38yrs, 3 Kids, Breast Feed All 3 Kids. Currently at a 34b. Confirmed 350cc Silicone Rounds. Looking to Be More Natural, Worried

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38yrs, 3 kids, Breast feed all 3 kids. Currently...

38yrs, 3 kids, Breast feed all 3 kids. Currently at a 34b. Confirmed 350cc silicone rounds.

Looking to be more natural, worried I'm going to big and stressing as my BA is so close! I've been reading a lot that makes me feel better. All my family and friends say the 350cc under the muscle look great!

BA to create fullness - 38 Years Old / 3 Kids / 350 CC Silicone - Denver, CO

I have complete all the steps from the consultation to trying many sizes and I am set for November 17th!

I am 38yrs old and have small boobs (34a / 32b I wear). I am 5'1'' weighing 118lbs.

I want a natural look and after lots of research have decided I am aiming for a 'strong C' cup. I have read lots of reviews etc and was thinking I would be having about 270 rounds. I really wanted to go under the muscle.

Anyway, after my consultation and trying on the sizers, have decided on 350 Mentor smooth rounds, under the muscle. I was surprised that they looked the right size for me. We started small and worked up - the bigger size I tried after 325cc was just too big I thought. My PS said if he uses the 350cc I will get the look of the 325cc and I will be maybe a very full C maybe a D depending on bra. They did not look like I imagined a D to be? They didn't look huge - just nice and shapely. I am of course very nervous about the size and as my date grows closer my anxious!!!

This is something I have thought about doing for all my adult life. I am excited but very nervous too!!

Wish Boobs

Tried Sizers on - 325cc

Tried Sizers on - 325cc

350cc Front & Side View

3D Front and Side Views 350cc

Surgery is done!

Everything went great! I felt a lot of pressure when I woke up and tender. I'm home now, throats is really sore from the tube but other than that I'm feeling great. A bit sore getting up and down and the meds are making me tired. Relieved that things went great!


Trouble sleeping upright! Every time I dose off I can't seem to stay asleep. Any suggestions?

Night 1 - First morning PO

First night was rough, couldn't get comfortable as I am a side sleeper. Think I was up and down more than I actually sleep. Finally unhooked my sports bra about 3 hooks and found a better position and was able to sleep about and hour. Pain on a space of 1 to 10 is about a 1. More sore than anything. Staying on top of my meds and when it states 1-2 pills every 4-6hours on the bottle I found that sticking with 2 pills no more than 5 hours makes everything livable. Anything closer to the 6hour mark I feel a bigger pain difference. Glanced at my incisions and I think they look good, hard to tell on bruising with the little bit of blood under the steristrips. All in all first morning PO and feeling positive.

Switched sports bras

I have been extremely uncomfortable and decided to try a different sports bra that I have read others loved and man am I glad! My discomfort level went from at 5 to a 1!! Hoping to get some great sleep tonight!

Day 2 PO

Sleep almost 12hrs last night, skipped my pain meds would not recommend that, woke up in a ton of discomfort, on a scale of 1-10, pain probably a 6.5 to a 7! Once pain meds kicked in I easily went back to sleep. Woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Still tight, stiff and a bit sore. Going to try and start Motrin and stick with the muscle relaxers and see how that goes. Still pretty tired, but nothing going on so sticking to relaxing. May try a shower later and will provide pics!

Day 3 PO

Laying off the pain meds, switching to ibuprofen and muscle relaxers during the day and one dose of pain meds just before bed. Feeling very good, tired, tight and a little sore but much better this morning. Slept 12 hrs and didn't wake up in pain. I also took a shower last night, things felt very heavy but no pain. Slight discomfort when bending over without a sports bra for support. Things are still swollen and riding high. Right side is feeling higher and a bit harder, still feeling bloated too. But everything feels good. Pictures are before shower.

