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Hi guys I've been unhappy with my nose (after...

Hi guys I've been unhappy with my nose (after having it done twice) for a while now as well as having other concerns with my face. I started looking into plastic surgery over seas as having multiple procedures done in Australia would cost a fortune. After lots of research I decided I wanted forehead augmentation, paranasal augmentation and another nose job and I picked a hospital in South korea. I flew into Seoul last night from Australiai slept and I'm now getting ready to go have my consultation at Grand plastic surgery in Gangnam. I'm so excited and nervous and I'll be back later today to tell you how it went and the final plan stay tuned!

the consultation

After arriving at Grand hospital, a beautiful 16 or so story glass building , I was directed to the main lobby to meet with my translator. She guided me through filling out some paperwork then took me around the building to meet with my dr and then through to have a mold taken of my face for the forehead implant. For the nose I was told that they'll be taking the top of the bone off and because the sinus will be exposed they'll be Puting a silicone cover on top to make it smaller...sounds complicated right? But I have faith. The forehead implant I was able to decide exactly what shape I wanted my forehead I sais that I wanted it more volumous and built up more square on the sides and they seemed to understand perfectly. My translator spoke English perfectly and the facilities were amazing. Surgery is booked for Thursday morning. I'm just keeping busy exploring and enjoying seoul so much to see and do!

The big day

So Thursday finally came around, surgery was at 4pm, i was required to fast for 6 hours so i started at 10am. I went into the hospital at 3pm to have blood pressure tested and have a final chat with the two doctors who would be preforming the surgeries. One doctor was doing my nose and one was doing the forehead and paranasal implants. I had my translator there the whole time so nothing was lost in translation. I got changed into these pyjama type things and all my stuff was put into a locker for safe keeping and i was taken down to the operating theatre. I had to gargle this liquid afew times as the paranasal implants go through an intra-oral incision then they lay me down and started cleaning my face and seperating my hair to prepare for surgery. Then finally they put my lights out. My translator was amazing she stayed there right until the last minute and helped make me feel very comfortable and both the doctors were very good natured, supportive and professional. The surgery went for 6 hours! i woke up and was ushered to a recovery room to sleep for the night and then discharged Friday morning at 11am. I'm feeling fine so far, no pain around my head just discomfort as you can imagine, my nose is completely blocked and i have a bandage around the top half of my head, nose splint and gauze under the nose, face looks more like a balloon and some bruising under my eyes...their very purple. do we want pics of this? let me know. I'm now back in my guesthouse with lots of tv series and books to get through :) Monday afternoon i have an appointment at the hospital to have the head bandage removed so ill be back on to let you all know how that goes, speak to you all then take care

check up at the hospital

So today...4 days post op I went into the hospital to see the drs make sure everything is ok with my healing. They cleaned up my nose abit, took out the cotton packing (uber grose) then inspected the incisions in my mouth. If anyone has intraoral incisions as is told to eat a soft food diet so it!! I've been too adventurous eating whatever I can, talking expressively and this loosened up a stitch or two so they had to add more stitches in. Let me tell you that this was more traumatic than surgery I was awake and so scared they'd bump my nose I had the dr and the nurse all hands( and feet it seemed) pulling at my mouth stitching it up so now I'm going to be really good and try to stick to bananas :p also just some things I've noticed, one of my eyes is really red and has a blood vesel visible right to the iris which freaked me out also I have assymetrical swelling going on around my paranasal implants but the dr said not too worry and that these are just symptoms of swelling and the results will be symetrical....hoping for the best

2 weeks post op

Sorry for taking so long to update I've been busy busy but here it is, I looked like a cartoon character the first week, nose very turned up and reminiscent of michael jackson R.I.P. forehead very round and feminine and paranasal implants were very asymmetrical. Right now the forehead is almost flat, I'm happy with the nose so knowing it will become even more refined is a big plus. As for the paranasal implants they are still asymetrical and I swear I can only feel the one on my right side...hoping this is just swelling but even still if that area is still swolen and flattens even more than the paranasal implants are tiny and very unnoticeable. Last thing I'll add is my face got super skinny after surgery. Eyes became very hollow I had to go get some filler because I couldn't stand to see the hollows. I didn't get much incase they filled up again soon but I doub that'll happen. From reading on here apparently it happens after rhinoplasty to make nose thinner. In any event this has been a roller coaster of ups and downs of emotions; the downtime, cost, seeing yourself so strange and discolored for so long, weight loss from surgery vs the adrenaline I'm sure some of you get from surgery, excitement for a new you/ final result list of pros and cons could go on but time will tell which side I'm on will here from me soon :)

pics 2weeks post op

in the first week

3 weeks post op

At this stage my forehead is looking almost exactly how I hoped, my nose is still quite swollen but nobody else would be able to tell this but me. The Paranasal implants have let me down however I can't see any improvement in this area not ti mention I can only feel one on one side :( I'm going to have an ultrasound done to make sure their both there. I think I maybe should have listened to the bad reviews I'd read about this procedure an saved the $$$ for something else. Anyway here are some pics of where I'm at has anyone had paranasal implants that their happy with??
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