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Im a small build and I only weigh 50kgs and have...

Im a small build and I only weigh 50kgs and have stayed the same weight since I can remember. I have had four children, my first was at 16 and the other three were all in my 20's. I had a belly full of stretch marks and my belly button looked like a frowny face. My tummy used to get itchy and sometimes break out in a rash. After using every kind of stretch mark cream and eating like a rabbit I asked my doctor what else I could do, she suggested a tummy tuck. so after a lot and I mean ALOT of research I decided to go see some plastic surgeons. I went with my third choice because she made me feel so comfortable and confident that she could give me the best results. I booked in for a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and a new belly button on the 16th of September 2015 - I'm now 2 days post op. I feel fine, no pain just tight and uncomfortable from sitting in the same position. I'm having panadol every 5 hours, antibiotic, anti inflammatory and stool softener. I have a stronger pain killer to take if I need it. I had one nights stay in hospital, my drains came out the next day and pain pump was pulled out today. At the moment I just feel tight. I'm wearing a body suit that goes from under my boobs and down into like bike pants around my legs. I have to wear it for a whole week, no showering til then and it's crouch less so it's weird going to the toilet when your in a suit. I haven't seen much but when the pain pump came out my hubby said the scar was real low so that's exciting. I love my PS she is so lovely and caring and I'm so happy I went with her. My hubby has been amazing helping me to get in and out of bed, on and off the couch, keeping me fed hahahaha I love him so much. I've included some before pics and some of my drains after but won't see my body til next week so I'll put some more on then. Looking forward to wearing my bikini this summer.

After photos

A few morning after photos.

My op

I thought I would tell you about my actual op......on the 16th September 2015 I had to check in at the hospital at 10.30am. Got there at 10.20am, paid the last of my fees and was sent over to another area. Handed them a tag I got and was told to sit and wait. Gave my hubby some hugs and kisses, told him to drive carefully home and then I was called in. Once inside this other area I went into a room with a nurse who took my blood pressure, asked a few more questions then tagged my wrist and ankle. I was given some socks, booties, paper undies, a button up garment and a gown to put on, I looked like an oomper lompa. From there I sat in a waiting room. I was there for a while watching TV then another nurse came, called my name and wheeled me in a wheel chair up the lift to a recovery room. I was placed in a bed with warm blankets, a shower cap looking thing over my hair and waited again. By now my heart was going a hundred miles an hour, my mouth was dry and panic had set in. I remember thinking "just knock me out now". The wait is the worsed especially when you know your about to be pretty much cut up! While I was waiting in the bed I saw a clock that said 12.30pm. I was supposed to be under by then, they told me 12pm! Anyways, another nurse came, wheeled the bed to another room behind a curtain, the room where your just about to go in to theatre. When in there I saw another clock, it said 1.10pm. The nurse put warm blankets over me to heat my core he said. Anaesthetist came in and put the catheter in and then left me. I waited and waited, was given some mags to read (boring), I was cranky at this point, just wanted to be out to sleep and have it over with. My heart was going really fast and I was so nervous, I just wanted to be put out now. Looked at the clock and it said 2pm!! WTF! My PS then came in, finally some action! She makres me up, she said my scar would be just under my pubic hair line as I had a stretch mark dint I wanted gone so it was going to be bonus hair removal and I would have a cute little belly button. Once done I payed down back in the bed, the anaesthetist came in and said "I'm just going to give you something to relax", I started feeling sleepy and thought "nope this is the stuff" and out I went! Yay! When I woke up I felt like I had one of those really good sleeps where you fall asleep at night and then wake thinking I didn't even dream, it was good. I then started rubbing my body all over, I was so cold. I asked for more blankets and the nurse put a warm blanket on me and one around my head. We laughed a little cause I looked like Rocky or mother Theresa. Didn't care though cause I was warm. Anaesthetist came and told me it must have been from the anaesetic, I reckon maybe shock too. Anyways, laid there for a bit, the clock said 6.15pm. The nurse gave me some pain meds through my drip which instantaneous took away the small amount of pain I had. Another nurse came and we were ready to move me to my room. I got to ring my husband quickly and tell him I'm going to my room. He was already there waiting for me, we thought he was going to be able to come back and see me at 4pm but surgery didn't happen til 2pm so there was a delay and he waited for me......so sweet! I know my husband would want to buy me flowers but I said to him before surgery, no it can wait til I get home, that way we don't have to carry much. Got up to my room where he was waiting and he had a teddy with get well on its feet and a balloon that said get well soon. I said I told you not to get anything and he said " you told me not to get flowers, the teddy is not flowers". Cheeky bugger he is and that's why I love him so much! Nurses helped me get up and go to the toilet, was very funny as my support suit wasn't pulled up properly so we got that sorted, went to the toilet through the couch less support suit and that was weird. I forgot to mention that I had spotting that morning, my period wasn't supposed to come til 2 days after. Typical of it to come on the day so we put a pad in my undies and my undies went over the top of the support suit. Laid back in bed, my husband stayed until 10pm and then he left. I had nurses coming and checking my blood pressure, antibiotics and paracetamol put through my drip and that's it. I felt fine. No pain, no nausea, no dizziness, just tight. I watched TV, played mahjong on my iPad but still wasn't tired. It got to 3am and I was fed up with just sitting there. Went to the toilet a few times which was great, getting out of bed and leaning right over felt good. So it was 3am.....I was up right in this bed, got some pillows beside me and I slowly drifted off to sleep, thank goodness! I woke at 6am, went to the toilet, my drip thing was beeping as it was empty. The nurse came in and said the next staff that are due will be in soon. My PS came in at 7am, I was surprised she was in so early. She checked my drains and said I looked great (yeah right). I told her I'm waiting for this pain to come like everyone told me but it didn't and hasn't as yet. Just feel uncomfortable. She said my drains can come out and I can go home.....yay! She booked me in the come see her the next day to get pain pump out. So....came home, so happy to be home. Relaxed, took my meds and slept great that night. Pain pump came out the next day, felt horrible. They said the numbness will wear off and I start to feel something then. So I came home, took one drowsy pain killer and slept for 2hours. Woke, had dinner and then watched a movie with my hubby. Still ok, no pain. Then I had a pain in my left side like bad period pain, I thought ok here we go. I had two hours before I could take more pain meds. Just took deep breaths and kept watching movie then the pain just subsided within 30mins. I waited and had my next pain relief tablets then went to sleep. Here I am now, day 3 and I feel great. The little bit of pain for 30mind I had last night was the extent of it! I had my anti inflammatory this morning as well as my antibiotic, stool softener and two paracetamol. Had breaky and I feel great, I have a sore back only when walking to the toilet, swelling of the scar area and I wish I could lay on my side but that's it, that's the worst of it and it's not even really that bad. Had myself all worked up before this surgery that I would be in agony and be crying but so far so good. My next appointment is in 4 days and I get to have a shower. Cannot wait!

