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Finally decided to schedule a full tummy tuck and...

Finally decided to schedule a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation after 3 consultations in GR. Scared but I know it will be worth it in the end! Appreciate any advice and tips:) I'm having a drain less tummy tuck with flank Lipo and saline mod plus implants (auxiliary) as Dr. Ringler recommended. Unsure on size, as I am already a D, but saggy and deflated. I am 5'10 with broad shoulders and want to be big. Thinking 600cc?

Biggest fears: obviously pain, ending up with a high tummy tuck scar, weird bb, going back to work (will go back 12 days PO), what to tell people at work, necrosis and bad scarring, ugh and plenty more! Just trying remember that anything will be better than what I have now haha! Dr. Said I don't have diastasis but you can see how far my stomach sticks out (fully relaxed in pics.)

2 months away!!

Still have a little while to go until my surgery Feb 22, but I am already getting anxious!! I don't feel as though it has really sunk in that I am doing this but when I think about it I just want it to be here already! I also had my first surgery nightmare. I read some other reviews in here of people having these before their surgeries. I dreamt I was splitting open at my stomach and woke up in a panic. Ugh! I have never had any type of surgery before and so I don't have any idea what to expect. Also, I've been doing a terrible job of eating good lately. I have like zero motivation. Not sure if it's just the holidays or I'm in the mentality that I'm having this mommy makeover soon so it won't matter and I just feel less pressure to eat as healthy as my normally would. I'd love any advice on what to do over these next couple of months. Good luck to everyone having their surgeries soon!

One day post surgery!

I made it to the flat side! Yesterday was my surgery and it went very smoothly. I was surprisingly calm and it went so fast. I had no Nausea which I was really worried about. Minimal pain just mostly soreness and tightness of muscles. Been keeping on schedule with my pain meds as I don't want to get behind. Norco every 4 hours, Valium every 6 and ibuprofen every 8 hours. Trying to get up periodically to move around but doing well. My husbands been wonderful waiting on me and changing bandages. I do have a lot of gas pain which I'm not sure why. I have been drinking prune juice and taking some dulcolax to try to make sure no have a bm at some point but none so far. I ended up with 510cc saline under Muscles and they are barely sore. Incisions were in armpits and noobs are really high and hard right now. Stomach and Punic area also extremely hard and swollen. Glad surgery is over and now just recover!

Day 2 post op!

Honestly I am feeling better than I thought I would! I am walking around and getting up by myself. Keeping up on pain meds around the clock. Coughed for the first time which hurt but nothing has been unbearable at all! I was definitely anticipating way more pain and inability to do anything. I am definitely super swollen and haven't been able to see a whole lot because of the bandages and tape so I am anxious for my first post op appt next Friday. I can start showering today and may try to do that. It does feel strange with no binder on. So glad I don't have any drains too! Incision seems super low which I am relieved about. I think I am having the boob greed already that everyone talks about tho lol. I need to be more patient. Still haven't had a bm so trying to take dulcolax, prune juice and fiber one bars. May try mirilax or milk of magnesia. I have a lot of gas right now. Any suggestions to get things moving? Hope everyone is healing well! Here's some before pics also to remind that this will be worth it and anything is better than what I started with!

Day 4 post op

Honestly, this is so doable you guys! For anyone afraid of the pain and recovery, you can do it! At no point have I been in real pain or regretted doing this. Yes, it's uncomfortable, tight and harder to get around, but it is not nearly as bad as I hyped it up to be in my head. I have just stayed on schedule with my meds and now I am only taking half a norco and doing fine. I had my first bm day 3 and that was totally fine, no pain. I ate a lot of fiber one bars, glAsses of prune juice and dulcolax stool softener since the day after surgery. I took two tbs of milk of magnesia and went soon after. I'm still a little hunched over and feel best in my recliner and been sleeping fine.y stomach is super swollen and hard to the touch. How long til that goes down a bit? Boobs barely hurt at all, don't really notice them. I am having some boob greed. I think most people do so we will see it's hard not to worry above it everything like dis I have enough Lipo of my flanks?! Haha trying to be patient I known I've got a long way to go and that swelling is covering up a lot of my results. Good luck to all of you recovering!!

New pics

Just took my first shower. Felt great! Just achy back now.

