26 Years Old, 200 Lb, One Year of Breast Feeding. Grand Rapids, MI

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15 Days to my consultation! I am so nervous, I so...

15 Days to my consultation! I am so nervous, I so need this surgery (as seen in pictures) I have had a consultation before, but this was before my child. My husband lost his job, which meant the insurance went to. So I was not able to get the surgery.
Three year later and a now 1 year old. I am taking a stab at it again, but this time around I am doing more research. I also was not comfortable with the surgeon my primary physician referred me to which was the one I had the first consultation with ( his office sucked another story by itself). So I found my own doctor who accepted my insurance. My doctor sent in a referal to him, and I scheduled an appointment with the doctor. I had to cancel my first appointment beacuse I was not aware that I had to be done breastfeeding for 6 mo. I have had a lot of obstacles in my way so I really do hope that everything goes well. By the way I am a 38N! YES N! I was a 38 HH before child

insurance approval

The nurse from the surgical office called me today. Asking if I had any other doctor's documentation of back pain, neck pain due to large breast. The only thing I have is a referral from my doctor saying that I have chronic back pain. Will that be enough for insurance to cover breast reduction. I do deal with back and neck pain also migraines because of having 38 N very heavy breast. But I never specifically went too the doctor for the issues. Will that make a difference in my insurance approval?

Just had my consultation!

Now the waiting games begin! I have had so many hiccups I have been trying to do this for three years. In 2012 I had a consultation and I did not go through with it because after my husband switched jobs insurance ended. I was not 100% confident in the surgeon anyways not impressed with him personaly. His staff sucked 7 weeks later I called back to see if I was approved and the person who handles that at the office never got back with me. If she had gotten back I probably would have been able to have the surgery before my insurance ended. Next year I got pregnant and nursed. This summer I finally picked up the process again. But I had to wait an extra 6 months after I stopped nursing. I found a really great doctor waited a month for the appointment just to hear that they thought I had my old insurance once I arrived to the appointment and do not accept Medicaid. my primary doc office told them I was still under BCBS so they didnt take my insurance. Eventhough the priority health company list it says they do. Come to find out only for reconstructive surgery. So fast foward a month later finally had an appointment. I had to go to a residency surgical center they are the only ones who accept priority health Medicaid. Everyone was kind there I felt like I could ask questions he asked me what my symptoms were. 3 years ago I felt like the doctor never asked he just took pics measured explained a little and I was gone. I educated myself alot more too anout to ask more questions. The two PS were pretty certain that I would get approved. Before I left they were like e Will see you at surgery. Once I took my shirt off I could tell they really wanted too help me. My Ps said for any reason they would deny me he would talk took them personally. They are expecting took take 1200- 1300 kg off each breast that's about 3 lb.l 3 years ago when I asked the PS that same question he could not even answer that for me. The more experienced surgeon said that would be a full D. I am just so nervous about it all hopefully early January I will have my BR. I will be closer to my 6 month mark for BR of no breastfeeding. Sorry so long of a story lol


I am so happy! Only took two week's or maybe even less. Because my approval date is between 11/24/15 to 5/31/16 and my appointment was on 11/23/15. I still to wait for the nurse to call me back with an official Surgery date. That is another 2 to 3 weeks. Which is okay because in January will be my official 6 mo of no breastfeeding. I am so nervous and happy cannot wait to get my official Surgery date. Goodbye boobies

waiting for surgery date

So frustrating waiting. I called yesterday to see if the process can be speed up a little bit and it cannot. Because I am going till a residental clinic. I am being operated on by two doctor's a resident and a board certified surgeon. So I am waiting on the more experienced one to see when there will be time. I should know by the week of December 21st or after the Christmas. The scheduler for surgery is pretty sure that I will have it by end of January early February.

I have a few questions for women who have had the procedure.
1) should I buy sports bra before surgery?
2) How did you manage taking care of small children? My son will be 17mo
3) Did you have to buy a surgical bra? My Insurance is not providing one
4) what are some must haves for BR recovery?
5) How long did you wait before becoming Itimate again?
6) Did you tell people around you that you were having surgery, and if so what were some reactions?
I have been back in forth about how open I should be about my BR. As far as co workers (I work with both sexes.) Distant Family members, As well as people who are apart of my congregation. I am not embarrassed or ashamed my boobs are already a topic at times. And I don't want the attention I am a reserved person. But I am pretty sure people will notice my new look.

