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Hi All, After 20 years of wanting breast...

Hi All,

After 20 years of wanting breast augmentation I finally did it - last Friday, May 18! I've used my surgeon before so I was very comfortable with him and knew he's a fantastic professional. The worst part of having the surgery I told everyone beforehand (not that I even told many people in my life but those select friends of mine and my parents) was that I couldn't eat for 8 hours before the surgery. Even afterwards I have to say that was the hardest part lol.

Where are my manners, I forgot to introduce myself and give my stats, I'm Elizabeth 40 year old single woman living in Minneapolis, MN. I stand 5' 9" tall and my pre-op weight was 170, I'm very muscular and have a large build. Recently I lost 35 pounds and was wearing the same 38B bra I had worn prior to my weight loss. Now I could have been an A cup after losing 10" at my bustline, I have nod idea, I didn't get fitted at all. Now I wish I had.

So 4 days post-op I'm freaking out thinking that I won't be the size I wanted to be or thought I would be. I choose to go with 550 silicone smooth round moderate plus profile implants. I didn't have pics the doc could look at or anything, I just knew I wanted to increase my size after the weight loss and breastfeeding. I was told to try on with the sports bra and I would look pretty close to what I saw while I was wearing it. Now I'm not so sure.

During my consultation I told the doc that I didn't want to look heavy with too large of breasts like some women do that have a big bust. I thought I was a B cup (who really knows) and wanted to go up to a D or DD. He said I could handle that just fine with my frame and that it was my decision. What a decision lol! I didn't try on anything over the 550 because those I thought were large enough, I didn't want people "knowing" that I had a boob job lol. So now that they're in my body they look much smaller and like so many others wish I would have gone bigger. I'm only on day 4 though, swelling is reduced today, and of course there is still pain. Will they get bigger when they drop & fluff? I sure hope so!

Feeling good though because I had 3 men come to my door today and they all looked at my new assets in my tight tank top lol. A good male friend stopped by with a stool softener today and said they look amazing so that makes me feel good. It's kind of like the weight loss though, I can't notice a big difference but other people do.

To those that are farther along, will they get bigger? I thought I was supposed to be in the swelling phase now which would make them bigger. Feeling kind of disappointed & hope they'll grow.

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