Septorhinoplasty - wanting revision

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So like a lot of you real self girls and boys I...

So like a lot of you real self girls and boys I have wanted this procedure since I was around thirteen. It took me 8/9 years to pluck up the courage to do it along with finding the funds to do so. It cost around £4600 and I had the procedure done in Worthing in Sussex with the lovely Dr Simon Watts.

The day of the procedure I was quite nervous but I didn't let it show. Simon was very reassuring and everything went rather smoothly. When I got taken down to theatre I felt OK up until the cannula went in, I felt disgustingly nauseous so I practically begged for the gas and got knocked out. I highly recommend that If you actually feel sick with needles maybe ask for the gas then the devil cannula. I didn't think of this at the time.

anyway so I woke up after which felt like a forever sleep... I puked straight away. I Think it was well the tube got removed. the operation took longer than expected, no complication just generally took longer. I felt horribly groggy and heavy, working out 3 days in a row before hand didn't help. I ached so much I practically felt like I was never getting out of that bed again. It was later than expected too. The minute I got taken back to my room my parents turned up to take me home but it took a while to settle before I could leave. I kept throwing up, they said it was because of the drugs. Despite my masses of Anti sickness I was still very sick.
The ride home went quickly and I got into bed by about 1030 pm and my sickness came back about 3 am. WORST NIGHT SLEEP EVER. The pain in my throat wasn't ideal, the tube must of scratched me but boy does it hurt. I guess it'll go away after a few days.

I currently look like an avatar on day 1 of recovery but looking forward to what changes are to come.

Ok so now my review is published I can ask questions !!?

Can anyone help me with how to prevent swelling around the top of my nose between my eyes ? And how to stop being such a baby with the blood. I'm so squeemish it's awful !

Day 3 - hell bruising and monster chops

Ok so I'm on the arnica , feeling rough and nauseous but just taking each day as it comes. My eyes are purple and completely swollen, my tip is so big a feels like it's trying to escape out of the cast. My cheeks ads now huge to, I look like a completely different person it's crazy. Swelling has truly taken over my face.

Hamster chops

My hamster swelling.

The tips swelling is increasing daily lol

Has anyone else had trouble with the tip and the swelling. It's officially bigger than it was to start with haha not ideal !!? I also sfill have very puffy sore cheeks and now neck ! Trying to ease of cocodamol because of the constipation but does anyone recommend anything else for swelling and throbbing pain ?

The tip continues to grow

Icing the tip and getting sick of the bloody scabby nose

Nothing seems to help my scabs, right nostril has a really big painful one. Trying to clean it the best I can. Given up really. I look like a pig lol.

I really didn't have a very nice nose to start with

I hated my nose ever since I can remember. When I was 13 I recall having a tantrum crying and screaming because of being bullies in school. One of the boys used his arm as a trunk and called me an elephant and everyone joined in. It's funny now but oh how cruel children can be haha! My pre nose job nose was very round and bulbous and bony on the bridge, so the worst possible shape really. There was no good thing about it, I had big ish nostrils to ( in my opinion ) my doc always said though that the angle from the top lip to the tip of nose was good and didn't need raising but I think it has been slightly raised anyway. I hope I don't have to much nostril on display. What a waiting game this is, cast off tomorrow. So scared to see my swollen nose.

Day 6 prior to cleaning

My nose is still swollen but what else can I expect after a deviated septum repair, tip reduction and my bridge being straightened haha. I'm still cleaning with saline spray and my antibiotic ointment , I'm now also on augmentin and fluclucxollion whatever it's called so I'm hoping the tip reduces in size and the bleeding stops soon. I can deal with all else but the bleeding is getting annoying.

Day six - ridiculously big tip but hoping it'll go down in a couple wesks

So my nose is still pester big at present and I have my cast coming off tomorrow. I am praying the tip goes down over the next week because I can't be dealing with this bulbous nose.

Day six nose

Is it common or normal to have flared nostrils post surgery when they haven't been altered

I had non flary nostrils before my op and now they seem flared up ? I don't know how to make them go back to normal. Starting to panic about my nose now :(

Day 7 ( sorry day 6 photo didn't upload please see below )

So today is cast removal day, I am not really scared. I am just one hoping it doesn't hurt or cringe me out because I'm a baby and two I hope I don't feel sick or pass out. I have an upset sfomach recently which causes way more nauseous than I need ! My tip swelling is going down each day. My eye bruising has gone and my cheek puffiness is nearly gone. I guess my nose was the last to swell and they say the tip takes the longest to go down. I will update later with cast off. My image is my head is of a straight now with a big tip and flary nostrils.

CAST OFF!!!!!!

Ok so today my cast came off, at first I didn't know what to think I didn't know if I would like it but it's growing on me. My surgeon also ensured me the swelling has a long way to go down too so the bulbous tip appearance will improve dramatically. I like the general shape though.

