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The only really drastic change to my body I...

The only really drastic change to my body I incurred from having and nursing three babies in five years was to my breasts. By the time I opted for surgical enhancement, my mind was made up and I would not have regretted the decision had it not been for the doctor I chose.

Because I chose to have this done in Atlanta (I live in Florida), I used a referral system, then checked out the doctor on my own. He looked good-- was board certified, experienced and had no MM lawsuits against him as far as I could find.

I now have breasts that look horrible, worse than before. They are unequal in size and sit way under my arms. Also, they are too BIG. Everyone knew right away I'd had a "boob job." My goal was to simply look enhanced and have people maybe say, "hmm, you look different" not "Oh my Gosh, where'd those things come from?"

I'm an avid exerciser and the breasts are in my way. I can't even shave under my arms because my armpits are so concave from the positioning of the implants. One of the reasons the implants are sitting so far to the sides is because he didn't use a binder bra on me after surgery; I was told the fee I paid included "the bra." Turns out "the bra" was a flimsier sports bra than I would even wear to go for a walk! We're talking absolutely no support! Basically it was a swatch of jersey with skinny pieces of elastic on top and bottom, like a tube top but with less support, and I saw them on sale at wal mart for 3 for $10.

I have investigated the possibility of suing this guy as he also did a laser skin procedure which left me scarred, but have found that the laws in GA, as with so many other states, make it to where attorneys only like to take cases that are worth millions (basically, I just want my money back). This explains why his record is clean, because I am convinced he is thoroughly incompetent as a plastic surgeon.

After they were done, I went back to him and told him I was NOT happy and he offered to try and fix them...if I paid him $3,000 cash.

But after thinking about it, I decided it would be crazy to even consider it, seeing as he gave me Frankenstein-boobs, not to mention laser scars!

The moral of this story: get recommendations from LOTS of people for a doctor and maybe even ask to see the results for yourself!

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He is a very smart man to talk to, but a HORRIBLE surgeon-- I have the nightmarish results to prove it!

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