

Day 11 PO Feeling better today (so far this morning) than yesterday.. I was REALLY swollen yesterday about mid-day and getting really down about not being able to fit into anything. From a side profile I look like I am about 6 months pregnant. It's a downer for sure.. I know it won't last forever. I didn't have any lypo either, so that means that the recovery and the swelling won't last as long! Which is a big plus! I did have a few thoughts that made me feel better though!! I am really glad that I got this surgery in the winter, because everyone wears more layers anyways! Also, in 6 months, I shouldn't be as swollen anymore which is the perfect time to look great in my bathing suit! Update on boobs, they look and feel great! If my whole surgery was only the top- it would have been a frickin cake walk!! The TT is the hardest part of all of this! I am still numb all over my stomach which feels so weird! Getting up and down and around is getting much easier and much less painful. I am only taking 1 pain pill and a muscle relaxer at night, and only 1 pain pill in the morning to help me take the edge off. I got "spanxs" yesterday and am planning on wearing that throughout the day and then at night or whenever I'm at home wearing my binder and yoga pants. Hope everyone else is doing good! And good luck to those who have surgery coming up this coming week!! Good luck ladies!

Day 12 PO So yesterday my husband took me out to...

Day 12 PO So yesterday my husband took me out to Target to have me get some new things that would make me feel better with my changing body. I got 3 new shirts, all that hide my stomach but look amazing! They are all black, so that always helps too! I'm used to wearing form fitting shirts, but I won't be doing that until all of this swelling goes down. Needless to say, I feel so much better about what I look like in these shirts (and what everyone else is going to see). I even got on my skinny jeans today (skinny in the legs I mean, the waist is more forgiving) and put on one of my new shirts and a pair of black boots and I felt like the old me again!! It was amazing! That is exactly what I needed! My husband is amazing and so are you ladies! I have also noticed that I'm pretty sure the "Spanxs" aren't doing a well enough job to wear just yet, throughout the day. So I am just going to wear my binder day and night for awhile. I think the binder is tighter and it feels better, and I am able to go to the bathroom without having to pull it up and down over my stomach every time (that always hurt). I am trying to stay off my feet more today as well, and have been drinking more water. I have gained 7 lbs since the day of surgery - which I am sure most of it is from the swelling. As always, since pretty much the fourth day, my boobs feel like normal. They are so easy! Felt like they healed in the first 4 days, and that was it! They never hurt anymore, they feel natural, and they are no longer numb. My stomach is still numb, but my belly button is looking WAY better! I have been cleaning it out after every shower with a Q-Tip and now it doesn't have any scabs inside it anymore. My tape on my incision areas (old belly button incision and tummy incision) is starting to come off a bit, but I don't want it to come off yet! I'm worried that if it does, I will start to get some of the openings that some other women on here have talked about! I am not peeling at it at all. I am wondering.. does anyone know if you can put more tape on after the initial falls off finally? Or does it need to breathe and not be covered? I was thinking of getting more skin tape and putting it on after this, but I don't know if I should or not.. I guess I could call my PS and ask. I'm still only taking the 1 pain pill at night, 1 muscle relaxer at night and the 1 pain pill in the morning. I'm almost out though, and will be within the next 3 days. I was told to just take Ibuprofen after the meds run out.. Anyways, that is my only update for today. Hope everyone is healing well and those going in the week, I wish you the best of luck!

