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I am 32 7'9 79kg with genetic fat areas which...

I am 32 7'9 79kg with genetic fat areas which cause me to be an apple shape with big fat chunky arms, lovely breasts and nice butt, Just the arms and mid section I was not at all impressed with! I grew up being the tall slim athletic one and now, 2 kids and lots of junk food later, my genetics have finally shown their true colours! I am loving my new curves just not keen on the spare tire or the tuck shop lady arms! Ew is all I have to say! So about 18 months ago, in my spare time I would look at countless websites, youtube vidoes, before and after pictures, reviews etc etc... could not shake the desire to fix this new found problem of mine! So after all this research and website/review stalking I finally worked up the courage to go through with Vaser on my Upper lower abs, flanks and upper arms. I went with Dr Kim Mitchell at Cosmos Clinic on the Gold Coast and I am so super happy I did! He is a true artist and really listens to what you want :)

Op Day!!! and the following 48 hrs...

ok well the night before I didn't really do anything different to any other night... besides not sleeping!!! Thank goodness Dr gave me 1mg Lorazepam for the night before so I managed some sleep (3hrs) woke up sleepy from lorazepam....
I live an hr drive away from where I was having surgery so I got my mum to drive me there... Doctors instructions. Surgery was at 8:30am so we left early.

Got to the doctors office, we sat and Dr gave me some more pills, one lorazepam the other i am not sure what it was but within a few minutes I was feeling buzzy and calm.. hehe... Doctor took some very lovely (ew) before photos and then I went in and got dressed into my undies and a surgery cloak, which was then removed 1 minute later as I went into the surgery room and lay down on that wonderful hard stainless steel operating table!!!! I remember the doctor putting something into my arm and then me sucking on the happy gas and then I think I went to sleep for little bit..... And then I woke up to lots of vibrating and pulling and stuff and remember the nurse was holding my hand above my head "it's nice to have someone hold my hand while I am awake for this" I say to the nurse. Her reply was "I am mainly holding your hand because you keep touching the area and trying to sit up to have a look at what he is doing" oops my bad! I started to suck on the happy gas again and went back to sleep.... Then OMG I FELT MY NERVES BEING PULLED from beneath my skin!!! I start to cry from the fright more than the actual pain and the nurse gives me some more pain killers and I fall back to sleep..... then I wake up laughing because the doctor is doing my ribs and it really did tickle! He is getting me to go onto my sides to do my love chunks (flanks) then gets me to move my arms around in different positions for my arm suctioning.... He tells me he is done and the nurses take me to a bed to rest and I fall asleep for a few hours. Then they dress me into my sexy compression garments and wrap me up tight in a binder and send me home..... I do not remember much about the ride home or that night. All I remember was being wrapped up i those puppy training type pads and going to sleep.
Woke up the next morning felling pretty good... blood stained drainage everywhere!!!! I was happy to leak because that meant it was not staying under my skin. Stomach felt ok, felt like really really bad sunburn but thats about it. Really hurt getting up and down but besides that it seemed pretty good.

Pictures of compression and binder

I have uploaded a picture of compression garments and binder... I am meant to still be wearing my arm compression but it is too uncomfortable and causes massive swelling that is painful on my forearms so I do not wear it all the time... the binder is cool cause it has 4 separate elastic/velcro straps that you can adjust individually to suit the contour of your body. I personally have mine tighter around my hips and lower stomach.

15 Days post OP

I'm not gonna lie, I am feeling very sorry for myself.....Not feeling any pain really, it's all gross swollen and lumpy, like so much scar tissue under my skin the majority of it is extremely hard, like massaging a brick wall and i am not talking about my abs, I am talki about the stupid amounts of scar tissue forming on my stomach and sides.... Dr has been great he has ordered endermologie twice a week now to break up the scar tissue and today I went for an MLD massage which felt amazing and helped the area to soften up quite a lot. Even tonight as I massage my stomach I can feel the scar tissue start to break up. The lovely Chinese lady who did my massage is worth her weight in gold! Going to be seeing her twice a week as well as getting the endermologie twice a week at the clinic so fingers crossed this approach will get rid of this horrible hardness and quickly! Photos uploaded are from today... looking pretty gross and lumpy and bumpy and super swollen right side after endermologie treatment.

3 weeks update

ok so the last week or so have been pretty good for me, i have found an amazing Lymphatic drainage massage lady who has worked wonders for my swelling and lumpiness..... have been exercising every couple of days and everything seems to be going ok, though I do notice more swelling after doing strenuous sorts of exercise. Saw Dr Kim on Tuesday. I thought I was just going in for routine endermologie session but instead, discovered i was getting PRP injections into the hard areas which are scar tissue forming, which I have been told is from me not wearing my garment 24/7 like I am supposed to.... Well let me tell you getting platelet rich plasma injected into newly formed scar tissue under the skin does not tickle!! Omg was uber painful and scary but I am so thankful for my Dr getting straight onto the issues so they go away as soon as possible and I get to heal nicely. Apparently it will take 6 weeks for the full effects of the PRP. I took some photos of myself after my massage and with the least amount of swelling... Still have that donut around my belly button which sticks out and is really weird.... that will go as it has been injected with the PRP

Photos 3 weeks post

Lets hope these will be able to be uploaded :)

5 weeks update

well things are starting to feel normal now, I can feel my skin on my stomach again and underneath where the injections were is nice and soft now.... Decided to ditch the horrible polyester compression suit that starts just above the knees and finishes at the elbows and replace it with a latex waist trainer. Well it is 5x more comfortable and nowhere near as bulky.... Though I dos wear it all day and I was on my feet running around and it has left some pretty large indents on my stomach which I am guessing is from swelling - which is what happens when you run around all day! Next week I have my 6 week checkup and maybe getting some more injections.... Most likely will be taking a lot of painkillers and maybe some Valium in preparation for this time since I know what I am in for!!! Yikes!
Gold Coast Physician

Dr Kim is awesome he was realistic, great communicator and made sure I knew exactly what to expect. Would recommend him to anybody wanting Vaser.

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