My Rhinoplasty Experience - Gold Coast, AU

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Like many others I have never been completely happy with the appearance of my nose

Like many others I have never been completely happy with the appearance of my nose and I have decided to go ahead with a rhinoplasty procedure. I did a lot of research about clinics on the Gold Coast and chose the Lotus Institute as I'd heard first-hand experiences about the work they do. In July I ended up going for a consultation with one of their surgeons, Dr. Widdowson. He was very professional and we discussed what I disliked about my nose and what I wanted to change, then he showed me various photos of his previous work and took photos of my own face which he altered to show what my expected results would look like. I have my surgery booked September 26th and am counting down the days!

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Day 1

I had my surgery yesterday! It went well despite a couple of minor issues. The anaesthetist woke me up in theatre but I had a lot of trouble breathing due to blood at the back of my throat. I vaguely remember panicking because I couldn't breathe and heard people fussing over my heart rate. They quickly put me back under anaesthetic so he could reinsert the breathing tube. After surgery there was some concern about my heart beating rapidly and irregularly which meant I had to stay in recovery longer so they could monitor my heart rate, blood pressure, and do an ECG test. In the end the anaesthetist seemed to believe it was caused by the stress of the anaesthetic on my heart and I was allowed to go home.

So far I don't have much pain - if any. There is a feeling of discomfort from not being able to breathe out of my nose and I can't eat much at all because there's a lot of pressure when I try to swallow. All I've had to eat since my surgery is some yoghurt and jelly but I get my internal packing out today so hopefully this will make it easier to eat, drink, and take my medication.


Here are some before photos I had on my computer. My surgeon is going to send me the before shots he took during my consultation but for now here's a picture of what my nose used to look like. The cartilage at the tip was uneven due to a childhood injury and overall I felt it was too big for my face. I can already see that after surgery it looks significantly smaller so I'm very excited to see the final results!

Day 3

The packing inside my nose was taken out on Tuesday morning and since then I have been able to tolerate eating and drinking a lot more. At the moment it's a little uncomfortable to chew so I've been living off baby banana custard, squeezy yoghurts, chocolate mousse, and pureed vegetables.

I look absolutely terrible and desperately want a hot shower. My skin is constantly oily and I can't wait to give it a proper scrub, and my hair is so greasy that even dry shampoo can't save it. On the plus side, I haven't had any pain whatsoever (let's hope it says that way). My bruising has also turned yellow and the swelling around my eye doesn't look as bad so hopefully this means I'm on the mend! Before my surgery I bought some sore throat lozenges and dry mouth spray but thankfully I haven't had to use any of it yet. I do wake up with an extremely dry mouth but it's nothing a few sips of water can't fix.

Today I spoke to a nurse over the phone about bleeding from my nose and she suggested I visit the clinic so she could check it out. Thankfully she said it was normal and just told me to apply an ice pack every time it bleeds. I'm currently taking the maximum amount of Panadeine Forte allowed per day, but the nurse actually suggested I halve the amount because my height and weight are below average and I can get away with taking a smaller dose. My pain relief tablets run out tomorrow but I was given another script to continue it for another couple of days and then I am going to switch over to regular Panadol (or stop it all together if I can).

Day 5

As of yesterday I cut down on my pain medication and have gone from taking eight tablets a day to only one at night. I feel much better because of it and no longer have that odd, spaced out feeling that the codeine gave me.

I managed to have a shower last night but it wasn't as satisfying as I hoped because it was hard to wash my hair properly without getting my face wet. But still, it was better than nothing! I'm counting down the days till I can have a proper shower and start wearing makeup again.

Overall I'm feeling good and I'm happy that my bruising seems to be going down. I can definitely see a difference in my photos from today and earlier in the week, especially with the swelling around my eyes.

Day 7

Just a quick update. Today has been the worst day as far as discomfort goes. I am so ITCHY underneath the tape and cast and it is so uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to Wednesday (when everything comes off) but at this stage I care more about having a proper shower and not having to wear this stupid cast than I do seeing what my nose looks like.

Day 8

My right nostril is continuing to bleed randomly throughout the day. The same nostril has always been the one to bleed whenever I've had a sinus infection or cold in the past and I'm wondering if that could have something to do with it.

I've also noticed that the tip of my nose has a yellow tinge to it. I saw this yesterday but figured it was bruising I must not have noticed before, however I looked at photos of my nose from earlier in the week and the skin looked normal. I've attached a photo of what I'm talking about - is it just bruising/swelling?

Maybe I'm just being overly paranoid but is it normal not to be able to smile properly? I tried smiling for a photo but physically couldn't as my mouth and cheeks began to twitch and tremble a lot! Is this common?

