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My story so far: 28yo female, no kids, lots of...

My story so far:
28yo female, no kids, lots of good food and too little of a commitment to exercise and here I am.
My weight currently is about 70-73 kilos, I am 165cm tall and have a natural 10GG bust, but no booty to match (thanks Mum!). I am booked in to have vaser lipo on my upper and lower abs, love handles, inner thighs and knees. My surgeon is Dr. Mitchel Kim from Cosmos Clinic on the Gold Coast.
I had researched and gotten quotes from international doctors and other cosmetic places in Australia and it wasn't cheaper at all to go overseas for the procedure, so I have kept it local, which honestly, I'm sure would suit everyone better. This will be my first procedure and I am glad that I can do it at home without the added concern of international travel and complications.

I think I found the Cosmos team online just by google searching, I filled in an online query and sent my photos away, in a few days I had a reply with a recommendation and a quote along with some generic details outlined what vaser was all about. I really appreciated that I didn't have to front up and strip down before having an idea as to what money I would need to fork out. That was the first tick of approval for me. The quote I received at this time was $4400 for the first area and then $1800 for additional areas and based off my photo I had sent along was about $8000.
There were still questions that I had and I emailed them away, something like, how many areas can be completed at once? Are garments included? etc etc. And a few days later received from the receptionist a very standard 'thanks for your inquiry, it would be best to have all of your questions answered during a consultation, call us to make an appointment'. Was I thrilled about the sales push? No. So I did some more searching and found a review on here from a lady who had just recently had ab and arm vaser from the same surgeon in the same place. Her results were good and she was very happy so I said eff it, lets make a booking.

The Consult:
I was a bit nervous, I had asked my Bf to come with me, he was running late, I went in anyway. Filled in the basic patient form and the doctor came out dead on time to greet me. The receptionist told him that boyfee was late and Doc said to come in and he can join us when he gets here.
Dr Kim is really genuine and I was instantly calm when speaking to him. He has a good handshake and speaks really well. He looks young which I was aware of before I had met him, and was slightly worried that he might not have enough experience, but I have seen the after results from his patients and they are really really good. He gets started pretty much straight away by asking me what I was interested in and then gets me to strip off. He drew some lines and then showed me in the mirror what he plans on doing. Then clothes go back on and he explains everything, and I mean everything. Its at this time that Bf comes in and the Dr continues. He has some info sheets that he talking through, but covers the dot points in more detail. He explained that the leaking is the anesthetic dripping out and that it looks like watermelon juice, he explained the difference between standard lipo and vaser, he spoke about what was going to happen on the day of the surgery. Everything was covered. Then he asked if I had any questions, or if Bf had any questions. We didn't, he then offered info and said that most Bf/husbands ask when they will be able to have sex again. We laughed, made a few jokes and obviously the answer is whenever the patient is ready to have sex. I am very lucky and have a super supportive Bf so this was never an issue for me. I got a pack with all the info that was covered and the Dr told me what dates he would be available and I said I would check my work schedule and get back to him to make the appointment. There was no hard sell, there was no adding anything onto the price, I did ask for my knees and upper abs to be done, which I didn't in my initial communication, this is why my price is $11000 instead of $8000. This also includes the after care garments, after care appointments and follow-up consultations which include massage from the nurses and an 8 week and 6 week Dr consultation.
The after pain was described by the doctor to be like as if I had just done 7 straight gruelling hours of just ab exercise, I would have major muscle soreness and be struggling with that. I have experienced the after effects of hard exercise and lived through it, so I am feeling at ease about what to expect.

I will update on the procedure and the after procedure when it has happened and will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability. I got a lot of info from the site and am only happy to pay it forward.

So I've done it now!

