Good Results After A Week!

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I had CO2 Laser Resurfacing 1 week ago. The redness has dissipated. It is still pinkish but not bright red. So far, I am happy with the results. I am still itchy but am now using the moisturizer and not the heavier balm. (except for my hands, which were the last to peel.) I am still a bit swollen but not a lot. My care was thorough and professional. The drugs were difficult. Since I never take any, I seem to be extremely sensitive to them. I only took the prednisone for 2 days. With the doc's permission, I went off of it. I took no pain meds or anxiety meds (except while I was having the procedure done.) I felt side effects from both the antiviral and antibiotic meds. I called the doctor and was given permission to go off of them after 5 days. I went 1 extra day. I will say the first 3 days the procedure took me to my knees. I think this was mainly due to the sensitivity I have to drugs. I was walking sideways and even feel down. (not sure which one created this!) In the future, I need to forewarn doctors of my extreme sensitivity to prescription drugs!!! My dosage could probably be lessened. One thing I did that I would recommend is use a large bowl of filtered water (from my frig) with ice cubes and vinegar for cleansing and soothing my skin. It was easy with the larger bowl to put it in the sink and splash it all over the tender new skin. I am happy I had this done and also happy I didn't really know what I was in for. (Smile!)

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