2 Weeks PO WOW! Has it really been 2 weeks...

2 Weeks PO WOW! Has it really been 2 weeks already? I'm feeling GREAT! I have been keeping my original binder on instead of using Spanxs and that is working WAY better to keep the swelling in my stomach down. Plus, I have been trying to stay off my feet more and that has made a big difference. I found 1 pair of my pants that feel the most comfortable, so I have been wearing those and my new shirts, so I'm feeling pretty good about the way I look. I've been drinking water a bit more too and have lost 2lbs out of the 7 I had gained since the day of surgery. When I woke up this morning, my stomach was the flattest I had seen it since 4 days PO (when I still had the drain in) which made me really happy!! It has been hurting more under my boobs lately, but only when I reach for things. Also, my tape is still on and I'm trying to keep it on for as long as possible. I did just run out of my meds, both of them (pain killers and muscle relaxers) so tonight will be the first night that I won't have them to use for going to sleep. I hope it goes okay and I'm not in too much pain! If I am I'm going to have to call and get a refill on them. Basically I am feeling about 95% back to my normal self! My stomach muscle (where the repair was done) is still sore but not that bad at all. I am still numb all over my stomach and around my incision area. Boobs are looking great and feeling very natural and not stiff at all anymore on top. I LOVE the way they look! They are pretty big, but I'm okay with that. I'm going to look stunning in a bathing suit this summer! Today I'm going to get my hair cut and dyed so I am super excited about that because that always makes me feel great, plus it's just in time for Christmas! I am looking forward to the day that I won't have to wear my binder anymore and the swelling will stay down.. but I realize I'm far out from that and right now I'm okay with that idea. Ask me tomorrow and it might be different, but for now its okay. I haven't added any pics because everything still looks petty much the same. I'll add some more when drastic visual changes start to happen =)

Day 16 PO Hi everyone! Thought I would write...

Day 16 PO Hi everyone! Thought I would write another update. I am 16 days out and feeling really good! My boobs are feeling like normal. Although I do wish that they were closer together. I think that they make my top look really "wide" which wasn't what I was going for. I know it is just probably a matter of buying a bra that produces cleavage, which is on me. But do you ladies think that since they are still settling that if I wore a bra that pushed them together it would help them stay that way?? My husband likes the fact that they are wide and says they are perfect. I on the other hand do not like them that way. (Who wants to look wider???) And I did this surgery for me, first and foremost, so it is really up to me.
My tape is still on my incisions because I am almost scared for it to come off, for fear that they will open up on me! My swelling has gotten WAY better. I have switched to using my old exercise binder (which is the same width and pretty much does they same thing) the only difference being that this one makes you sweat when you wear it. Which I think is actually helping with the swelling!! When I took it off last night to switch to my other one, my stomach was smaller than it usually is in the a.m. when I just wake up!! Anyways, hope everyone is feeling good!

Day 19 PO Hello everyone! I am feeling really...

Day 19 PO Hello everyone! I am feeling really good! Not too much to report. I got sized yesterday at Victoria's Secret!! Wholly cow! I am a 34 DDD !!!! That is coming from what I used to be.. somewhere between an A-B cup! I LOVE MY NEW BODY! My incision area is looking great! I am very happy with it! I am thinking about ordering silicone strips soon to start getting rid of my scar. My exercise belt is helping tremendously with the swelling! Oh and I bought something really sexy to wear in the bedroom, and let me tell you- I have NEVER EVER felt good in wearing or even trying on one of those things! Well I felt like I could have been a VS super model the way that I looked! It was amazing! I hope everyone is doing good!

3 Weeks - 21 days PO today. Merry Christmas...

3 Weeks - 21 days PO today. Merry Christmas everyone!! I am doing good- just an other small update. I stared using the silicone strip scar treatment yesterday to help with the scaring. I got them at Walgrens for $20 and it looks like they will last me 3 weeks for 1 box. I cut the strips in half since they are so wide. I put them all along my main scar, then on my BB scar and under my breasts on those scars. I will keep everyone updated on how well they work. It says to use them for 12 weeks total. So that is 4 boxes for me.$80 isn't so bad- especially if they work!!

Day 28 PO (4 Weeks) Not too much to add. I can't...

Day 28 PO (4 Weeks) Not too much to add. I can't believe that I am already 4 weeks PO! The scar strips are working really good. They are making my scars that were raised up, go down a lot! They are also getting smaller and less pink. My boobs are doing good- sitting right where they are going to stay. My stomach is not too swollen either. The exercise binder has helped keep the swelling down. I just started exercising yesterday! I bought an elliptical off CL for only $60! I am going to do 1/2 hour a day, Mon-Fri, which burns 400 cals per time! Plus, it's low impact! I am really excited about doing crunches/sit-ups when I am able, because NOW it will actually show! Before it didn't matter because a layer of saggy skin was always over all the muscle! My husband is amazing, he makes me feel so sexy and for once, I actually FEEL sexy about the way I look too! It's crazy! I was just saying yesterday, I can't believe that I actually had the surgery and I am all done! I waited so long for this! I am still up in weight since the day of surgery.. =( I was only 130lbs the day of and since surgery I am up to 136lbs which I was hoping would go down along with the swelling.. but it hasn't yet. I hope the elliptical will help shed these extra 6lbs.. I have my next PS appt the 23rd of January. Can't wait to see when I can stop wearing the binder during the day! Other than the binder everything else is amazing! I hope everyone else is just as happy with their results!

