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My expectation of Dr. Ringler was to examine me as...

My expectation of Dr. Ringler was to examine me as a candidate for a breast lift. I expected him to be a kind and attentive doctor, as well as being wonderfully skilled. I based these expectations on the many reviews I read and before and after pictures.

My husband accompanied me to my consultation, which never actually took place and they did voluntarily wave the fee. Dr. Ringler spoke with me for less than 5 minutes and immediately told me I was not a candidate for any body sculpting surgery because I am not within 20% of my "ideal weight" He informed me that he could reconsider after I met this requirement "if it was even possible" He stated that the reasoning was because of high risk with anesthesia, something I've done during 5 different surgeries, all without complications. He also told me it was a "different kind of anesthesia" which raised questions about honestly as I've had multiple typea of procedures and been put totally under as well as a general anesthesia in the past, at my current weight. I am overweight, at 5'6 245lb. No denying that. I'm not upset because I'm fat. I'm upset because he was a jerk and he made me feel bad. He never once looked at my husband or shook his hand. He barely looked at me. He showed no interest in my goals and didn't want to examine me. I had also scheduled to get lip filler that day and he showed no interest whatsoever in administering that. Terrible experience and I would not recommend him to anyone. He may be skilled but he's a very rude man. The staff were all very nice though. If weight was an automatic disqualification this could have been relayed over the phone. I was asked plenty of other questions. Then I wouldn't have wasted my time.
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