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I had wanted to get a breast augmentation for...

I had wanted to get a breast augmentation for several years and while I was on my deployment this last year I decided I was going for it. The staff at Dr. Bengtson's office helped me from day one and made me feel comfortable and confident about my procedure. My flights were delayed since I was coming up from New Mexico and I had to push the consoltation to the day of the surgery. I had to call the day the consultation was supposed to be and change it and Elizabeth and Dr. Bengtson was very kind, understanding and had no problem fitting me in the next day. I got 280cc cohesive gel implants that are the teardrop shape. Before the surgery I fit in either a AA or A bra (though when Dr. Bengtson did the measuring he said that my chest was about an A/B size already). After the surgery I am still the same size around but I now fit into a C cup and sometimes that is even a little small. When my sister and I arrived to the office for the consultation it felt like I was going home, where my friends and family were there to welcome me. I dont think I have been to any other place where I hadnt met the people in person but felt as much at ease as I did there. The office was immaculate and had a very classy feel to it. I had a lot of questions before the surgery and my emails were answered promptly and when I did call everyone was always happy and cheerful. Even after my surgery I had questions and they were answered very well. I didnt ever feel like a paycheck to anyone or rushed/pushed through to get the next one in. When I have been asked why I went all the way up to Michigan to get my surgery when there were doctors in my local area who could have done the surgery for less (travel wise) I tell them that the expieriance I had at Dr. Bengtson's office is the best that I feel I could have recieved and it was worth making the trip up there and if I was to get anything more done I will go back to him.

I took the Ibuprofen for the first 10 days after my surgery, 2 times a day and then at night before bed I would take one Norco. After the 10 days I decided that I wasnt going to take anymore pills (I dont like taking pills to start) and even with quitting them the pain was bearable. I got my surgery done on a Friday, flew back to New Mexico on Sunday and went back to work Monday. I work an office job so I didnt have to worry about heavy lifting. Turning was painful for a couple weeks along with sleeping. I like to sleep on my stomach but because of the surgery I wasnt able to do that. Sleeping was a little difficult to get used to though I did manage to. After 2-3 weeks I could sleep on my side with pillows by my chest to help reduce the amount that they pulled towards the bed. The first couple days were difficult when I would go to get into a vehicle or sit up in bed. But that is because the muscle is sore from the amount of strain put on them by the implant. Like I said that only lasted a couple days then I was good. I usually work out 5 days a week but because of the surgery I took the full 6 weeks off (even though I could have gone back sooner, I just wanted to enjoy the time away from the gym). Then I took leave and didnt work out during that time. I have been back in the gym now for the last two weeks. I wear one sports bra under my shirt and I dont have pain from push ups, sit ups, or arm exercises. There isnt any pain in running either, even though I can feel them move more than before the surgery.

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I know that right now they arent the same size, but when I feel them, the left one does feel more firm, like it isnt finished settling. It has only been 2 months since the surgery and it takes time for them to completely heal and set to where they are going to. I would like it to be faster but I know I just need patience to wait for this to happen, that it isnt going to be healed and perfect overnight.
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Because of the last minute change in times/dates for my arrival to Grand Rapids I wasnt able to meet Dr. Bengston until shortly before my surgery. When I did meet him though he treated me with complete professionalism. After he measured me and figured out what size implant he wanted to use he fully answered all the questions I had. I had wanted to go with a 295 cc implant but since my end goal of bra size was only to be a big B/small C he said that the 280 was best for that. I was a little greedy because more is better right? But I trusted him, since this is his profession and he has the experiance to confidently inform me on the rough final size. He was fully correct also! The size that I am now is perfect for my body size and still gives me the 'natural' look, not the 3 sizes too big and they look horribly fake. Dr. Bengston made me feel comfortable about the surgery also and the recovery process. He made the incisions under my breasts and they are about 2" long. He said that when they are done properly there is a 99.95% (or 99.99%) chance that there is no bleeding from the incisions. He was absoulty correct! The only blood there was on the strips over the stitches were from the stitches themselves. He gave me a cream also to put on the incision line once the stitches had come out, so that it would help reduce the visability and here, two months after my surgery is hardly looks like there was any incsion at all! The following day I had my check up and though they were still swollen he said that they looked like they were going to heal well. I couldnt have asked for a better Doctor or staff for my surgery. Even the staff at the hospital were friendly and caring.

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