37 year old with Fat Transfer to Breasts! - Grand Rapids, MI

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I decided to begin to share my journey because I...

I decided to begin to share my journey because I have loved reading the experiences of others on here and it has been so helpful to me. I have two children that literally sucked the breasts right off me during breastfeeding. I have always been small chested which I don't mind because I'm very athletic and I think a large chest would get in the way. But, I would like to be filled out again and a little perkier. Also, since having my second child who just turned two I haven't been able to get rid of the love handles and the little bit of tummy, and that bothers me. I typically workout 1 hour five days a week, but these areas continue to be problem areas for me. I am scared about the recovery and about going under general anesthesia because I have never experienced it before. I have rescheduled this procedure three times, but am sticking with it this time, I hope! Most of the reviews I read are very positive and I hope mine will end up being the same!

Getting nervous!

Five days until my procedure. Just got back from a wonderful vacation yesterday and picked up my pain pills and antibiotics today! Nervous still about going under general, but excited because I think all the swimsuits I wore on vacation aren't going to fit me in another week. Can't wait to post my pics. Prayers would be appreciated.

All done!

Had my procedure yesterday, dealing with the pain with the help of some nice narcotics! For some reason my shoulder hurts really bad?! I'm hoping to take a shower this afternoon and will get some pics of the lipo areas and breasts. I'm posting a picture that was taken yesterday at the office.

Three days after procedure.

I started tapering my pain meds today, I feel like they are making me so tired . My bruising seems to be better. I only have two lipo incision spots, even though he performed lipo in several areas, it's nice because they are on the bikini line. My breasts are really hard, and sore , I can't wait until they soften up. I also have a lot of swelling in my legs and stomach from the lipo, I can't wait to see what those areas will look like! I will try to post again in a week. I know I need to be patient, but it's hard!

Three weeks!

I can't believe it's almost been three weeks. I took pictures at two weeks that I will post too, I got really busy and haven't had time to post! I'm feeling amazing. Day 6 seemed to be my turn around day it get much better, easier to move around etc. As of today the only areas that are not back to normal are the tops of my thighs which are still numb and my breasts are still very sensitive. I went bra shopping yesterday because I am going to an event next Wednesday, and even though I've been living in and living my Genie bras I wanted something with a little more support. I tried to get a bargain priced bra because I'm assuming I'm still going to go down some, but after looking at Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's, I gave up because I couldn't find any that fit me and went to Victoria's Secret. I tried on about ten different styles, but all the same size 32 DDD!! I also picked up a swimsuit as we are heading to a waterpark this weekend. I'm so happy with my lipo incision sights, they are healing wonderfully, but also amazing because they are completely hidden by my bikini bottoms! I will be super happy when I can stop wearing my compression garmet, one more week! My weight has stayed exactly the same since before the surgery so I can't wait to see what the difference is in my shape once the lipo areas are healed. I will post again at one month!

One Month

I feel like this is a huge milestone! One month out and my bruising is 100% gone, my scars from lipo and the transfer have softened and look like they will completely fade, I have been using scar cream to help as well. I visited Dr. Hammond last week and he was super excited about my results which made me feel great! I'm still extremely glad that I had this procedure, my breasts are soft and natural, I'm am so glad that fat transfer is an option for women! I'm finished wearing my compression garmet and got to go to the gym today for the first time since my procedure, both super exciting for me. I will post again at 6 weeks!

It's been almost four months!

I am still very happy with my choice to have this procedure. It's amazing how you can get used to your new breasts and forget what they looked like before! I keep telling myself this isn't that much of a difference and then I look at my old pre surgery pics and think, oh my goodness! I used to think my old breasts were just fine, and they were, but these are so much more! I had a period of time when I felt like one breast was larger than the other, and they seemed to switch back and forth, and maybe that happens when the fat is being reabsorbed, I don't know. I am still wearing a 32 DDD, it seems a tiny bit lose now, but I went back to Vicky's and tried the DD and that was not going to work. My lipo scars are fantastic and as you can see in one of the pictures, they are completely hidden by my string bikini bottoms, yay! My lipo areas are wonderful, I'm so glad I finally got rid of those love handles. I did have a small dent in my right hip a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not sure why it developed, but I have been massaging it and it seems to be greatly improved. I haven't had any complications or problems since the procedure. Sorry the pictures are a little crooked, I need to get better at taking those!

