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My pear shape body has been unproportionate with...

My pear shape body has been unproportionate with the lack of breasts I inherited. I have my surgery scheduled for 11/25/15. I have a short torso, so I'm thinking the size I go with will need to be well thought through... Enough to balance my shape without making me look top heavy. Thinking about 375-425cc Mentor sub-muscular. ?

Wish boobs


I had my pre-op appointment today. Paid in full and ready for some bigger boobs!

I was prescribed the following medications, but no antibiotic. Valium, Celebrex and Norco. Celebrex is to be started two days prior to surgery. I'm also instructed to take 500mg of vitamin C twice daily. Anyone find that they did not need Valium or the Norco? I'm highly sensative to medication and usually do not need the full dosage to feel the full effect.

I'm still not 100% in what CC to go with. The doctor listed me as 350-400, but told me to bring in 3 pictures the day of surgery and he would make a final suggestion on size then. Anyone have their doctor do that instead up picking size and profile before hand? I'm worried that I actually want to go larger than 400 and might be SOL.

One week to go, freaking out...

My PS didn't recommend a clearance dr. apt with my PCP. Is this normal? I did just see my PCP a few months back for a sinus infection... ????

I'm just afraid I might have an underlying condition.

On the other side!

Doc went with 375cc sub muscular with incision near the breast fold. Feeling pretty sore and am having pain near my sternum.

Surgery went great! I was administered Valium before heading to the OR, fell asleep and do not remember saying goodbye to my husband. I did wake up in the OR as they moved me onto the operating table. As soon as the anesthesiologist place the airway mask on my face, I was out. I woke up in recovery after what seemed like seconds but was really 1.5 hours later. We were released an hour later.

I've been taking Norco every 4 hours for pain and will be taking Valium tonight to help me sleep - I'm having middle back pain from the compression strap, I think.

Allergic Reaction to Norco

I woke up at 5am feeling like I had a fever. No fever, but my cheeks were flushed and warm. After taking another dose of Norco, my cheeks became purple and my face felt sunburnt. Called my PS, who was wonderful. Being that it's thanksgiving, I do not have a pharmacy available in my small little town. Luckily, I was able to take 640mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol). Although I can feel the soreness, I am not in pain unless trying to get up from a chair.

I cannot wait to shower soon and take the compression band during my shower. I think the compression band is causing the most discomfort near the sides of my breast, under my armpits and upper back.

I was even able to join my family at my in-laws for a couple of hours to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Post Op Day 5-6

Feeling very weak and tired today. I think the lack of sleep at night is really catching up with me. I'm really bruised, which is freaking me out. My left breast, although tight, feels great. My right is slightly more bruised and I'm having shooting pain when moving. Called my PS office and they said it sounds like nerve pain aka "zingers". Anyone have zingers and, if so, what did you do to aleviate the problem?

1 week post-op review

It's amazing how quickly the brusing I had began to vanish! Loving my new body! Still have some tightness in the AM, slight burning sensation in the right breast during certain movements, and brusing on the sides of my breast/under my armpits. I have lost 5 pounds since surgery, I just haven't had an appetite until yesterday.

3 Months Post Op

Loving my new girls! Sorry for not posting sooner, holidays and work consumed much of my time the last two months.
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