Doxycycline Changed Everything - Grand Island, NE

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Pros: IT FRIKIN WORKED I have what i consider...

I have what i consider VERY severe acne; but most acne sufferers would say that. I believe my acne runs in the family (great trait to pass on...not). I am one of the people who doesn't hang out with friends much because of acne. I don't get boyfriends because i am not confident in myself, and would feel disgusted that a guy would kiss my face with it looking the way it does. I am now a senior in high school; i have had acne since i was a 6th grader. When i was a sphmore my mom finally decided my face look f'd up enough to do something about it. So she took me to the dermatologist, and she recommended doxycycline. The only side affect was that i felt tired a lot, but being in high school with a job does that to you.

Within about a month or two my acne was totally gone; and it stayed that way. However, after sophmore year money got tight. IN other words, my acne was not the highest priority. Now i am back on meds but with no results, i believe i am on minocycline. I just wish that medicine was not so expensive because if i could wish for one thing for other people it would be that they wouldnt have to suffer acne. It is seriously one of the worst types of skin conditions to have.

Is there any miracle cure out there besides accutane (which has the longest list of side effects i have ever seen)?

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She was kind of stand offish, didnt really like to answer questions. Not really too fond of the doctor but overall she did know what kind of medicine would help me (took like an hour to get into my appointment though.)

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