Six Months!

It is so hard to believe it has been six months! Things are going so well. I am still very happy with my results and have enjoyed the summer in a bikini!! I've always worn bikinis, but I've never felt as good being in one as I did this year. I am still wearing a 32DDD, I'm finding it's hard to find my size. I typically have to order online VS because the store doesn't always have my size. I also found one brand at Macys, but they are quite expensive and only carry a few options in my size. There is a bra boutique here that my mom is taking me to for Christmas where they are made to order, I'm excited to go and get fitted.
My lipo areas are good, still some numbness in the top of my left thigh, but I was told this could take up to a year post surgery to go away and may never be fully gone. The other areas where the numbness was are completely healed. I also still get a bit of an indentation where the entrance sites were, and right where my underware sit, but massage helps.
I haven't been as diligent with my workouts this summer because I spent almost the entire summer at our lake house, and that puts me an hour away from my gym and child care. I was curious where the extra weight would land and was hoping it would land somewhere new, like the breasts, but it still goes to the same trouble spot, my tummy.
I have my six month check up with my ps doctor next week and am excited for his thoughts. At this point the procedure was completely worth the money, pain, recovering and worries.

1 Year Post Surgery

It has been one year since my fat transfer and I am still very pleased with my results. First of all I can't believe it's been a year!!! My scars have healed very nicely as you can see in the pictures. The two small ones under the breasts are nearly invisible and the ones on either of my hips have faded nicely. I am so happy he was able to do the removal from just those two spots! My breast tissue is very soft, with no lumps or bumps. I had a follow up mammogram three weeks ago and everything was perfect. All of my lipo areas are smooth, I used to feel some ridges in my thighs when I would press on them, but with massage they have minimized to barely noticeable. I also had a numb sensation on the tops of both of my thighs until about the 10 month mark, but that is now completely gone. I have my one year post op check with my doctor next week, but I'm sure there are no areas of concern. My husband commented tonight that there is a size difference between my breasts, which I notice off and on, but it's not bothersome to me. My breasts have stayed the same size since the 3 month mark, which I believe was when all of the residual swelling was gone. Recently I have lost approximately 5 pounds, exercising and clean eating, my bras are a tiny bit looser, but not enough to go down a size. It will be interesting if/when I gain weight back where it will go!!! Based on my experience I would say this surgery was totally worth the initial fears I had, the four day recovery in bed and the horrible surgical garment!

Lump found

I had my yearly gynecological exam two weeks ago. During the breast exam my doctor found a lump. He was aware of my surgery and we discussed fat necrosis, however since I had already had a follow up mammogram in January he felt the need to send me in for a diagnostic mammogram. The exam was very thorough and there was a ten minute period where I thought there might really be something, it turns out it was just an oily cyst/fat necrosis that had calcified and finally shown up on a mammogram, and allowed my doctor to feel it. I have not had any lumps or bumps anywhere in my body up to this point so I feel very lucky. And the only reason I decided to update my review is just to make others aware that it can happen after your year mark. I thought I was completely out of the woods after my one year anniversary. The radiologist did say that the cyst had probably been there for a while, but the calcification was new. Besides being a little scared for a few minutes and the fact that I had to go through the procedures I am still extremely thrilled with my body!
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Everything has been great. Dr. Hammond did a great job answering questions and he seemed as excited I was about the procedure which relaxed me. The anesthesiologist was amazing, this part was the worst for me and I had so much anxiety, but he relaxed me and encouraged me through his explanation of the procedure and answering questions. My pre surgery nurse was Joanne and she was wonderful, kind, and very patient. The whole procedure went really well. I can't wait for my follow up appointment!

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