February 2, 2016 surgey date!

Finally for my surgery scheduled. I had my medical clerance about a week ago. And was waiting for everything to check out. So happy I cannot believe I only got one more month of being a big chested girl. Now the countdown begins, dreams will finally come true

Six more days left to go! From a size N a hopeful full D

Six more days closer to a dream I have had every since I was 18 yo. Everyone keeps telling me about how different I will look and how it is life changing. I cannot wait to actually experience it for myself.
I had my last doctor visit yesterday. It was pretty much a question and answer visit, and he explained the process a little bit more we also discussed recovery. My P.S is a resident doctor I am going to a surgical residency clinic. He has performed this surgery before. I will write a full review on my experience with a resident doctor after my surgery. I could not find alot of info on this website talking about surgucal clinics.
In the next 6 days I plan on cleaning my entire house. I am getting my hair braided this weekend and it should last me 2 months. My grandma is coming up she lives 45 min away and my mom is coming she lives in Milwaukee which is 5 hrs away. I have not seen her in 4 months so that will be nice having them there. Hopefully they will take my mind of the pain. I also plan to make some freezer meals. My husband is telling me he will cook the entire time until I am able to again. But I dont trust him because he cooks like once every 2 months now.
My only worries is not being able to be hands on with my son. I love having him lay on my chest and picking him up. So that will be difficult. Plus he is at that tantrum, stiffen your whole body up and fall out stage. So I know its to be a while before we are able to do things together outside the house.
Don't worry before and after pics will be happening. I will post a after to the picture above I think I threw that cami away but I have another just like it. Not sure if I will post a topless photo just because I have gotten a lot of SICK people leaving me measages. But I will definitely do updates

Surgery over let the healing begin.

I am already happy with my results. I have not been in inscrutiating pain I have been keeping up with my pain meds. Hard to walk around I just get so dizzy and light headed. I had a lot of nausea in the beginning and threw up in my way back home. I have been leaking fluid and blood I don't drains. I think this because of me attempting to throw up.and rge actually doing it. I also was not lying correctly as I should have been. Just took a pain med so thats my review is all over the place goodnight

3 day post op

So far recovery had not been very hard. Pain has been bearable I am going too go a whole day without heavy pain meds. I don't think I need them and there making me feel light headed And just really tired. My husband has been a great help along with my grandmother. Friends have been dropping off meals to. I don't have my full appetite back yet. So I have been nibbling alot. I do feel like I need a good back, shoulder.and neck massage. Really sore in all those areas so it's been hard to really enjoy the lightness of my now small boobs because I feel so sore in those areas. They cut me Pretty much across my whole chest also into my back a little. I cannot wait to start noticing the difference. Trying to be patient and heal

4 day post op

Finally getting my energy back still very sore especially under my breast. I want too go somewhere but I don't think that's a good idea so I am making my self stay in. So far my left is more swollen thsn the right

Left more swollen than right

9 pounds removed from breast

I tried to post pics earlier to my updates it was not working

4 week post op

Best Descision! Recover has been fairly easy the first week was rough but after that its just been getting better. After the 3rd week I felt totally back to normal. I was so scared about being able to take care of my toddler but after the second week I was at home with him alone. My hubby is a bus driver so he was at home during day. When he was at work my baby was sleeping. But i did fix him breakfast and look after him. I just let him get away with more than he usually does and he tore our house up lol. Fourtunately he only pooped when dad was home so I did not change poopy diapers for a week. My son walks and climbs so that made it easier. He even would grab me waters out of the pantry. I did not go back to cooking until about week 3. I just wanted to make sure I was not over doing it especially since I was taking care of my son during the day. I had to wear gauze around some parts of my incisions because of draining and bleeding but after 3 week. All that stoped and no more gauze or bloody bras. Overall week 3 was my turn around period. My PS said I could start using my Fav lotion and massaging my incisions. I am going to use shea butter and coconut oil. I do have some skin irritation from dryness. I am still in sports bras so I dont know my exact bra size my PS told me to wear sports bras for another month. As of right now i feel like I will never return to real bras. The sports is so comfortable and my boobs are so perky now so I dont feel like I need the lift.
Loving the way I look in clothes now I actually have a shape now. I am always like wow I have booty and hips to nice
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