5 days post op

Feeling good. Trying not to over do and move around because I actually feel great. No more pain meds just ibuprofen. Still quite swollen and get really gassy feeling at times. Does anyone else get that? But then I can't get it out. Standing pretty upright but can't do it for long before back really starts to ache. Getting bored but trying to enjoy the down time:) at what point did you try to get out and about? Drive? I'm getting cabin fever but I don't want to damage any of my results either. Here are some pics I took. Already a huuuuge difference and so glad I did this!

9 days post op!

Can't believe it's been over a week since my surgery! Seriously life changing already and I am so happy I did this. I had my first post op appt with my dr this morning and all is looking great. I am waiting for the steristrips to fall off and then will start some scar therapy. Any recommendations? My dr said biocorneum but I kind of want to do some sort of silicone sheeting?? I am still a little hunched and definitely super swollen but I am so excited for the months to come. It's easy to get discouraged by the swell hell but I'm trying to just think of the future.

Post op day 11

So yesterday was a shitshow. I have had a very easy recovery so far and Yesterday was the first time I actually had to do things. My husband was back to work so I had my four year old alone allll day long and it was just way too much. My body couldn't not hold up to having to move around all day as I am used to just being in the recliner basically. I was soooo swollen and hunched and my side muscles feel really tender and one boob hurts. I had a breakdown and balled my eyes out. Luckily today my husband is home today again otherwise I don't know what I'd do. I thought I was doing so wel but yesterday was a big reminder I am still only like a week and a half out from surgery and I am not going to be back to normal yet. I supposed to go back to work Thursday next week and I am wondering if I should postpone it to the following Monday. I am worried it will be too much considering how I felt. Wing up and a bout yesterday, although I do have a desk job. I am worried about being off work so long though I have no idea what's going on there.

In other news, I am loving my results so far. I am totally happy with my belly button and scar placement and my boobs. So glad I didn't get a lift and got the transax incision with saline. Boobs still nhave ed to drop especially one side. I just wonder if he did enough lipo on my flanks and if I really needed an extended incision? I have some fat bulges on my hips. I know I am still super swollen and I guess those things can be addressed down the road. Also, this has been a good motivator to eat well (eating clean, no salt really affects my swelling and how I feel daily) and to start toning up other areas once I heal like legs and butt and back.

Still waiting for steri strips to come off and then I will start some sort of scar therapy. My incision is super thin and clean so I am so relieved it shouldn't be a problem. Thinking about scaraway strips? Anyways this has been super long. Hope you all are healing well!

Much better today

Today I felt like I could stand much straighter but after awhile my back does still begin to ache and the lower part of my tummy gets rock hard. Still not sure if I'm ready to back to work in a few days as I get super swollen with being up and about.

Still so glad I did this. Even with the swelling, achy back etc. it has been sooo much. Enter than I expected. Completely do able and worth it and it's the best thing I've ever done. Even swollen I am so much more comfortable and confident with myself and body. It's so freeing to not have to worry about my stomach all the time honestly. Every day gets better and I would never have this body in my life if it weren't for this surgery. So thankful.

Feeling good!

Can't believe how quickly I am feeling better. Still tightness above my bb and up that is preventing me from getting my shoulders all the way back, but overall I can do pretty much anything movement wise. Definitely still swollen and gets worse with more activity - just makes my lower abdomen really hard. Don't even notice my boobs anymore, no pain or soreness. I keep forgetting it's been just over 2 weeks only and to remember I have a long road ahead of me yet. It's gone so fast and slow at the same time. I am going back to work Monday So hopefully I do ok with that. My next appt isn't for about 6 more weeks, but so far no issues. All the steristrips just came off and I've started scaraway on BB, armpit scars (which are already invisible) and tt scar. There is definitely a mental aspect to this recovery - this surgery is not instant, not magical and tends to make you see your other flaws and create questions in your head. Trying to stay positive and know I have a lot of healing to do and keep in mind where I started. Happy healing!

