48 and Finally Deciding to Do It

I have been thinking about this for a long time....

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Called once to get a price a few years ago but that was it. A few weeks ago I saw a friend that had just had it done and decided to check it out seriously. Had a consultation and got so excited by the sizers and 3-D pictures . I wanted to take the sizers home. Now I am obsessing about the size I should really get . And worrying about what people will think . I am 5'9 and 170...not fat but not a twig and am thinking 450 cc mentor gel under the muscle...

My wish boobs

3 weeks out

Ok, I am starting to get nervous and second guess my decision . I know this is what I want , but I am wondering why I can't be happy with how I am . I know from reading this site all the time that this is natural to feel this way. I will keep reminding myself how much I will love finally having boobs and how awesome it looked with the sizers. I hope the 3 weeks goes fast!
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