DAY 33 PO - Again, I can not believe how fast time...

DAY 33 PO - Again, I can not believe how fast time flies after surgery! It seemed like forever to get to the day of, but after its been flying by! Everything is going great. I am loving the way that I look! I am extremely happy with the size/type of implant that I choose. [450cc Silicone Memory Gel, medium profile, under the muscle]. They have both dropped now and look and feel more natural than ever. I think they look very natural on my body and not fake at all. (I hope everyone sees that too?) My scar strips are working very well and my BB scar (above my BB) is almost gone. My large incision is fading very quickly, and my incisions under my breasts are getting smaller. I am going to get a new box of scar strips here in the next week. I am still wearing either my binder during the day, or my spanxs type tank top. I wear my binder all night and my scar strips 24/7. I am SO looking forward to not having to wear the binder and my scar strips anymore. With the spanxs I am able to wear some of my regular clothes, but the issue I am having now is the tank top rides up and makes the scar strips roll up! It is really annoying! Just to be back to normal, wearing normal clothes, no binder or spanxs, would be awesome!! ..but I know that it takes time.. I have my next PS appointment on the 23rd of this month. I'll check back soon! Hope everyone's recovery is going smooth and quickly!

Week 6 PO I'm feeling great! Haven't had any...

Week 6 PO I'm feeling great! Haven't had any issues at all lately. The only thing that has been bothering me is above my BB where they did the muscle repair it hurts often. It can be for no reason, or if I go to get up it feels like a stabbing pain. I have a PS appt next week Wed and I am going to ask him if this is just normal. I am wondering...should I be doing some sort of sit-ups or workouts to strengthen my ab muscles?? Other than that, everything is looking so amazing! I will say again, I am so happy that I did this!! I feel beautiful, like a women should feel. My husband LOVES my body (he always did though) and I feel so much more confident when I am naked or even in a bathing suit! One thing I am extra excited about, is going to the beach this summer in my 2-pcs and bending over to sit down/play with my kids and to NOT have a gross flabby-flap hanging down!!! That made me feel so gross! I am so glad that it is gone! Plus, I am not flat chested anymore, and better yet my implants look and feel natural, therefore I'm 10% sure no one would even know! Hope everyone is doing great!

6 Months PO

Added some new pics. 6 months PO.

Great News!!

In a few weeks, on my 1 year date, I'm going to post more pics!!! Also, I wanted to share that I went to my last PS appt in July and he said that Victoria Secrets told me my bra size was a 34DDD, but that i was most likely only a 34D. Well I went home and personally looked up two different ways to measure your bra size, and guess what? I'm STILL a 34DDD! I love my body and the fact that I did this surgery mm no regrets! Talk to you soon!

It's been 1 year!! WOW!

I can't even believe that it has been 1 year! I am extremely happy with my results

1 Year Pictures!!

Here you go!!

Pics 1 Year!

Sorry, this isn't working right!!! Agh..!

Let's try this again! 1 Year pictures!

Here are some pictures of my MM a year later.

Pics, 16 months PO

Trying to post some pics again. This time from my phone. Hope it works!

Look at his website! Dr. Cullen has been selected as one of The Best Doctors in America 2009-2010 and 2011-2012. Dr. Cullen has been spotlighted in The Leading Physicians of The World, and has also been selected as one of West Michigan's Top Doctors, Grand Rapids Magazine December 2009 and 2010. And that is why I chose him. That and plus the pictures of his work on his website shows how amazing of a job he does!

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