My procedure was yesterday. I was anxious the night before, but I took the lorazepam before bed and I had a really good sleep. The hardest thing was to not drink water in the morning!
I went straight in to see the doctor @ 8:30, stripped down, tried the compression garments on, then did some crunches and leg lifts so that he could draw exactly around my actual abs.
The doctor took some photos, which I'm hoping I can grab off him. And then I was in. Laying on the table with 2 lovely lovely nurses assisting. I was given a blue gas tube to inhale and the IV drip was inserted, blood pressure taken. Then it was on. A few things went into the IV. I don't think the gas was doing anything except making my head fuzzy. I felt everything. The cuts, the anaesthetic being pumped in, the headed suction rod. My thighs were done first. I had to turn over and then stand up. My knees were done was about now that I was over it and willing to call a stop to the whole thing.
If you have ever had a tattoo and you have had to sit for a while, that's what this was like, I was over it. When it came to my stomach, I was feeling so much more of the heated rod, like it was burning. I just kept inhaling the gas, but it just made me emotional. I started to cry. I'm not sure why? It wasn't super painful, it was uncomfortable and I was just bothered. The doctor asked what was wrong and if it was hurting and I said I don't know, I think I am in shock. I couldn't really make a full sentence. He then told me that I hadn't had pain killers and if it was hurting I could have some. The nurse gave me something thru the IV. I thought I could wait and it would set in and I wouldn't be as bothered. Then I got turned onto my side to have my flanks done. This is when things got really bad. It felt like stabbing and sharp pulling all at the same time. I was saying ouch and tears started again. I asked to have a break for a minute cos I didn't know why I was crying (it's really not a reaction I have) so we paused for a bit. Checked my blood pressure again. I couldn't really communicate what I felt like cos I guess the gas had muddled me up. He told me that it was normal to have an emotional reaction while on the gas. He started again and again it was painful. That's when the doctor swapped out the blue gas for the green whistle and had something else in my IV. After 3 puffs I have no recollection of the rest of the procedure. In all honesty, I wish I could have had the green guy from the start. I did like seeing how much fat was coming out of the tubes though. That was cool.
In total I had 3.6L removed.

I woke up in the recovery bed, I had no idea that it had finished or how I got there, but I was relaxed and not too sore, just more stiff. There were crackers, biscuits, Apple juice and water on a table next to me. The nurse made
Me drink the water every time she came in. But I kept snoozing. When it was time to go, she said that my boyfriend was here to get me and I need to get dressed. So she put on my socks, trackies and top. I already had the garment on. but I don't remember that happening. I went home with a few plastic pads wrapped around me as I was leaking a lot.

When I got home I was pretty much straight in bed. I was pretty dopey. Slept on and off for the night, had to pee quite often.
The pain isn't so bad now. It feels like really sore muscular pain, and as if I had terrible sunburn and someone has scratched me. But it's certainly manageable.

I fell like I need to have another sleep now. The panadiene forte makes me pretty sleepy. So I walk laps of the house and then sleep.


Here are the 2 pads that were wrapped in my like a skirt coming home yesterday. I didn't take them off to sleep with last night. Just this morning when I woke up.

I have a couple of stitches under each breast. These are annoying and spikey & just above my butt, along my lower back is super itchy. I don't know if I have any incisions there so I'm not touching it. Cos I don't want to agrevage anything. I'm using all my will power!

Also, I stink. Of dried blood, sweat, and pee. It's great that the compression garment has an opening, but it's small and being so clumsy and stiff, you don't pee like normal, so the area around the opening gets a little wet.
It's not glamorous. And I haven't read anyone mentioning this at all, so either it's just me, or no one is talking about it.
If you can get your hands on a she-wee do it. Cos that would be a lot easier and less messy.

Day 2 and my brain is fuzzy

So yesterday I had quite a few naps. I found that I became really tired straight after taking the antibiotic and the pain killer. I listened to my body and went to sleep. Only for an hour each time, but that was enough to refresh me.
I am walking laps of the house, each time I do I feel like I am getting more of my normal walking stance back and getting faster each time. I'm not up to leaving the house yet, and there would be no way I could go back to work. I'm happy with the decision that I took a week off.
My feet and toes are swollen like crazy, but that's to be expected.
My head is fuzzy from the pain killers and I'm not retaining any new info.
I don't feel like eating too much, which is great, cos sometimes I just snack 24/7 when I was at home.
I drank about 6L of water yesterday, and I am still thirsty. Always thirsty, but it's washing out all the chemicals and helping to move the fluid, so I'm good with water.
I'm getting sleepy again now from my morning pills. Update with pics later

Day 3 - feeling strong again.

General update:
So I stopped leaking fluid after the first day. I was given extra plastic/cotton medical pads, like the ones pictured, to take home and I had them on the bed and on the lounge. There was minimal markings on those, and it was probably just what came off my garment.
My feet are swollen. Like little round balls with round ball toes. I feel like a cartoon, that's how round they are. So just be aware that the swelling for me indeed did track down, and only thongs, maybe sneakers, will fit me right now.
My pain level is really quite good. I stopped taking painkillers yesterday as they were just messing with my head too much. My BF told me I looked like a corpse when he saw me yesterday. And that was hours after I had taken anything. I've come good now and my face actually looks fresh and rested (probably from all the sleep and water!) and I am feeling much more like myself.

