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Ok so it's not Christmas but its the best gift I...

Ok so it's not Christmas but its the best gift I will ever get . I guess my journey started 22years ago , I was a naive 17 year old, I meet this guy got pregnant went from 98 to 189 lbs .. Wow I know . Anyway After 10 months and 4 days of labor i gave birth to a a 8lb 2oz baby girl .by emergency c- section ( up and down not side to side ) I lost the wieght right away down to 100 lbs in less than 2 months ... Whoo hoo go me ! Then out of no where (and on the pill) BAM! I get prego again , 6.5 months pregnant and 50 lbs later another emergency c- section .. A beautiful baby boy this time , I died on the table and he died on the way to nicu .. But they got us back , thank Jesus ...this time it was harder to get the wieght off but I did it and being as sexy as I was I got pregnant again . So now that's 3 baby's in just as many years .. Ugggg no wonder my body is shot. Well over the years i have fought cancer 13 times and won !,, GO ME!!!!! In 2006 I had a radical hysterectomy and 2007 had to have hernia repair .. So as you can tell I have always wanted a tummy tuck if for no other reason but to get rid of the 72in of scars I sport on my tummy .. Please excuse me I have never written a review or blog before so if this is all over the place . I am sorry kind of wired but I feel the need to stop here cause I am about to cry , bare with me I will return .. Thank you for listening

31 days and counting , I have uploaded my before...

31 days and counting , I have uploaded my before pictures. I am getting so excited , I have bought everything I will need for post op already. And something's I may not need but I would rather be safe than sorry . I forgot to tell everyone my stats. I am 39 yrs old (will be 40on May 9th ) I am 185lbs and 5'6 I am getting a ftt , with lipo and a BA 800 cc hp unders . Well I have to do laundry so I will write more later

Sorry not 72" inches of scars 22 inches of scars ....

Sorry not 72" inches of scars 22 inches of scars .. Dang ipad with auto correct lol

Well I got the nerve up to try a Brazilian wax...

Well I got the nerve up to try a Brazilian wax myself today , can you say wholly Jesus !!! I know it needs to be done but it hurt so much and I don't know if I can do this. I really don't want to have someone else do it , ewwwww! I think it would be ok if any hair came out but I looked on the wax strip and nothing . Ok ladies , any one else do this and what kind of wax do you ? And I have started to nest. Crazy huh? Have any of you begun to nest or am I the only freak on here? I am cleaning and organizing everything .. Don't get me wrong i am a clean person, I just have found myself going beyond the normal stuff. I am pulling out all the drawers and cleaning all the closets .. Please forgive all the mistakes and run on sentences I am on my ipad and sometimes it has a mind of its own . Thank you for listening to me .I ll write more later.

Well I must be ok I am not in jail yet ... Lol...

Well I must be ok I am not in jail yet ... Lol case your wondering I quit smoking this morning .. I woke up and decided I wanted a beautiful body more than a cigarette. And I am doing pretty good I haven't smoked since 10pm last night . I really love to smoke it's very relaxing but the thought of neurosis scares me to death . So all day if I wanted a smoke I would stare at my tummy till the urge left . The chiropractor down the street from my work has a lady that works with him and she does body wraps. For 200$ I can get a body wrap that is suppose to help melt your fat , I was thinking maybe it would help my upper belly ? Any one have any suggestions on this ? I am going troll the form. Must keep my mind busy .. Before I slip and smoke

I guess I forgot to put my date it my birthday,...

I guess I forgot to put my date it my birthday, may 9th 2013 , I am getting a ftt lipo and BA .. And I am turning 40 that day ... Whoo hoo happy birthday to me

I am getting everything in order here , I got the...

I am getting everything in order here , I got the kids to the vet my english bulldog Dolly got fixed and her yearly shots . I don't want to deal with that while I recover.. My mini schnauzer Sophia got her shots and her teeth cleaned, poor ol lady came home with 3 less teeth than she went there with.. Any way everything else is going good , got all of my supplies except the back scratcher I know I will need. I still need to find a waxer ugggg . So nervous about that .. I am working on the smoking I slipped today. I smoked 4 so far , but that's better than the 2 packs I usually smoke. Thinking positive I can do this .... Oh yeah, I am digging this blog thing even thou it reads like a 5 yrs old writes it .. Lol

Well I bought the last piece to the puzzle today....

