2 Days Post Mini Tummy Tuck - Grand Marais, MI

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I am 2 days out and see a major difference already...

I am 2 days out and see a major difference already. I had a mini tt, with muscle repair, and lipo to the flanks. The day of surgery I spent sleeping and vomiting. Yesterday I stayed in bed almost all day. My entire stomach area was sore but, and the incision hurt so much w any movement. Today I feel great but still taking it easy. I was up and about and haven't had to pop any meds for pain control.

By day 3 I was able to stay off the pain meds. I...

By day 3 I was able to stay off the pain meds. I was able to walk around again with a little throbbing and burning pain at the incision sight. I was still laying down for most if the day, and the worst pain was that first few steps when getting off of the bed. Today is day 6 and I feel good. Still sore from the muscle repair and lipo but nothing terrible. I can't wait to start working out- but I know I have to. I am very happy with the results, I'm curious about how much better it will look when the swelling is down.

It's been about 13 weeks since my mini tt. I...

It's been about 13 weeks since my mini tt. I started working out 4 weeks ago- but notice that I look rounder now. !! I find it hard to believe that I gradually gained that weight considering that my eating habits have not changed. But of course I was beating myself up about the "weight gain" .. Until one day it occurred to me that maybe my vigorous workouts are causing me to swell up big time. I just asked this question on the board and hope to see it posted in a couple days with dr responses supporting this idea. Fingers are crossed that it's swelling and not weight gain. Lol.

8 months later and 15 pounds heavier

It's been 8 months. After surgery I completely stopped working out from fear of ruining the tummy repair. I gained about 20 pounds. After the 6th month I finally started working out and watching my diet, and lifting some weights. I don't want to look sickly thin, I want to look fit. I've lost only a couple of pounds, button numbers are not going down since I'm getting more solid. I jiggle less and I'm firmer to the touch :)

8 months later w weight lifting

2 year update

It's 2 years later and I am still loving my results. I would do it again in a heart beat. I haven't been working out as much as I would like- but I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement. I am very slowly working at trying to get some toned abs again.

2 years later - side view

Side view
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