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I have came up on this website twice during my...

I have came up on this website twice during my search of "breast reduction before and after" and love reading/seeing the results!
Let me start off saying I am 25 years old 5ft 2 and on the "blessed" side as some May call it when it come to breast size. In HS and college I was always the girl with the big breasts. I got made fun of in HS because most girls thought I stuffed my bra, that was until I came to school braless!!! I was a 34C in HS and about the same in college they were so perky and Perfect(I to be able to have those boobs again) ...that was until I had my first child!
I had my first son in May 2009 , during my pregnancy my breasts grew and they grew and they grew I started at the 36 C (I remember because right before finding out I bought a beautiful & expensive VS bra that I wore for 1 month) when I gave birth to my son I was wearing a 36 EE. It only got bigger from there I nursed only for a month due to prior surgery on my right breast (lumpectomy in 2007). When all was said and done I went back to a 38DDD.
No cute bikinis, no cute bras no running for me!!!
I had my 2nd son Nov 2013 and started at the 38DDD during my pregnancy my boobs were bigger than my belly! I am now wearing a 38G !!! I nursed my son up until 4 1/2 months and thought slowly weaning him would help shrink them slowly, boy was I wrong!
I can not run, I can not wear anything strapless, bathing suits are damn near impossible to find , have to order online and they cost upwards of $100. I have been doing baby and me swim aerobics to get in shape since traditional working out is out of the question. I can not find a sports bra that will for both boobs at the same time!!!

I have an apt Friday April 18,2014 with my primary care DR to start my journey down the road of hopefully getting a reduction! I'm sure all she has to do is look at my file and see all my prior apts for neck pain, back pain , phys. Therapy to help with posture, migraines, and countless back/next X-rays to see this is medically needed! So fingers crossed I get good news tomorrow and can finally be able to picture a day with small boobs!!

Sorry this is so long! Any tips and advice would be appreciated

1 Dr. Apt down

So in order to see a plastic surgeon I have to have a referal from my primary doc! She walked in knowing what the apt was about and we began talking about migraines , neck pains and All that fun stuff she checked me out and said she agrees 100% that a breast reduction is what is best for me! She said my posture is bad because of them and I have permanent indents where my straps lay on my shoulders!!
Now just waiting to see the plastic surgeon!!!!!!

Consult with PS went great..

Ok so I have a ton to post about I will section it off ! First talking about my consult!! So I met with my PS on May 8th, 2014. Everything went great. He said I am a little larger on one side so he will be able to reduce them hopefully to a C and make them even!!! C cup!?!? C cup um what is that..... Distant memory of what that is!! Back in the day of perky college boobs. I believe he said 400 grams out on each side give or take a few to make them even. My skin is think and has great elasticity he said , and I will have minimal scaring. He saw a tiny tiny spot on my Right breast from where I had a Lumpectomy in 2008 and I had a large incision and not the scar looks like a stretch mark of sorts. Surgery will be minimally invasive so scaring and bruising should be minimal he said.

I am not going in expecting to be up in the next days following cleaning house... I will plan for days/ week of sore and pain. So anything that is better is a plus. They submitted info to insurance to determine if it will be covered so fingers crossed!!!!

Insurance DENIED!!

Insurance denied my claim... So after my apt they said it takes aprox. 2 weeks to hear from insurance so I waited patiently. Called on the day that marked two weeks , they had not even sent it in yet!!!!!! WHAT.. I was livid , beyond mad! I explained that my insurance ends sept 16,2014 and I would not be paying for this's unless it is covered so of they wanted business they would send it in!! She assured me it was going in that day! (May 22)
Waited 2 weeks called PS office, they haven't heard so on June 6th I called my insurance, they had denied it because they had no information other than my consult!! No weight , no height, no prior back issues no medical x-rays, nothing not even the photos taken at my consult!! Ok.. Excuse me lady at PS office is that not your job?!?! Called left a message asking why all the prior medical records and photos were not sent? No explanation. So I called insurance Monday the 9th and asked what needed to be done for and appeal and they said they need more info and that I would be getting a letter in the mail for the appeal with exact reasoning of denial. I got the letter and called the surgery scheduler (she seemed to know what to do and wasn't a ditz)
Tuesday June 24 got over 50 pages of medical records dating back to 2003!!!! 2003 wow!! I was able to get chiropractic records and all X-rays taken of neck, back ,and shoulders . Printed off the photos the PS took and attached the appeal form! Took it straight up to my PS office on June 25 and waited as they submitted my appeal! Am I wrong that all that info should have been sent in the first place??? And that it was not my job to call previous Dr's and get everything together!? O well it was done and done right!!! Now to wait!!!

News on my appeal!!