Well I bought the last piece to the puzzle today. I paid for my back scratcher and my silicone scar sheeting. Not bad i only paid 25.00 for both . And the scar treatment is by juvederm it comes in a 6 month supply eBay ladies , I love me some eBay ... Lol . I looked at my countdown today 28 days and I am on the flat side. So freaking excited.. I fell of the wagon thou . And smoked all day it's like I forgot I was trying to quit or something .. Lord give me strength. Any way I will try again tomorrow. I wish it was over already I want to start the healing .. Excited whoo hoo 28 days then uggg I still have 28 days ... I am feeling so bipolar .. Lol see. Ya later

Some times you have to take a step back and...

Some times you have to take a step back and reevaluate yourself . I was reading a story on here and it made me think. ... I need to get back to me the real me not the me everyone wants me to be but the me I want to be. The story I read touched me deeply. It made me think hard about myself . She writes beautifully and loves even more deeply. She is my inspiration. I don't know her personally but feel her spiritually. Her words moved me I am seeing everything differently since I read them. My brain is say I am fat and ugly . But I feel alive and beautiful I miss my husband but he's been right here the whole time . I am so confused but I think I need this. It stirred Something in me I can't explain . I am going to my bed tonight and I am going to let go , he is perfect and he loves me so I must be perfect to . Right? Thank you 6pack for writing your story and even if you did mean to you have changed the way I see myself. I look forward to reading more form you. You are truly a inspiration.

16 days .. Whoo hoo. .. I can't wait . It still...

16 days .. Whoo hoo. .. I can't wait . It still dont feel real . I have been obsessed with tummy tucks and BA .. Oh I found out I was wearing the wrong size bra . I am not a 36c. I an a 38 d . Hmm go figure. So this means with my new800cc hp I should be a e or f cup .. Lol I love it .. I keep telling myself just hold on its coming.. Will write more in a few days enjoy life ladies. Happy healing

Oh lord stuff just got real! I spoke with Debra at...

Oh lord stuff just got real! I spoke with Debra at the ps office and she is sending out my scripts next I am nervous , wow it's starting to feel real to me now. I am gonna get this done. Wow in 2weeks and a wake up I will be on the flat side. Did anyone else get nervous ? How did you handle it ?

Well ladies 9 days to go . I call the vet today I...

Well ladies 9 days to go . I call the vet today I am going to board my baby girls for a few days.. I just don't want to leave them by themselves for hours on end .. My hubby and I work together so I showed him how to put payroll information our drivers so he will take care of that next week. I will wear reg clothes to the ps but am taking a bag with button up pjs in it and my garments .i have got everything I need but po meds and soup. Anyway that's what is going on now.. I am checking and double checking everything. If you girls think of I may have missed let me know . Hope you all are healing up ... C u later ..

I called Debra today my ps office manager . I...

I called Debra today my ps office manager . I asked her if they would be sucking out my upper tummy . She said if it needed it they would do it .. She also asked if I would be staying In town to be seen the next day .. I didn't think I had to so I hadn't made plans to. She asked me if I could I immediately started looking for hotels.. In just a few minutes I found and booked it less than 5 miles for my ps office. Good thing I am boarding the girls.. This weekend I will be going thru my supplies and packing mine and hubby's bag .. 8 days and a wake up .. I can't wait

Just a quick update ,It seems so unbelievable ....

Just a quick update ,It seems so unbelievable . This is my last weekend with the body I have now. The hubby and I have booked a hotel in Okc for 2 days the day before and day of surgery . So we will head down after work on the 8th. This weekend is all about prepping,packing, cleaning ,and making list for the hubby .

3days till the flat side . I have learned a lot on...

3days till the flat side . I have learned a lot on this journey about myself about my life about you all. I look at the picture I have posted here of my body and I see a lot , I see the scar from where 2of my 3 kids came from inside me. I see all the battles scars from cancer I fought and won . I see all 40 years of my life in these pictures. The ups the downs the side ways sometimes. I feel as though I am dis guarding all of these memories when the scars are all gone I erase a part of who I am . Who I was and who I have become . It's bitter sweet really I have wanted this for so long and now 3 days till I get it ,I second guess myself. Will this make me happy with the person in mirror? Will this make me feel more sexy and frisky when my husband puts his hands on me? I am so confused but yet so happy . This has been a roller coaster of emotion this journey of mine , but I think I am ready for the next chapter.