7 Day PO

It's been 7 days since my BA, 355cc smooth round mod plus under the muscle. I have been feeling great, I have been off all pain meds other than Motrin and that has only been once or twice a day. Sleeping has even gotten better! I had my follow up with my PA, things look great, just as they should and I need to start massaging daily to ensure softness, drop and fluff. I do find that I tend to roll my shoulders inward to compensate for the weight and change in my chest. Try to remind myself to push my shoulders back. I will have another follow up appointment just before Christmas.

Pics prior to BA

I forgot to post pics of myself prior to my BA.

10 day PO

1st morning I woke up not feeling morning boob so much! Also was released to walk to treadmill slowly. Was able to walk slowly with ease for 45 mins. Biggest struggle so far is finding the correct size sports bra, never thought in a million years that I would be a large, granted I do like things a touch roomier. I have found that every sports bra is different, agree with others that the Calvin Klein is by far the most comfortable and material is the least irritating! I found plenty on Amazon. Steri-strips are still on both incisions and massaging twice a day, feels like things are getting softer.

19 day PO Steri-stripes Finally Off

Today is 19 day PO!! All in all I have been feeling great, with a few rough days here and there. I have learned to not over do it even so many days PO and more importantly wear the most comfortable sports bra or bra that you can find. My PA said I can wear what I'm most comfortable in. Wearing something to tight or uncomfortable can make you go from enjoying your new breasts to almost hating them, well almost! Additionally I found that massaging not only your breast but the areola and nipple to help with the discomfort makes a huge difference. I asked my PA about the areola and nipple discomfort and he stated it was totally normal, it was the stretching of the nerves. Boob greed is totally normal too, I feel like when I look in the mirror I am very happy but when I look down I feel to small. My right side hasn't drop as much as my left and isn't as soft either but my husband reassures me they both look great and equal. This is still all so new and things are changing everyday. All in all I'm very happy!

4 weeks PO

It has been one month since my BA. The last 4 days have been a huge turning point, the comfort, sensitivity and all around feeling has been great! My right breast is still sitting a touch higher than my left, but barely noticeable to anyone but me. I have been splitting my time wearing a full coverage wireless bra and a sports bra and find that makes a huge difference. I was fitted for a bra and measure either at a 32DD or 34D. I have been very happy and still think this was a fantastic decision! I have my 2nd follow up with my PS Friday.

2 month update

It has been two months and I am loving my breasts. I am way more confident and comfortable in my clothes. For once I can wear sports bras and not look completely flat. I am back to my normal routines, working out (running and lifting weights) and feeling great! I feel that my right breast has dropped and is equal with my left. They are getting squishy each week and feel natural, I find myself feeling my breast randomly (almost checking to make sure they are still there). My husband says they look fantastic and feel more firm and perky than natural, which I am totally ok with. If I massage them I can feel the implant which I am sure will fade with time. I do notice that while not wearing a bra and I bend over the weight and feeling of my breast feels odd. As for my scars the left feels very smooth, the right is more raised and a bit tougher. I have to lift both breasts to see my scars. I have been bra shopping and sized, I am either a 32DD or 34D depending on style of bra. Regardless of bra size I feel like my nipple is on the edge of most bras, if I want more coverage I need a 34DD (depending on style). I feel like they fit my body and are proportional. I am extremely pleased with my results and couldn't be happier!

3 Month Update

It has been 3 months since my BA. Still feel that it was the best choice I ever made! I feel even more confident now that my breast has settled and are so soft. I do notice when I am not wearing any support and lean down that my implants feel as they are pulling away from my chest. I am guessing that is me still adjusting to the weight. I have been working out and running more than normal and feel no discomfort . I do notice when squatting with weight there seems to be a slight pull in my left chest muscle, not painful. My scars seem to be healing nicely, they feel smooth, I barely notice them anymore. I took a trip and wore my first swim suit since my BA, WOW... fun to try new suits and play my breasts up or down. I couldn't be happier!
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