39 Years Old, 2 Kids. Avid Runner and Yogi, I Just Cannot Get Rid of the Baby Belly!

I am a pretty practical person and to be honest I...

I am a pretty practical person and to be honest I never thought I would ever seek out plastic surgery. However after years of pilates and core exercises did nothing to help my deflated balloon belly, I realized that there is a time and place to get help. I have four sisters, and two of them have gotten a TT, both of them are extremely satisfied. I did not decide to go with Dr. Vath who performed their surgeries because he is over four hours away, outside of Denver. I chose a local Doctor at a hospital near my home.

I am currently 173cm (5'6") and 64kg (140lbs)

So, I am uploading some before photos . . . ooh, rough. I went to visit my God-daughter who is doing a semester abroad, and those pan au chocolate's forced me to eat at least two everyday! Bastards! Anyhow, so I'm up about ten pounds from 60kg to 64kg :9

My PS is retiring in January, should I still do my surgery with her?

So, I went in for my pre-op appointment and was told that my PS's contract has expired and so she will be retiring at the end of January. She says she usually like to have three months follow up care, and will refund my deposit if I would like to cancel my surgery. What does everyone think, is a little under two months too little time to resolve any problems?

I've decided to go ahead

After talking to my family Practitioner (about my PS retiring Jan 30), and other ladies who've had a TT done, I've decided to go ahead with the TT on December 8th, 2016. I think it comes down to the fact that I trust my PS, and from what trusted doctors and friends have told me, the retirement should not be an issue. I'd like to just say a word on what I believe is prompting my PS to retire early, this is my opinion only and completely speculative. Grand Junction - where I live - is a "good ol' boy" town. Most docs are "good ol' boys". My PS is from out of town and a woman. I cannot imagine that it has been easy for her to work in a town with such out-right sexism and exclusivity. I am guessing that she is being forced out because of those things - this is only my speculation. Hopefully, all will go well with my surgery and my PS will enjoy her early retirement.

I'm 6 days out from surgery, this is my rant to remind myself why I'm having a TT

There was a time when my belly was cute and small and I had a little piercing with a stone that hung into my navel. The horror that my belly became after pregnancy! The stretch marks and general pooch that no amount of pilates can ever reverse.

During and after my pregnancies I did everything right. I exercise, I eat right, I gained the recommended amount of weight, and lost it. I did pilates and core classes and yoga and I run and bike almost every day... AND NONE of it, NOTHING has fixed the muscle damage or sagging skin. So, yes! I deserve to feel whole again, a woman again instead of a skin sack. BECAUSE I did create life and carry life inside my wonderful, beautiful, strong body.

I love my body, and just as I had come to accept my drooping sack of a belly, I realized that I don't have to. I'm not going to accept the fate of pregnancy. I want my cute, tight, (not sure if I'll go for a belly ring again) sexy belly again. I want to be not just strong but I want to feel good in my own skin. I want to feel like I am me again.

So in six days I will be cut open, and the damage that had been done will be fixed. I will heal and my life will move on, but instead of a one piece, I will be wearing a bikini. ;)

Two days to go! My pre-op schedule. . .

I am getting everything ready for surgery on Thursday. I was told to take three showers with anti-bacterial soap. One today - which I will do after I do my Zwift cycling workout, tomorrow after I work out and another Thursday morning before surgery. The surgical nurse told me to begin colace or fiber before surgery, so I am eating light and taking fiber Wednesday and post-op I will move to something stronger if needed.

I have to be to the hospital by 7:45am. I was told that they would check me in, get me into a gown and I would meet with my PS before surgery. The surgery should be around three hours long. When it is done, they will put me into recovery and the PS will go tell my husband how things went. After that, I will be taken to a room, have something to eat and stay the night until Friday morning. I will have a catheter in until Friday (hmmm - fiber . . . I hope I don't have to poop right away!! I am going to eat light tomorrow. I am going to have my hubby take some "before" photos and get a final weight measurement before I go in to surgery.

I have my prescriptions -
Ondansetron HCL, generic for Zofran - for nausea
Hydromorphone, generic for Dilaudid - a pain killer
Cephalexin, generic for Keflex - an anti-biotic

The cream was recommended by my PS - Skin Medica - Scar Recovery Gel with Centeline.
I bought Diet Ginger ale and fruit packets - which I have put in the fridge to be cold for after I get back from the hospital. I have three compression garments. I also bought these super cheap ice-packs from Walmart. They are really pliable even when fully frozen and at less then $3 each cheaper than peas.

I am getting a little nervous. My twelve year old son squeezed me tight last night and asked me not to have the surgery, I told him everything should be fine - but seeing my little man with love and worry in his big blue eyes nearly undid me! My precious boy. I remind myself that most things worth having are worth the risk.
Rebecca Glasser, MD

I sought out a Doctor to perform a tummy tuck for me. I immediately liked Dr. Glasser. She seems professional yet friendly. I felt kind of ashamed and nervous seeking out cosmetic surgery but Dr. Glasser and staff helped me feel good and excited about my decision. The only hesitation I really felt about having Dr. Glasser perform my TT is the price. Another one of Dr. Glasser's patients posted her TT cost only $7,300 in October 2014. I can only assume the large bump in price is due to Dr. Glasser moving to the brand new Community Hospital. The price I was invoiced ($10,275) almost made me decide against having the TT done.

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