I just took my girls to the vet to have them...

I just took my girls to the vet to have them boarded.. I have never left them and I am sick to my stomach. Lord give me strength .

Uugggggg I think there will be a lot of these...

Uugggggg I think there will be a lot of these little updates all day . So be warned.. I am not one of these ppl that show a lot of stress in my actions . But physically if you know what to watch for you can tell when I am stressed. So right now I look all calm but my face has broken out like a teenager my stomach is in knots and I have taken Imodium for 2 days now. I am sure my blood pressure is up. I feel like I am gonna get sick any minute.. Lord help me get thru this day . I can just tell no sleep for me tonight. And my surgery isn't until 1 pm tomorrow .. Ugggggg

.. I just want a cup of coffee, 5 hrs and ill be...

.. I just want a cup of coffee, 5 hrs and ill be in surgery.

Good evening ladies.. I made it. Very tired but...

Good evening ladies.. I made it. Very tired but doing ok .. My tummy is very tight. The hubby is so great . He is taking such good care of me . Pain isn't as bad as I would have thought . the dr put 750 cc n m lefty and 800 in the other. Well good night ladies I will write. More layer..

I am getting around pretty good. Hubby is yelling...

I am getting around pretty good. Hubby is yelling at me cause I won't wake him up to help me to the restroom . He is so good to me .. Iam draining around me Drains not thru them , I will ask the dr today about that, they looked clogged with fat . Do I tell you my boobs are huge? Lol and I can see my whoo ha . Go me .. Gonna lay back down for a bit ..

I am going to see the dr today will try to post...

I am going to see the dr today will try to post pictures .

Day 1 pictures up

day 1 pictures up

Day 2 - morning boob sucks. My recliner isn't as...

Day 2 - morning boob sucks. My recliner isn't as comfortable as the motel bed . But I will live . The hubby is gonna give me a bath today and change my clothes . I over did it yesterday alittle. So I will just lay around today and let him do everything . I can't believe the before and after pictures, if it wasn't for my tattoos you couldn't convince me theses pictures were me. Dr gonce is a miracle worker. I am so happy with my results so far. Gonna rest some ..

May 9th day of surgery - got up around 8:30 am...

May 9th day of surgery - got up around 8:30 am surgery isn't till 1 pm . Hung out and loved on the hubby fora few hours . Went and bought a step stool and had my nails done. Cause a girl has to look good.. Lol got to the surgery center around noon did some paperwork . Went to the back and got marked up and tried on my sizers . They took my before pictures. I was taken back to the or around 2pm . The next thing I remember is waking up in the hotel around 10 pm . Hubby says the surgery only took 3.25 hrs. I was up and done all night . The next day ( 10th) we went back to the dr for my check up he stated he thought I only had 1 in of separation of my muscles until he got in there . He found out it was 5 inches. They took out 5 lbs of skin and fat and 400 cc of lipo. So I guess I lost around 7 lbs but gained 4 lbs back in booby weight.dr gonce says he was worried about me cause I wasn't in much pain but I think that has a lot to do with my hubby he is on top of my pills and making sure I get a lot of rest . Last night was the worst night so far . We had a 3 hr drive back home yesterday and it sucked. I have had No nausea and just alittle phlegm in my throat . What ever you do use halls cough drops . You don't want to cough .. I had the hubby go buy me a baby nose sucker and it worked at getting the phlegm out. I am sure I am rambling on so ill write more later .. Thanks for all the support ladies . You All are great ..

I did alittle math today and being 3 days po. I am...

I did alittle math today and being 3 days po. I am a 38 g ... I figured I would check cause hubby keeps telling me their huge... Lol this is just a rough est I won't know for sure. Till I d& f..

Good morning ladies, everyday is getting better i...

Good morning ladies, everyday is getting better i believe it's day 4 and I had a BM this morning.. Yeah!!! I went into work for a hr yesterday and it went really good. I am tapering off my pain pills only taking Tylenol thru the day. I am gonna do some dishes and pick up alittle around here today. My hubby is a great care giver but a awful house keeper.. Lol . I am almost ready to have my drains removed maybe by Wednesday. Right now I am still 5 cc over what they want me at. Well I am tired gonna rest alittle . Chat more later.. Happy healing ladies ..

