48 and Finally Deciding to Do It

I have been thinking about this for a long time....

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Called once to get a price a few years ago but that was it. A few weeks ago I saw a friend that had just had it done and decided to check it out seriously. Had a consultation and got so excited by the sizers and 3-D pictures . I wanted to take the sizers home. Now I am obsessing about the size I should really get . And worrying about what people will think . I am 5'9 and 170...not fat but not a twig and am thinking 450 cc mentor gel under the muscle...

My wish boobs

3 weeks out

Ok, I am starting to get nervous and second guess my decision . I know this is what I want , but I am wondering why I can't be happy with how I am . I know from reading this site all the time that this is natural to feel this way. I will keep reminding myself how much I will love finally having boobs and how awesome it looked with the sizers. I hope the 3 weeks goes fast!

Pre Op on Monday

Pre op on Monday . Have to pay the balance due, then it will seem even more real. Getting excited.
More wish pics

Pre Op done

Had my pre op today and it made me feel even better about my doctor . He is so helpful and informative and made me feel like all my questions mattered. But I tried on sizers again and am thinking maybe I want a little biggger. Here is me at 450 cc. and now I am thinking 500 cc. Still looking for the perfect picture for the doctor to put up in the operating room.

Less than two weeks . .

Driving myself crazy . all I do every night is look at pictures of boobs.

3 days to go. Getting my house ready.

Surgery is Tuesday. That means this weekend is cleaning weekend. I want to make sure my house is clean so that's one less thing to worry about when I am recovering. Grocery shopping and making sure I have a good selection of easy to prepare food is also on my to do list . I am hoping I am one of the reviews that says recovery is a breeze but want to be mentally ready if it's harder than expected .

Tomorrow is the day...

Wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight. I hope this meets my expectations . Thinking I am going to tell the doctor 450 to 500 and what looks best and proportional...but if you are going to error . ..error on the bigger side.

Today is the day!!

I thought I would be really nervous and wouldn't be able to sleep but I slept really good and I am more excited than nervous . Took a shower, washed with my antibacterial soap, and put my anti nausea patch on. Can't eat or drink so just sitting here watching tv.


Surgery is done, in much more pain than I expected. Will post more tomorrow. Waiting for the pain pills to kick in.

Post op day 1

So I must not have a high tolerance for pain . ..I really had hoped I would be one that said this is a piece of cake , but so far it hurts terribly bad . Trying to stay on top of my pain pills and muscle relaxers but still is very painful. I am reminding myself that it has not yet been 24 hours. Will post pics later once someone else wakes up. Its only 4:45 in the morning but I moved from the bed to a recliner.

Picture post op day one

I was going to wait to look when I showered but couldn't . This is about 24 hours after surgery

Shower time

My wonderfull daughter who also happens to be a CNA helped me take a shower and some pictures

4 days post

Feeling a little better , not so much like bricks on my chest . Still hard to get up from bed or the recliner. Stopping the norco as I have hives so hopefully 800 of ibuprofen will work. Also going to start something to maybe help me poop .

1 week checkup

Doctor said all looks good . I can stop wearing the bra and the torture band. Camisoles are all I need for the next 4 weeks. Snipped the end of my stitches and said the rest will disolve. Leave the steri strips on for the next week. Also got a prescription for the hives. Can start that tomorrow . All I am taking now is ibuprofen and muscle relaxers as needed. Bought some camisoles and like how they look, excited as they will look better everyday.

Dropping every day

Trying to be patient . .

Excited to see daily changes. Still really hard and tight but appear a little lower than yesterday. Doctor said no bra for 4 weeks, only camisoles.

Black Friday shopping . .

Ok, I thought just going to a few stores and lunch would be ok, I guess this is a sign of things to come . Oh my gosh they hurt when we got home . I didn't even carry anything and stayed away from people. I guess it's good practice for when I go back to work Monday. So so very happy I have a desk job. Bit I know it still will be uncomfortable .

Another picture

Not sure when I will want to stop taking and posting pictures but I am guessing it will be a few months . That way the entire "journey" will be documented


Here is the pic

Finally got daring enough to remove steri strips

Doctor said I could remove them any time after Monday but I was scared. Did not hurt?

Major meltdown

So emotional today , stopped myself from crying at work but cried all the way home . Just not myself. I can't wait until I feel normal again and looking forward to no pain or bruised feeling. I think this normal . ...at least I hope so.

Must have over done it

When people say to take it easy and to not push yourself . .LISTEN!!!! I must have done too much yesterday and boy was I paying for it last night and so far today. I feel pain wise like I am back to the day after surgery . My husband said "pain just means they are healing ". I think he's full of crap. ?

New pictures

Here are updated pics. Have dry skin on breasts and incisions but using cocoa butter lotion so I hope it helps .

A lifesaver

Since my surgery I have been meaning to post this picture. I got this pillow a few years ago when flying home from vegas. I really didn't use it much since then but after my BA it has been a lifesaver . I use it in the recliner and in bed. Sometimes behind my head, sometimes on the side. Even better as it has softened. Its my new best friend !

Incisions looking good ?

My picture taking ability could use some work . ..but I think my incisions are healing nicely .
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Very pleased with my doctor and the time he spent with me. Staff was very friendly . The only issue I had was the surgery time changed three times..day was the same but it was pushed back later in the day. I was ready physically and mentally and it was pushed back by another hour. Doctor called the night of surgery to check on me . It was great as I could then be reassured that what I was feeling was to be expected. My husband and daughter were at the surgery center and everyone made them feel comfortable and kept them informed . Awesome experience and I would consider Dr. Benjamin Rechner if I ever need/want other procedures .

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