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I am a 38 year old mother of two (23 and 17). I...

I am a 38 year old mother of two (23 and 17). I have had cellulite since I was a teen and it has gotten worse over time. I am 5'1" and fluctuate between 125 and 135. Before the procedures I was at the high end of my weight. I have never liked my thighs but I am generally ok with my body, at least in clothes. But we spend a lot of time by the water and in swimsuits so I decided to look into improving the cellulite. I was researching if a thigh lift might help my cellulite when I ran across the new Cellulaze treatment. I have never tried any other treatment for cellulite because none had ever sounded like it would be very effective to me. But Cellulaze works differently and the science behind it made sense to me. I began researching, found a doctor who was board certified and experienced in Cellulaze, and went for a consultation. Following the consult, I decided to have Cellulaze to the back and outer thigh along with lipo of inner and outer thighs, flanks and abs. I also had a mini TT without muscle repair. I would not have gotten these other procedures on their own, but I decided if I was doing Cellulaze, I might as well fix the other things that I had not been able to change with diet and exercise.
First, what everyone wants to know, did it work? For me I have to say absolutely. The first week I was very bruised and swollen and it did not look like it helped at all. I was nervous. As you can see my cellulite was quite bad. But after about 10-12 days the bruising and watery surface swelling began to go a way and I could see noticeable smoothing. My husband has even commented. No my legs are not smooth, but I had reasonable expectations and after 2 1/2 weeks I am very happy with how my legs are looking. Even if they stay how they are now I would be still be satisfied, but of course I am hoping for continued improvement.
Now for the experience itself. Of all of the procedures I had the Cellulaze caused the most bruising and discomfort. While i would not say I was in pain at anytime, I was definately sore and it got worse for the first couple of days. I was always able to move and get up and down on my own though. I had all of this done under genera anesthesia, so I was under for the procedure itself and can't comment on that.
Afterwards I was crazy swollen, way more so than I expected. I was glad I listened when they said wear old loose clothes because they were tight and soaked by the time we drove 45 minutes home. I did not have any drains, so I oozed a lot, way more than I was expecting. I'm glad they told me I would think that, it was reassuring. The surgery center sent me home with loads of gauze, tape, and a few bed pads, so that was very helpful.
Some other tips you might find helpful you might find helpful if you decide to have this done: 1) If you go under general anesthesia and have any concerns over post op nausea, please talk to your doctors. The anesthesia and/or the morphine they give in your IV before you wake up can cause nausea and vomiting. There is nothing worse than waking up disoriented and in pain and vomiting. It can be avoided. They gave me anti nausea and I opted to not have the morphine at all. I was never in any pain and I never got nausiated either, but i have a super high pain tolerance. 2) Some people (like me) get sick from opiates (Vicodin/hydrocodone) or itch like crazy from them. If you have itching or nausea in the first few days, it could be your pain meds. 3) Pain and anti nausea meds both cause constipation. Having Dolcolax on hand and using it before you have a big problem is very helpful and can keep you comfortable, just don't over do it. 4) I found this out by accident, but a padded toilet seat feels WAY better on those sore legs than a hard one. Get one for your recovery, you won't regret it. 5) I have not read of anyone else doing this and I know it sound odd, but sometimes the simplest solutions do work best. Along with the gauze the surgery center sent me home with two 12 or 16 ounce foam cups with the bottoms cut off. They were to use as kind of a funnel while urinating. You place the large end over your lady parts through the crotch opening in the compression garment. As silly as it sounds it was a very easy and effective way to keep the garment clean and to avoid having to remove it every time you have to urinate. Until I was less sore and able to pull a Spanx type garment up and down repeatedly, this worked great. 6) If you have more than Cellulaze (like lipo) like I did and you don't have drains, expect to ooze a lot as I said. I cannot speak for Cellulaze drainage alone. You will need extra sheets, blankets, and PJs most likely. They should be old and/or dark colored if possible but clean. You ooze blood and don't want to ruin your favorite PJs, sheets, or comforter. 7) I used ice packs twice a day for the first week or more on all treated areas and it felt wonderful.

I am now 2 1/2 weeks post op. I got a bad cold while recovering and that has kept my energy down but otherwise I feel better every day. It really starts gettin better after about 10-12 days. I still have a few small bruises and some of that weird zombie skin discoloring. I get a little sore if I am up a lot. I sometimes itch and have the occasional electric shock sensations like others have said. I am still swelled although it is a deeper tighter type of swelling that the initial watery sausage bloat I had at first. I am still weighing more than before the procedures but my shape/contour and cellulite all look better already. All pics are taken in the same light ( my closet) and I do not tan, so my skin is the same color. The angles are different becuase it was difficult to take the pics, but I was mostly trying to get it to look the most life like and not necessarily concerned with lighting, etc.
I had a post op on day 10 and Dr. Ringler thinks I am doing great. I go back in 3 months. I have a few small concerns in a couple areas but it is likely swelling as it looks to be getting better as the swelling slowly goes. I am in my garment only in the day now and I don't seem to be swelling more yet. I have not been released to start aerobic activity for another 1 1/2 weeks and since I am still sick with this cold it's fine with me for now.

6 week update

I am about 6 weeks out now. If I look carefully I still have some deep weird discoloration but it is not very noticable. I did get a small patch of light spider veins on each thigh. One side had some before and slightly worsened, the other side just developed them after cellulaze, but they are pretty minimal. My legs are slightly tender if I push on them or sometimes when I shave. Now that more swelling is gone I do have a kind of pockets right under my butt cheeks that look like cellulite but I am pretty sure this is more a pocket of excess skin and regular fatty tissue and not actually cellulite lumps. I also have some wrinkly inner thigh skin, but I also had lipo and have experienced significant weight gain and loss in the past with pregnancies, so I am not surprised by these skin issues and overall I am still quite satisfied with my results. My thighs are not totally smooth of course, but are much improved. I also had the other procedures I mentioned and my swelling is just starting to stay down overall. I was surprised by the amount I swelled (my entire body has been bloated) and how long it is lasting although I know I shouldn't be. I have some slight asymmetry from the lipo on my flanks and over my bellybutton that I hope will resolve as swelling continues to subside. I will update after my 3 month check up.
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ringler and his staff are great. They are warm, friendly, and professional. I felt completely informed and comfortable with my procedures. Dr. Ringler is truly a gifted surgeon and a caring philanthropist. A while back I went with a friend to a consult with a PS in our town. There are very few here and I did not like his manner,. So when I decided to look for myself, I looked further away from home, and I couldn't have made a better choice. I chose a wonderful and skilled doctor and am enjoying the beautiful results because of it.

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