Day 5 po feeling good . Spoke with my ps today and...

Day 5 po feeling good . Spoke with my ps today and was told I could remove my drains so I did .. No real pain just a slight tug . Swell hell is here if I undo my binder I feel I will pop my skin. Back in the chair till hubby gets off work . Then I will get my 1st shower..

Day 6 ugggg I went to work today . I worked from...

Day 6 ugggg I went to work today . I worked from 7:30 am - 3pm . For the first time since my surgery I cried , i didn't hurt to bad just very overwhelmed . My first day back and the big boss was there from corp . I just was moving so slow . I felt so worthles. I run that office by myself at one time I had 100+ drivers and no office help. I guess it was just to much. I came home and got in my recliner and slept. The hubby called at 6 and woke me up to take my pills. I will try again tomorrow maybe not stay so long or at the very least ill take a lunch break and a nap . On a good note I got my shower last night and it felt amazing . Thank you ladies for all the support . I feel as though you ladies are the only ones who understand me and what I am going thru ..Happy healing

Day 7 po

Day 7 po day 2 back to work, so today was better for me I left work for lunch and came home to put my feet up for about an hr.. I worked from 8-4:30 I would say that's pretty good. I don't want any of you to be discouraged because I have a easy job. I set at a desk all day . Everything I need is within arms distance. ( I made sure of it before my surgery) I have also had many many surgeries before this one .26 to be exact . So I kind of have a knack when it comes to surgery. I heal fast and have a very high pain tolerance. I also have very thick skin I mean it , when I get stitches I usually break 2 or 3 needles before they finally just glue me. Any way ..and I am just plain hard headed.. Lol I can wait to see all my rs sisters that went in for their body makeover today. I guess I will get something to eat and take a nap. Happy healing ladies... Till tomorrow

Humidity is a killer

Humidity is killing me , I had to leave work at noon from the swelling.. I just know I am gonna pop a stitch. On a good note it looks like all the girls that had surgery the other day are up and around(slowly of course) soul& sunshine) .. Happy healing all .. Hopefully I can talk the hubby into a shower tonight..

Day 8 pictures up

Day 9 -zingers... Ouch

I am getting some sharp pains in the tummy today. I email my ps and Deborah the om emailed back .. Wow on a Saturday .. She said its normal and some ppl call them zingers. I I guess it where your nerves are reattaching .. Yeah go me ( place sarcastic tone here) all I can say is they freaking suck. But it's the only feeling I have in my tummy so I guess I will live. Oh did I tell you my girls are softening up quite a bit. And the swelling has went down tremendously. I cooked dinner for the hubby and cleaned up around here. It was really bothering my OCD. Obessitional cleaning disorder .. Lol sorry lost Internet in the storm and couldn't post this till today

Day 11 the mister

Well today is another good day , if I could just get the mister to stop propositioning me every time I turn around.. Haha he knows it makes me feel good and I love that the man that wiped pee off my butt less than 2 weeks ago still thinks I am attractive. He is so attentive and loving I just couldn't ask for a better man. What gets me is I ask him to take naked picture of me to post on here and he don't blink a eye . He just grabs the ipad and asks you want your face in these? Lol gotta love my man . He makes me laugh and feel sexy , even when i didnt like myself , he liked me and for that I am thankful . He saved me when I didn't know I needed saving and picks me up when I fall . I am his queen and he my king. Ok I will quite i just want everyone to know without him I could never be me..

Not all rainbows but there is a pot of gold at the end

So since I have been feeling so good and healing so fast , without my ps permission I thought I would not wear my cg today but switch to a spanx instead .. OH Lord. What a mistake.. My right hip swelled so bad I have been Laying in my recliner since I got off work . It's horrible and I cried from the pain. My hubby had to cook dinner cause its been a few hours now and I still can't get up .. I hope this swelling goes down by morning , sorry I am venting .. Just sucking today

Forgot to say

I forgot to tell you girls , my hubby said if I wear my spanx again before my dr says I can he will throw them all away .. I am not sure how to feel about that . I know he is being sweet and don't want me hurting my self . He did the same thing with my grater from pampered chef . I lost the knuckle guard and graded my knuckles instead of the cheese I was shredding and when he saw me bleeding he broke it and threw it out . What a cave man... Lol