Big news: I had a shower last night! I felt so fresh and revived afterwards, but it was a struggle to get there.
So the doc says be really slow in removing the garment as the pressure change can make you feel naseous and dizzy. That was a warning sign for me right there. I have pretty low blood pressure normally and before I knew this a few years ago, it was common for me to black out and shake uncontrollably. It was awful, and only after I fell and hit my head did I do anything about it. I know, I'm stupid. But now that I know, I can control it with diet, fluids etc.
So anyway, the shower. I took that garment off so damn slowly. I was good until I got to the hips. Once they were undone, it was instant nausea. Then as BF is looking for nausea tablet, my ears completely blocked as if I had gone too far under water, I started to get really hot and really dizzy. I sat down on the toilet and I was hating myself. Then BF came and got me, took me to a seat under a fan and went to get water. As he did that, I went completely black and started convulsing. So just the same as when my blood pressure dropped too low. Now don't think that this is going to happen to you, it's not something that came as a result of the surgery, it's pre-existing. But the nausea and ear pressure thing, that was all new and still in itself pretty gross to deal with. So after I woke up, I was out for no more then 45-60secs, I just sat on the chair, had the nausea tablet (that take ages to dissolve, but taste quite nice) drank some water and calmed down. Peeling the garment off my legs was quite easy, getting it over my fat feet was the hardest part.
I sat and watched BF wash the garment in a bucket of napisan - man that water was black straight up. It was so gross. All the dried fluid and blood and anaesthetic that was leaking out. Yuk. But I have only one garment, so he wringed it out, and then towel dried it with a shaky before giving it a quick blow dry. Came out mint. I was ok to stand now and was in the shower.
When I touched my skin it still felt numb, especially on my mid section. I didn't have any bruising there at all, but I looked red like I was sunburnt, and I guess that I was but from the inside. And I saw the cuts, only one was pretty gnarly, which is the one on my right flank. It's right where the clip/zip for the garment sits on me. And I have felt it pinch and rub a little bit on it. So I will ask today if it should be covered.
They actually looked bigger then what I was expecting them to be, but I'm also swollen and not healed, you won't see them when I'm back to normal. And if you do, I don't even care.
So my thighs were super black and bruised. And my knees were too. I still had the marker lines on my legs, I tried to gently scrub it off, but it didn't budge too much. Over all from what I could see looking down, it all looked pretty good.
I wanted to take photos, but after the whole drama I just forgot.
Putting the garment back on wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. It's just like putting on a pair of skins. Slowly being pulled up the leg, making sure the opening is straight, and then rotating each side to be done up, clip by clip.
The Velcro over garment I think is a bit of a waste. I can't do it tight enough without it being lopsided as its all one piece. I thought they were individual velcros, but mine is just one big one. And it came undone last night when I was sleeping.

Oh I also recommend that you sleep with a pillow under your feet. It helps to reduce the foot swelling. I have slept on my back mostly, and swapped to both sides in the morning. It takes a while to get into a comfy position, but I'm normally a side sleeper so it's good for me.

Today, I have my first check-up apt and massage. Ugh. Not looking forward to it.

Day 4 - post op pics

So the massage j had yesterday was pretty easy. More like a soft rub really. I quite enjoyed it.
The swelling in my feet and legs were a lot better afterwards, but has returned again today.
The area giving me the most grief is my left leg. Obviously with the varicose vein running directly through the area of work I had a feeling things would be hit and miss. I have 3 very red, very sore lumps along my vein. I have had blood clots previously, and this is exactly what they were like. Which other then being painful, are easily treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. The swelling and tension in my left leg around these is pretty bad, and the pain from them makes it difficult to massage. But otherwise I'm doing pretty good.
My incisions have all scanned over and look to be healing pretty well. The bruising on my abs is just yellowed, I didn't see it black/blue at all. My thighs are super bruised and I still walk like a cowboy cos they hurt if I bump them on each other.
Wearing the Velcro wrap around my waist restricts movement a lot and makes it really difficult to bend, sit, turn. It bunches a whole lot too. I wasn't able to get another one when I went in for my massage yesterday as this style was all they had. But I was told that I can cut off one panel to make it more friendly to use. It currently covers directly under my breast to well below my undie line. Since I'm a home body for a while I'm not too worried about it. But when j return to work I think I will need to cut it so that I avoid the bunching under my clothes.

Day 4 - Side by side comparison

Day 7 - first machine massage

So I don't know what the magic machine is called, but I had my first massage with it today. I got to the clinic, nurse came and got me, took me to the massage room and asked me to get nekkid, well to my undies anyway. And then I had to put on a white body stocking, and layed down on the bed. The machine isnt nearly as scary as I thought it might be. It's got a big paddle with 2 rollers in it. It sits gently on your skin and then has a 'tap' movement. I had the machine on the lowest setting today, it was very easily tolerated, and I would be comfortable to have a higher setting next time.

