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I set out on this road a long time ago. I lost my...

I set out on this road a long time ago. I lost my 1st tooth to extraction at 17. The dentist told my mom it needed a root canal and crown and my mom decided that a tooth wasn't worth that much money.
Growing up there wasnt much money for a lot of things like regular dental care. There were three of us, my sister was 6 years older and deaf and my brother was 6 years younger than me with horrible asthma. We lived in rural area with no city water, we lived off well water. That would have been fine had the septic tank been installed properly, but just as luck would have it, it was not. It sat at an uphill angle almost perfectly in line with our well. It was put in very shallow and so when the pipe burst and the tank leaked where was all that to go? Right into the well. I got the worst end because we didnt move there until my sister was 6 and I was a baby. After my brother was born my mom got into a new relationship and we moved to another place when my brother was 6 and I was 12. My sister went off during the week to a school specifically for deaf people. It should have affected them more too but I got the crap end of the gene pool I guess. I brushed my teeth religiously.
I had my 1st baby, 8lbs 9oz, at 19. I had a few issues but tried to keep up with fillings and stuff. 4 years later I had some major issues that needed more expensive work, found out that despite birth control I was pregnant again. That baby, 8lbs 1oz, died at 2months old from SIDS. After that, I guess l just gave up for a while. It's as if I just shut down and ran on auto pilot for a long time. Almost 1 year exactly after my 2Nd child was born I had another baby, 7lbs 2oz, yet again despite birth control efforts. Got the IUD after that, but as my luck holds out, I had another baby 15 months later.
The dentist I saw were always rude and never discussed saving anything rhey just pulled them. Most of them had horrible things to say about my choices or lifestyle when they didnt even know me. One bruised my face by grabbing it to turn my head and told me to save the tears cause he didnt care. Yeah, cause that makes people want to see the dentist. Let me just pay you a lot of money to make me feel even worse about myself!
Finally found a sweetheart of a dentist and he's been great. He's trying to help me regain my self esteem and was furious after hearing how I'd been treated before. Showed him some pictures of my natural teeth and he is really excited to make the implants resemble them as much as possible! I'm so ready! Will post updates on final cost and pics once I get started. The one I posted is my smile before I had many problems
Gore Dental Clinic

He's wonderful! Very direct but compassionate. Always tells you the options but gives you the truth about how successful each would probably be. Best dentist I have ever been to.

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