The dreaded belly button

Hi girls , how was your holiday weekend . Well mine started on Thursday last week I took a shower and my bb tape was split and soaked so I pulled it if. And it looked so wired and I thought I seen dead skin . So of course I lost it . Tears and shaking the whole nine yards . Just completely inconsolable . Thank guy for the hubby he got on my ipad on started to google anything that had to do with it.. I was better but not completely . I had my post op on Friday and they took a look told my that it looked great . Wheeww- I got so stressed out my face broke out like a teenager . I am 40 years old I didn't think that was even possible. After the appt we went to our lake house to meet the kids and grand baby for the weekend . All and all it was a great weekend. My left boob is really soft and is drooping fast ol righty is being stubborn . And I had sex I just couldn't wait . It took awhile but we got it done ... Whoo hoo.. Anyway hope everyone is healing good ..

Day 19

Can it be 3 weeks already ?

Well I finally crawled out the recliner and got into bed . And I must say its been great. I have been swelling by the end out the day by I think I am still about 75% , I still get tired easily but of course I always over do it everyday . I really wish my right boob would start to drop . It's still rock hard and swollen everyday . when will it soften up? My tummy is looking great but anything is better than what I had .well I am gonna troll around the site from awhile .. Happy healing

Day 23 -

I got my avogel in the mail yesterday , it's hydrogel sheeting for my tummy tuck scar . I for it on amazon for 94$ it is 6 inches wide and 48 inches long . I spoke to my ps and he states on ppl that scar easily it works better that silicone sheeting. We shall see. Other than that its just another healing day for me. Not much to talk about . Both of my sides feel like jelly sermon a? I will have to send pictures to dr gonce on Monday. Well enjoy your weekend .

Referral code if your getting mentor implants

Your referral code is: ZHDF8E whoever is getting mentor implants use this code and from what I understand we both will get $250.00 . I was just looking over my post op info and its called refer a friend by mentor .. To cool huh . Once you get your implants youvanpost your, referal code .

Still swollen but looking better

Oh yeah mondor for me

Yes you heard me right , I have mondor disease under my right breast (look at the pictures). It feels like a tendon under my breast that is really tight , you see it clearly when I raise my arm. It's not life threaten or something that requires surgery. It just is very irritating, so does anyone else have this problem?

From the dictionary mondors disease -

Mondor's disease (also known as "Mondor's syndrome of superficial thrombophlebitis"[1]) is a rare condition which involves thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of the breast and anterior chest wall. It sometimes occurs in the arm or penis.[2]:827In axilla, this condition is known as axillary web syndrome. [3]

Barbie don't have nothing on me

Well I know I shouldn't have but I took my measurements and wieghted myself , let me tell you I am please already . 44-36-44 and down about 20 lbs since surgery . I know their are a lot of woman that say wow that's huge .and yes I am a thick girl but I am not as thick as I once was .. I am so excited . From what I hear I will be even smaller once all the swelling goes away .. I can't hardly wait..!

Feeling very blessed

I am feeling very blessed today. It seems I haven't had any set backs in my recovery. My right breast is still very high and hard. But I guess that's to be expected , my tummy is doing great no hard spots or thick scars to mention. My neighbor got a new pool and I went swimming she didn't tell me it was a salt pool so I swelled up like a blow fish. Lol won't make that mistake again. So I got a wild hair and decided to color my hair , bright red . I think I love it . A new body and a new do . Yes I think I will . I bought 2 new bras one white one black my white one came in yesterday 38 g hopefully it fits good. I haven't been wearing my sports bras at night and i sleep a lot better . Any way ill post pictures later today . My prayers are with soulnik 13 , I hope all goes well with her.

To explain mondor .

Mondor's Cord

Mondor’s Cord is not really a complication, however it is something that some patients do experience anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks after the surgery. It is considered a benign occurrence of a superficial vein inflammation (thrombophlebitis) of the chest wall and mammary region. Mondor’s Cord was named after Henri Modor (1885-1992), a famous French surgeon who originally described them.