Day 9 - feeling fine!

So today was probably the best day I have had post op. I looked pretty sexy this morning if I do say so myself. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to embrace my new shape and it would take time to appreciate it. But I'm honestly loving it.
I didn't post this previously, but on day 6 I think I was having a pretty emo day. I was feeling sorry for myself, I hadn't had a proper cuddle from my BF, I was scared to return to work cos I still didn't feel up to it, I hated not being able to do what I normally could, I felt helpless and stupid and swollen. It was depressing. But my BF told me after I had a little cry, that I am being that naive 20yo who thought they could have lipo and 3 weeks later party thier skinny self off at thier 21st. I'm being pre-jusgemental, I'm not letting the process happen. Which was all true. So I sucked it up and went to bed.
The mental turnaround to today though is incredible. I was so much less swollen this morning, I'm pretty much walking like a normal human again. I'm still cautious of moving slowly when I sit up and down, the garment is still restrictive after all. But man, I felt almost back to normal.
I went shopping for a while today and I really didn't have too much issue with swelling or heaviness in the legs at all.
Yesterday I went to work for a few hours and I was heavy in the legs, but I was also a lot slower walking and a lot stiffer too. My colleague told me I walked like I had a stick up my arse. So that's cute.
I did a really good massage yesterday, which is why I think I woke up feeling great today (and prob also why I had to go to the bathroom 4 times last night) and cleared a lot of the excess fluid.
I found that the tightness I was starting to feel around my flanks was the beginning of scar tissue, so I pressed I to it like you would a muscular knot and it felt like bad pins and needles. After a while of moderately hard massage of the lumpy areas, I softened up quite well. I could easily tell the difference from the right side to the massaged side.
I did the same massage again tonight, and the area wasn't nearly as stiff. I can still feel the scar tissue, but it's not as tight as it was previously.
I'm massaging every night straight after my shower before I put the garments back on. I googled DIY lymphatic massage and just followed the instructions. It's pretty easy.

First full day back at work

So there was a big song and dance with HR and having me return to work. Big companies just love paperwork and box ticking. So I ended up having 2 weeks off in total. Which I really don't mind at all. I needed to get a clearance from Dr Kim and he was great, had one ready a few hours after I emailed him. How's that for service!
I did a full day today which was pretty labor intensive and I didn't have more than 2 15 minute breaks (just how things go sometimes). My thighs are slightly swollen, more so then what's normal for them now. But with massage they come good. So I can deal with that.

I had my second endo massage yesterday. This time it wasn't the 'tap tap' motion, it actually had suction. And the nurse explained that it lifts the skin away from the tissue so that it helps break down the scaring and allows the skin to move more freely. I won't say that it felt painful, I would describe it more as being uncomfortable. Not like the procedure uncomfortable, much more mild then that. I was really hot over the areas after they had been done. And looked a bit red too. I'm guessing that's from the extra blood flow in the area. I was a bit more sore then normal after returning home, but it was just like a muscle ache after exercising, and it was gone by this morning.

I have started to notice however that there are more and more hard lumps appearing over me. Mostly in my flanks and what feel like one big solid line from my belly button up to my sternum.
I have been kneading/massaging the areas and they feel much better afterwards, but I find they are changing shape and moving around. So what was one solid lump is now thinner and more of an abstract shape. I feel quite tight through my core as well and when I stretch up I can see the lumps through the skin. They look like something out of an alien movie.
Am I worried about them? No - I am confident that they will break down and I'll return to feeling normal over time. But they are there and I want a great result, so I am doing what I can to help the process along.

On a positive note - the changes in my legs are becoming much more noticeable - my knee shape I am happy with too. I don't feel like I have a "fat side knee" anymore.
I don't feel like I have lost weight or anything, and lipo isn't about fat loss. It's about shape sculpting. I disn't grasp that concept until a week after the op. I was still in the mindset even after everything that I had read that it was a great way to get rid of unwanted fat. And in a sense it is, obviously you are having fat deposits sucked out of you. But I feel so confident with the new shape, not having the floaty ring around my hips and belly. Essentially I am still an hourglass shape, which I always have been. I'm just a better more refined version of that. And it's wonderful.
I truely can't wait to start training again. I am feeling really motivated to work out and keep improving my body, losing the soft bits around my arm and tightening the hamstrings and quads. It excites me because I know I look this good when I am at my heaviest.
And that's an amazing feeling.

Day 18 - starting to see real change

Gold Coast Physician

So far Dr. Kim is lovely and I am really happy and comfortable about going into the surgery.

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