Cast off photos

My tip is so bulbous from swelling, anyone know how to decrease swelling ???

Desperately looking for ways to decrease my nose swelling within the next 2-3 weeks. How I look front on is making me so miserable, comparing mh photo to others on here who are soooo not swollen :(

10 days post op ish

So from the side some angles I love it ! What is everyone thinking of this side profile? The tip and front view are very wide and swollen still and my nostrils are now just crusty not bleeding YUM


What is good to use to help with the open rhinoplasty scars ???

11 days post

Tip swelling slowly reducing, I think I'll be able to see more of my nostrils now. Not sure if this is good or bad.

Photos of tip

Tip swelling

Can't wait until from the front it's less swollen !

Progress pic - ignore my creamy nostrils lol

The reason I don't show my entire face is purely to protect my identity as I don't want people I know knowing I've had surgery. Which weirdly is working so far. They say when I tell them it's only noticeable if I point it out. Which I guess it great because it's not an obvious nose job which no one really wants to have. My tip is still very swollen as you can see. I'm two weeks post op tomorrow.

Left and right angle 14 days post up

Ignore my dry flakey nose lol


Another update

Be warned exercise makes you swell... I think. What a journey nose jobs are hey? Who would have thought it .

Swelling keeps changing

Update photo on my profile

Update daily

My tip is still swollen as you can see and my bridge is also. I'm three weeks ish post op.. Will my nose change much more ?

Requested pre op photos

My awful pre nose

Had my 3 1/2 week follow up

So my surgeon says I'm healing great , still swollen but apparently not massively. I thought my nose would change more than it has at present and I hope it goes down more around the tip as it's quite puffy And I would like it more refined. Overall I Am happy though :)

Front on I look wonky due to odd swelling in different places. It looks different from left to right from the side.

28 days post photo update

Happy with my nose I love the tiny curve upwards at the tip. Still swollen from front on though, will it change much from four week Mark??

Better profile photo of 28 /29 day post

Photo update

I have a slight dent on the right side of my nose. I think it's due to uneven swelling but not entirely sure. I'm only 5 weeks post op

Should I be worried about the uneven and swelling above left nostril

Decided I absolutely hate my nose

My nose is still big, no bump but from the right side it looks disgusting. The front is still so swollen and my nostrils look pdd because of swelling. Hating it and it's not small enough and I know it won't get any smaller. I'm around six weeks. So unhappy and spent 4625 pounds to still hate how I look in the mirror YAAAAAAY. I also have wonky nose from the front. I don't know wtf is going on with it. Is tt normal for it to look shocking at six weeks ? Will it change much more ?

Will this resolve? Already assuming I'll need a revision

So I am 2 months post op on the 19th of this month and I have some worries and concerns. My right nostril is smaller and a different shape to my left but my surgeon didn't touch them and the left side of my upper portion of my nose has like a sharp looking shadow boney thing. Weird and hard to explain but please see photos for a better understanding. Where my bridge was shaved down its now shinier and smoother than the rest of my nose which to me stands out. The bones either side of bit where my lump was is also standing out as quite bony which can appear lumpy at some angles. Obviously I feel my nose was massive improved but I'm sad that I have these flaws. Does your nose change much more from 2 months @!??? Oh and my nose is wonky front on


Just over the 2 full months mark

It appears my nasal bones are not symmetrical and i have been told i will most likely need a revision by realself docs. This is very annoying for me as i had a crap recovery from my first one and i swore i would never have facial surgery again. Apparently i need a minor revision but still that is horribly horrible. I am going to have to heal all over again. Wasting my time healing for 12 month from this op then 18 month's to heal after another. I am so miserable i dontveven like taking photos of my self because of all the bumps and dents and imperfections. Im very disappointed but i don't blame anyone. Its a big shame. I really dont want to take time off work for it. =( my photos look like pre surgery @!!

3 months post

I think I'll most likely need a minor revision where I can get the left and ride side of my dorsal area smoothed out and my tip slightly smaller. But maybe not the tip as it may be swollen still. I find it hard to believe it'll change much from now onwards. Please can people give me there opinions. Don't be to brutal I'm already sad about it hahaha!

Going to be getting a revision on my bridge and slightly narrowing the area between the nostrils

Surgeon agreed I need my bridge re doing at the sides. Said the bones had slipped hence the wonky appearance I never use to have. I recall my surgeon saying how straight it was before the op so he wouldn't need to straighten it. Sad times for me. This photo shows how GASTLY it looks in flash camera. Overall I'm very upset and four months post op. Waiting for the right time to have a closed revision to straighten and shave the bridge. =(
Simon Watts

Simon was faultless. He was brilliant at emailing back, he was available always. He is like a friendly father figure he's just great. I haven't seen my nose but I trust him to have made it just right for my face.

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