Good Results with Tummy Tuck but Expected More

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After I had my two kids, I was left with some...

After I had my two kids, I was left with some loose skin. I was still on my normal weight but decided to lose some before going over the normal range (5'4'' @142lbs, now I'm @ 123lbs). I lost the weight within a few months by eating better and exercising a lot...but still my loose sking wouldn't go away. I decided then to go for the tummy tuck.

Overall I liked the results, but I thought that after a few months after my swelling had gone away I was gonna have an "extra flat and firm as a rock stomach". especially because I'm devoted to exercising and eating well. Not so. It's been 10 months after my surgery, and I still have some loose skin and a little bulge. When I stand I kind of look flat, but when I sit, I can see some rolls of skin.Also my scar is "not very good looking" and my belly button is kind of too small. I know part of this is my type of scaring tissue.

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Good results and happy overall but I expected and extra flat. If I seat for long periods of time my belly gets swollen and I still can see some loose skin.

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