43 Years Old; 3rd Micro Laser Peel

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This is my 3rd laser peel. I obviously think the...

This is my 3rd laser peel. I obviously think the results are well worth it as it was my 3rd. :-) I wanted to write a review to offer more insight on the pain and recovery. My first peel I did up 30 microns. I only used the numbing cream they gave me; it was very painful. The second one was almost unbearable and I was only able to go up to 20 microns. So... the 3rd one I used a new game plan! This time I self medicated (I am not a doctor... do this at your own risk. I know my body and how I react to certain drugs) with 2 Xanax, hydrocodone and Tylenol. Although it was still painful, the pain was less and I was able to tolerate 50 microns!! We did 40-50 microns on most of my face and 15 microns around the eye area. I always take pictures during the process and this time I will share! The first 2 produced great results at very low microns so I am very excited to see how this turns out.

Right now, 1.5 hours since the procedure, I feel slight pain similar to a bad sunburn. A mixture of topical anesthetic and aquafor was applied to my face and I was sent home with a bottle to use all weekend. It works wonders!! My face is very red and no swelling yet although I know that will come.

About 24 hours out...

Last night I slept with my elevated. I took hydrocodone and was finally asleep at 1:00am. I woke up at 3:30 am and used gauze and cold water to clean my face and then reapply aquafor and a topical analgesic. The analgesic hurt like heck at first then after no pain at all! It's very hard for me to sleep on my back so I didn't get too much of it last night.

This morning there was some swelling. Still VERY red. Cleaning has become easier with a wet gauze and I was able to add in Cetaphil. It still hurts to "splash" my face with water so I wiped the yunk off with a wet gauze then lathered the cleanser in my hand, gently applied it, and then removed with new clean wet gauze. I took 2 tylenol and an anti-inflammatory this morning.

About 48 hours out

Last night: Slept better because I was already exhausted from not sleeping the night before. Still have to sleep on my back.. yuck! I have a chronic migraine condition and sleeping on my back puts pressure on the trigger area (base of my skull right side) so that has not been fun. I have been cleaning my face with Cetaphil about every 3-4 hours. I woke up at 4:00 am with my face itching uncomfortable; cleaning the dead skin off and reapplying the Aquafor and analgesic helps this A LOT.

I can now splash water on my face... feels SO good. Once the new layer of dead skin is off (it's gross.. yellowish and I can smell it.. you know when its time to clean) you expose the new pink-red skin underneath and that is very tender. It hurts for about 5 minutes after I apply my aquafor-analgesic combo.

Since water no longer hurts I will wash my hair today!! I will of course be very careful not to get soap on my face.

Today's pictures will have today's update as well as a recent picture of me not looking my worst so you can get an idea of what I normally look like. I will also post a no makeup picture after my first treatment and day 4 (96 hours out) from my first procedure.

Finally I do these treatments primarily for anti-aging and freckles... I have lot's of freckles!!! I have deep wrinkles on my forehead (very expressive I am) and 1 L between the eyes; I use Botox for that.

Hope I am helping someone out there!!!

Post 96 Hours after 30 micron Laser Peel #1

This is to update my previous post!

Itch.. Itch..Itch..............ITCHING!!!!

Here we are about 72 hours out and today is the worst day yet. The itching is horrible!!!! I am using oral antihistamines and topical hydro-cortisone.. NO relief. My skin is peeling like crazy. The itching this time is far worse than the other peels; I am guessing this is because we went deeper?? Just keep my eye on the big picture; it will soon be over and my skin will look great.

Miss exercising and sick of goop on my face!

5.5 Days Out

Yesterday I was itching like crazy still. I think this is the worst part. The aquarfor contributes to it as every hair and piece of lint sticks to your face and you feel it! It's very sensitive. I slept great the last 2 nights.. I slept on my side and just went ahead and got the greasy gunk on my pillow case. Hey a girl has to her beauty sleep!!!

Today I was still pretty pink/red. I put make up on and did my hair. That didn't last long! LOL! Hair on my face makes it itch more and it's dry. I have been using Clinque Moisture Surge (hypo-allergic) and Emu Oil. I have to apply it about every hour. I have rubbed all the make up off and the hair is pulled back again! I can tell the results are going to be great but I won't be doing this again for many years. The down time and itching is driving me crazy.

Going to work out with my personal trainer today. Planning on taking a wet towel to wipe off the salty sweat!

I LOVE Melissa. I have been going to her for chemical peels for 14 years and laser for 3 years (about 1 a year).

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