Debbie downer

For some reason (most likely swell hell) I've been feeling like negative Nancy here about my surgery. I was happy as could be the first week and a half and pain wise recovery has been a breeze, but the last few days I've been annoyingly negative. I read so many reviews prior to having surgery and thought "how can people be negative, look how much better they look! I will make sure to remember that the results won't be instant. Duh! I know better blah blah blah." Here I am, complaining not even three weeks into this thing and I'm acting like I haven't read a million reviews telling me it takes so much time to see results, beware of the mental toll, swell hell is real, etc. Someone punch me in the face for being so irrational right now. Maybe it's because I went back to work today and I am the most swollen I've been yet, and the fact that I am supposed to get my period Thursday haha. Either way, I am being rediculous wishing I went with bigger boobs, that my dr didn't do enough lipo, and that I will undoubtedly need a scar revision. And, now I am Already nit picking all the NEXT things I need to fix?! I've become obsessed with getting chin fillers and Botox. What the fuck? I don't know why I feel so doomsdayish in thinking nothing will turn out the way I wanted it to and what if I go back to looking the way I did before

Okay, well here are some pics to remind myself just where I started and what an actual improvement it all has been. Stay strong and this too shall pass:)


Feeling less crazy haha and I think my swelling has been better the last couple days which helps. I am actually feeling pretty good physically. I think I may begin to workout soon. My legs and butt need some toning up!

Almost 4 weeks

Where has the time gone? People are right when they say it goes by so slow but fast at the same time. Can't believe i actually did this sometimes but sooo glad I did. Honestly life changing. Even with the swelling, each day is getting better and I can see the daily differences. I am feeling pretty much back to normal. Can do everything and swelling has definitely improved last few days. Looking forward to the months to come! It's only been a month and I can barely remember what I looked like before.....and then pictures remind me and I am grateful all over again that I did this.

4 week pics

Feeling significantly less swollen. Some tightness in upper abs but basically feel back to normal!! Can do everything movement wise and only feel slight swelling in lower abdomen. Wearing scaraway strips all day every day and compression garment and bra 24/7. One armpit scar is invisible but the other isn't healing nearly as nice:( boobs have dropped a ton, but I don't think they're done yet. Feeling great in my clothes and it's only 1 month in! I do think I will ask about hips at next appt. I had flank Lipo but still seems to be some skin and fat there. Obviously still early on so we will see.

Split pics

4 week difference????

Split pics

4 week difference. Hard to believe.

Feeling flat!

Woke up feeling flat and not too swollen yay!! I have been feel great physically, no pain or tightness moving around so I decided it would be a good day to REALLY clean my house for the first time since surgery. The messiness has been driving me crazy! I think I over did it though and had to stop because I can fee the swelling coming on and my upper abs are burning! Too much bending down, lifting etc. My boobs are continuing to settle, one side more than the other and I am missing the upper fullness and have a bit of boob greed as they are dropping and seem smaller. I feel ridiculous admitting that. Again, still early on I need to remember. Emotions and feelings change a lot I have found haha.

Almost 8 weeks PO!

Can't believe it's been just about 2 months since surgery. I am now to the point where I have zero pain or soreness and don't even think about my tummy all the time like I did. Boobs have dropped a lot. Swelling is very minimal finally. I went through swell hell around 5 and 6 weeks PO that was awful and discouraging. You read about needing a lot of patience and it's so true. Do not judge your results so early on, so much will change! I am feeling good about where I am at and I think it'll only improve. I see my dr. This week and we will see what he says! Still wearing a bra and compression garment 24/7 just because I want to keep swelling away and I am used to the secure feeling. Scars are doing okay, been using silicone sheets but not as diligently as I should. I think I will talk to dr. About flank and hip fullness and dog ears. Overall very happy and I remind myself it's still early in this healing process!

Comparison pics

I have not taken any pics in weeks until yesterday. I went through a period of what I am sure was the swell hell they talk about and I was freaking out a little bit that I was going to stay that way forever and that I had someone ruined my results and the whole operation failed (so irrational I know, but swelling has that affect on you mentally during this recovery!) good news is I finally feel like a lot of my swelling is subsiding and I am on the upswing. To be fair to myself, I am only two months out and that is still so early on after such a big surgery. Have to remind myself that. Here are some photos I show myself to see how much of a difference there is, when I am obsessing about a tiny dog ear, bump, lump and whatever else. Truth is - even with those I look significantly better.
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Very calm, professional, knowledgable and honest. Great so far!

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