Mondor's Cord appear with firm “cord-like” bands that form just under the skin near the breast. Mondor’s Cord appears when the veins near the site of surgery (the breast) have been traumatized during the procedure. It is the result of an inflamed or hardened blood vessel or vein.

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What is Mondor’s Cord?

The condition of Mondor’s Cord appears as one or more raised ridge or “cord like” veins noticeable under the skin, near the site of the surgical procedure. The cord like veins begins at the breast and extends down onto the abdominal area. The veins appear swollen, and there can be some pain associated with this complication, however, typically they are just more a nuisance. Mondor’s Cord can either show up in single formation or sometimes appear in a multiple pattern. These cord-like structures are temporary and they do go away with time. The inflamed vein poses no danger of systemic embolization.

Usually over the counter medications such as ibuprofen or a prescription anti-inflammatory will take away the pain, and also applying a warm washcloth over the area will help reduce the inflammation. The most common cause is basically having any incision near or around the breast, and can occur with breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift (mastopexy) and biopsies. These cords can appear in the upper outer area of either breast, below the crease line or in the underarm. The raised veins will feel firm and tight and can even feel slightly warm to the touch.

Treatment of Mondor’s Cord

Typically Mondor’s Cord will almost always resolve itself without any special care. Mondor’s Cord can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, indomethacin, and aspirin if there is pain associated with this condition. Hot wet compresses help tremendously and can help with the swelling. Most of the time, Mondor’s Cord resolves itself within 2 weeks to 2 months. Mondor's cord is not dangerous, requires no surgical intervention, and will not adversely affect the results of breast augmentation, a breast lift, breast reduction or breast reconstruction.

This condition is a rare occurrence, with only 1 to 2 percent of breast surgery patients.

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1month pictures take 2

thank you

Well girls I am sorry to say I won't be on here for a long w. My brother in law ( misters sister husband ) got electrocuted on Thursday and passed away at the young age of 39 .they have 2 young children ages 8&4 . Who seen the whole thing .. thank you all for being there with me thru this journey but now I have another journey I must partake on . Please keep us in your prayers ..

7weeks and alot going on ..

Hello all . I am updating from my phone . I hope everyone is doing good . Thank you all for your prayers. Thought I would pop in for a update .. I am almost done moving to be closer to my sister in law . ( it was her hubby that pasted . ) . Well not much has changed my right breast is still very high and I am still spitting a few stitches but my tummy is looking great . I am still losing weight . But by the end of the day you can't tell it from the swelling . I don't wear span most nights or if I am just taking it easy around the house . Well that's about it .. I have to call my PS and make a appt for my 2 month follow up . She you guys later ..

Hello ladies-Capsular contracture

Yep you heard me right , I have grade 2 in my right breast. The one I have been saying hasn't dropped yet. Any way. I just finished my steroids I am on inflama care , willow bark and gotu ( something ) and vitiman e . Ugg been taking everything for about 2 weeks and have to send pictures to the ps today. No more massaging, or lifting for a awhile . I'll post pictures later just thought I would keep you updated .

3 months

I can't say it enough I love my dr and his office manager Deborah .. They are so good to work with .. Posted some pictures I am still a little swollen but I this I am looking good ...

Almost a year

Well it's been almost a year since my surgery , and it's been the best year of my life .. I think I have finally settled and am in a 38-h which is bigger then I thought but I love my new Tatas .. My tt is doing great still some darker scars but all an all I think I look fabulous . I haven't lost any wieght (I haven't tried either ) but I think the results speak for them selves .. I have to see dr Gonce sometime this month for my year check up .. I think he will be pleased. My right breast dropped into its socket with out any help from the doc.. I think my 40s are going to be the best years of my life . I wouldn't change it for any thing. I really enjoy my life now. And everyone that knows about my surgeries say they don't remember me with out .. It looks that natural . Way to go dr Gonce .. ,!!!! I'll post pictures In a few days .. Hope everyone is as blessed as I am .. Thank you for reading and allowing me to put it out there..

1year later

Well it's been a year , had my final check up on the 7th .. My journey will still continue but my life has changed for the better. I love the way I look and feel and love that I feel sexy AGIAN. I hope everyone's experience was as good as mine, dr Gonce put my before and after pictures side by side and I cried , I love my new body .thank you all for listen to my journey, I know I have enjoyed yours .. ..
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