I had almost forgot about my appeal and the vision of small boobs no longer dances in my head!! I have lost over 12 pounds this past month and have a weigh in on the 25th to see my total weight loss since starting! Unfortunately weight loss did nothing for the girls.
Thursday(July 17) checked the mail and noticed I had a letter from united, figured it was a bill or denial! Didn't it open it right away. Came home sat down after putting my little one down and started going through the mail. I opened the united letter and was reading and everything was so formal and what not and there at the bottom of the page it said in other terms I was APPROVED!!! I wanted to jump up and down , but I didn't I would have got black eyes!!!! I read it over and over and called the PS immediately ... They are on lunch so I had to wait 30 min! Called my mom and my husband to tell them the good news! The letter was sent July 9th.. Bummed I didn't receive it sooner or have the Dr office call! O well I can hardly wait. Left a message or two for the surgery scheduler and waited patiently .. Who am I kidding I was so impatient! Finally for a call back Friday morning and set my pre op and surgery date. Pre op it the 24th and surgery is august 13th. He had some available dates at the end of July and the first week of August however I am a wedding photographer and have a wedding the 9th and 30th of August so I had to keep that in Mind!! I am so excited I will post after my pre op!!!

Pre op apt

Sitting here waiting for my Dr. To come back with one last paper for me to sign. We just had my pre op apt and I am very excited, I will not be having the anchor/T shape incision just the vertical "lollipop" because the elasticity in my skin is so good and he believes that he will be able to remove enough tissue without having to make that extra incision. My nip will be lifted and placed higher and everything should be good!! Just got my prescriptions and shopping list of things to buy like a front closing sports bra and breast pads. Thankfully I still have some from when I was breast feeding. I received my surgery time and post op date and time!!

Everything is starting to get real and there is light at the end of this tunnel!!!!!

List of things I NEED??

Anyone have any advice of items I should buy for post BR I have bought:
Hibiclense(for pre of and post op cleaning)
Biacatracin(sp?) ointment
I have nursing pads from when I breast fed
Filled my prescriptions

I need to find a flint closure sports bra . Went to target (my favorite place, my husbands worst nightmare ) and they were all out !! To walmart I go I guess!

Any advice you ladies have would be helpful!
Thanks :)

Surgery day

So I had surgery this morning ! Had to repost to surgical center at 6:30 and surgery began at 7:33(last thing I saw was the clock in the operating room . I believe it lasted 2 1/2 hours.

Got home around 12:30 and rested!! Pain has been non existent (thank The Lord) I just have been lounging in my front closure bra and on my last trip to the rest room to pee I took a peek!

OMG.. They are beautiful lol! So small C cup I believe . There is no bruising, no swelling, and no redness!!!! Just my vertical incision (lollipop) there is no blood on the pads and no oozing! I am so impressed! I have been up walking around and have only had a nap from about 1pm-4:30pm. Was able to eat a small lunch before I napped and just ate a good dinner. Took a walk up and down our hall in our hose and even started a load of laundry. I will take a photo tomorrow after my first shower. I am beyond happy and so blessed to be able to fell this good post op!!!!

Also my husband has been amazing! I made a color coded medication chart(just a tad OCD) and he has been on top of it!

2 days post op

I am so surprised and how good I am feeling!!! I have been letting them air out twice a day for 15 min and they look awesome( at least I think so)

I am amazed!

I am so surprised at how good I feel. No pain like I have been reading from others who undergo the same thing. I am completely off Percocet and the only pill I am taking is my antibiotic for a few more days. Been changing the dressings about 3 times a day! I know they don't need to but for piece of mind and for my OCD of keeping things clean it gets done!!
I have moved to a regular sports bra , I felt like the front closure on was opening every time I moved..

Yesterday I had my first outing , other than walking to the mailbox. We went out to get my son and husbands hair cut. I did really good. Took my Percocet and anti nausea in my purse just in case!! I am excited for my post op with my PS tomorrow!!!!

Over the moon happy!

Well I had a whole post written up and poof I locked my phone for a second to change my sons diaper and it was gone.. Shucks!(that wasn't the word I used)

I am almost 3 weeks post and I feel amazing. Still no pain! The new thing is some discomfort at the bottom of my incision and on my actual ribs right below my breasts, they are probably just getting back to normal. Healing has been awesome! I feel amazing and I feel confident!! I finally feel good about the way I look. I have a natural womanly figure, and I am so happy!! I was measured and am a 36C!!!!

So happy

So I realize I have not updated in quite some time. So here we go. I am absolutely over the moon happy with my choose to have a reduction. I can't even begin to count the things I have been able to do.. But the biggest thing is excersise followed closely with SHOP everything fits how it is intended to fit now :) finally!!!!

I have settled I. To a 36 C cup, and I think they are just right!! I have my 4 month post op coming up and am so excited!


It has been a while since I have done an update.. I am so happy with my decision to get this surgery. I am absolutely 100% satisfied!!!

Update #2

Here are recent photos. My scaring os slightly visible however I don't mind!
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