I suppose these are all questions I will have to ask tomorrow when I go in to get my cast taken off! I'm so excited!

Day 9

I had my cast removed today and I'm disappointed to say the least. I didn't expect it to look anything like the way it does.

From the side I can see a definite improvement but I don't like the way it looks from the front. To be honest I actually hate it and am not happy at all. I just want to cry. :( I think it looks unnatural and uneven, and the bridge is a lot thinner while the tip is still very bulbous.

I know there's swelling but even with that in mind, I just can't see how it is going to settle into the nose I wanted.

Day 10

Quick update!

I am feeling better about the front view of my nose today. I'm slowly getting used to it and it seems to have gotten a bit smaller overnight. I'm still concerned about the tip but hopefully it is just swelling and with time it will look more proportionate to the bridge. That being said, I'm very happy with how it looks from the side.

Day 15

I've uploaded a photo to show how my nose has changed in the past few days. It is a lot rounder since I first got the cast removed, but I'm guessing a lot of that is just swelling which is to be expected because I'm really not doing anything to minimise or prevent it. I know a lot of people on this site swear by arnica, bromelain tablets, low salt diet, cortisone injections, and all of that stuff but I haven't bothered with any of it.

Day 18

I think it's interesting to note how much my nose has changed (and continues to change) since having the cast removed. It's getting rounder and bigger by the day! I really do hope it's just swelling however I'm not too bothered about it at this stage because I still feel great about the way it looks. That being said I don't want it to get any bigger!

On another note, I'm so glad I finally had the surgery. I can't even begin to explain how great it is to not feel self-conscious about how my nose looks. It was definitely my biggest insecurity and it caused me to avoid certain angles, hide from photos, and constantly worry what other people thought of it but these are no longer issues on my mind and it is so, so refreshing. For me, I'd definitely go as far to say it has been life changing.

1 Month Post Op

Swelling. Swollen. I think I've said those words a thousand times since my surgery but I'm at the one month stage now and my nose is SO swollen. It seems to be getting worse and I've noticed it's changed shape since my last update - there's more of a hump on the bridge and it looks almost beak-like. I'm feeling very discouraged with the way it looks right now because a week ago I didn't think it would get any bigger but it has and it seems like it is only getting worse.

Last week I saw my surgeon for a quick review and asked him about the bump on my nostril. It is causing my nose to look uneven and is very noticeable. I've actually had people ask what it was and one of my friends thought it was a blind pimple! My surgeon believes it is just swelling (there's that word again) and instructed me to lightly massage it which I have been doing but it hasn't made a difference.

I've been extremely careful with my nose but it seems no matter how careful you are, accidents can and will happen! I almost reached the one month mark without any hits to the nose but today at work a child flung their head back and it smacked me right on the tip. It hurt. A lot. I was in tears and had to leave the room because of how painful it was. And now, I don't know if it's just a coincidence but since then my nose has been dripping non-stop and there's a painful, stinging sensation that comes and goes randomly so I'll probably give the clinic a call tomorrow for a bit of reassurance and advice.

March Update

I have seen my surgeon twice since the last update.

The first visit was back in late October after I contacted the clinic about the change in beak-like shape. If you look at previous photos you can see it has taken more of a round appearance towards the tip and I was concerned that this was pollybeak deformity. My surgeon didn't seem to think so, but he wasn't exactly reassuring and said we will see how it is progressing at my next February visit.

Between then and the next visit in February I noticed an indentation had formed on the left side of my bridge and the bit that sticks out feels hard which got me thinking it was bone. I told my surgeon about it and he said it most likely was always there but is only visible now that the swelling has gone down. He explained to me briefly how it may have been caused (something about cartilage dislodging out of place?) and said that if it is still there in a few months then he will give me an 'Aquamid' injection which is type of filler to smooth it out. I asked about the longevity of the this, after all I don't want it reappearing in a year or two but supposedly it lasts a lifetime as it integrates naturally with the body's own tissue. This sounded too good to be true so I went home and did my own research on Aquamid, only to find it lasts "many years" but due to natural aging and lost of facial tissue it is likely to need retreatment at some point. During this visit I also raised concern about how the bump on my right nostril hasn't gone down at all. He told me that it is probably thick scar tissue and instructed me to keep massaging it. If it is still there at the appointment in May then he inject some 'Kenacort' into the spot to hopefully dissolve the scar tissue.

So that's where I'm at right now. I'm still on the fence about whether this whole ordeal was with it and at the moment I'm leaning towards a no.
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