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To feel better about myself. This review is...

To feel better about myself.

This review is for the Body-Jet Water Assisted Liposuction:
I am 37 years old, a bit over weight, and had a stomach that I was not happy with. I could no longer blame this on baby weight, as my son is now 9 years old! I was quite unhappy with the area under my belly button, as that is where I have the classic c-section “shelf” thing that many women get. If you have this yourself, you understand how sad and discouraged it makes you feel, to have your underpants roll down under your belly roll throughout the day. Or to get out of the shower and to feel this area when you’re putting on lotion, daydreaming about just making it go away. My upper tummy area was full too; my whole abdominal area and sides, really.

I knew who I wanted to have help me with this; Dr. R. Dr. R had done an amazing job for me in May, 2010 when he performed SmartLipo on my neck and chin area (a review has been posted for that procedure).

I once again worked closely with Dr. R assistant R. She is amazing. There was no question too small or too large to ask her. She worked with me regarding available date inquires, financials, and procedure information in general. In fact, even though she won’t admit it, I know that she played a large role in communicating my dollar amount budget with Dr. R. Together they worked with me to ensure that I got the procedure was best for me, rather than just what I could afford.

I met with Dr. R and we discussed what my hopes were, regarding my stomach. I had gone in to meet with him, thinking that Smartlipo is what I was going to do for the area. However once we met and he examined me; he explained that rather Body-Jet was his recommendation. He explained this was because of the larger amount of area to be treated, and with the volume of fat removal we were looking to achieve.

He was right! The procedure went great. I met Dr. R at the South West Surgical Center (Byron Center/M6 area). I was very nervous, but was soon relaxed with some relaxing medication. To my delight, the procedure was conscience sedation (I THINK that is what it’s called). This is where you get an i.v. and they give you pain and sleepy medicine throughout the entire procedure. The procedure took about and 3hrs, the best I can remember. Dr. R definitely got his workout. They kept me very warm and made sure I was comfortable during the entire process. Although I was “awake”, I was way out of it. There could have been a marching band in the room and I wouldn’t have known it. I like that.

When Dr. R was done, he spoke with my sister (my chaperone) and explained that things went very well. Have gave her some instructions to fill me in on later when I was more alert. Immediately after the procedure I had a tight compression band wrapped and velcro’d around my abdomen. I slept most of that evening, waking just to use the restroom. I had 3 very tiny incisions that were draining lightly (as expected) and I kept fresh bandages on those. Once the bandages were changed, I had the compression garment wrapped tightly around me again.

I had the procedure done on a Wednesday and I went to work on Friday. Truthfully, it was hard. It hurt to bend, squat and to get up and down from a sitting position and to get in and out of the car. I took it as easy as possible and rested again all that weekend. I would say it was two weeks where I was quite tender. After about day 4 or 5 though, I could move to sleep on my side without too much discomfort, and things just continuously improved from there. It has now been about 1 month and I am very happy. I’m definitely still in the stages of healing. The general tenderness has gone away quite a bit. I am still swollen and I wear compression (control type) underwear each day; the kind that goes over my entire abdomen, and up to just under my chest. It feels very good to have the garment on and to hold me in tight.

I love that Dr. R spent just as much time and attention to the upper abdominal area, as he did my lower. He looked at the big picture of the situation and knew just what to do to make it all come out perfectly even. It is a great feeling to put on a shirt and to have the shirt “flow” so nicely on me. And to not have my belly stick out as far as my chest. And the good part about still being swollen is that even though I am very happy with the results I have so far, I know that there are still greater results to come! Although I am still swollen, I can already tell the difference in how my clothes fit! When I wear “regular” underwear here and there, there is no rolling down! When I walk past a mirror without a shirt on, I do not get down about the profile I see. I went out the other night and felt like a million bucks in my jeans and top. I remember noticing and thinking to myself “I am sooo glad my abdominal profile doesn’t look like before. I am so glad my shirt isn’t resting on nor held up on my belly”. It was a really nice moment.

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Dr. R office is conveniently located for me, near Leonard and the E. Beltline in Grand Rapids, MI. I like how I do not have to go downtown and deal with the hassle of traffic and parking. Dr. R office is very comfortable, well maintained and appealing to the eye. It is inviting. Dr. R office staff is incredible. I can't stress that enough. Each and ever staff member that I talk to or see face-to-face is terrific. The ladies there seem to really like their careers, and it shows. They are always very positive and receptive to seeing me. I absolutely love what Dr. R did for me. He is so kind and genuine and TALENTED. He is extremely skilled and I trust him completely. If I ever decide to have another procedure, I will only have Dr. R do it.

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