Toilet break

Sorry for the too much info on this subject but I gotta share, it's just too funny. Going to the toilet is an experience and a half. I can't take my support suit off but it's crunch less which doesn't make it any easier. As women we can't control the stream like men, it's either a sprinkler system at times or just when you think it's coming straight out it all of a sudden changes direction and goes to the side. Not fun when you have a suit on. Thankfully I miss from peeing on myself.

Swell hell

Ok so far so good, no pain! But I'm swelling around the tummy. I've still got to wear my support suit 24/7 for another two days before I can just start wearing it through the day. I'm not standing any straighter but sitting down I'm a little more straighter. I think it's because my back is weak and can't hold me up so laying down and sitting is great. I have a lot of tightness and it feels like my support suit is pulling upwards while my skin is pulling downwards. Anyone else feel that? Also how long is it before I can stand straighter. My PS said my body will know when it's time but I thought by day 5 I would be able to be a little straighter. My only guess is that my skin got pulled really tight. Seeing my PS in two days, can't wait!

Post op day 6......my time zone is ahead

Before I had this operation I read heaps of stories that people went and got recliners. I didn't bother, I was just going to use pillows. I didn't want to spend the extra money on something I wouldn't need for long......but......then I got really uncomfortable! I thought maybe those women were right, that it would be a good thing to have. I looked on eBay and gumtree for a second hand cheap one and to my luck I found a nearly brand new one for $20!!!!! Slept in it last night and had the best nights sleep. I woke feeling amazing!!! My advice is GET ONE!!!! Very worth it. Even if you don't think you'll need it, get one! Seeing PS tomorrow. Will try and take some pictures today or tomorrow.


I get to take my support suit off tomorrow to have a look but in the meantime here's a picture of me standing. I have to wear my granny undies over the top.....bit like super women hahaha......I'm have swollen in the last few days too.

Finally get to have a shower!!!

Went to see my PS's office today to see her nurse and got to take a few pictures of my tummy. I am able to shower now and I was given a second support suit to wear when the other is in the wash. I still have to wear my suit 24/7 but get to take it off when I want to shower. Sondra (ps staff/nurse) said I look great and everything is going nicely. My belly button is full of sugery glue to keep its shape which is different o what I read on this sight but sounds like a good idea for healing. I love my plastic surgeon.....totally recommend her! Anyways, I'm getting straighter as far as standing, I have swelling which looks like I'm bloated but it's ok. I'm numb from my belly button to my scar, such a weird feeling. Scar is really low, right on my pubic line or just under. Still have a lot of healing to do but otherwise I'm so happy and the whole experience has been a good one for me. Hope everyone is healing well. I'll put a picture on before I had kids and after kids and today's pictures.

Feeling good.....

Feeling good, can't stand completely straight but I'm getting there. Had my first shower last night since my op and yes it was good to finally have my hair washed but it doesn't feel good without the suit on. Feels like that moment when you stand up after having a baby and your belly feels empty and jelly like.....that's how it feels without this suit. I can't wait til I can walk straight! Will update in a few days. Hope everyone is doing ok :-)

9 days Post op in my time zone

No more meds for me yay! Finished my antibiotics and haven't needed any pain meds for days. I have had two BM's everyday since op and thanks to the stool softener. Eating lots of fibre and drinking plenty of water helped in that department. My only thing is that I cannot stand straight yet. I guess my body will be ready when it ready. I can go to the toilet easily and make my own food (in a stooped position) but can't stand for long as my back starts to give way from trying to hold me up. Seeing my PS's nurse on day 13 so hopefully I am a bit straighter by then. If I could just stand up right then that would be fantastic!

Frustrated but getting better

Have only been able to stand a little straighter today. Still have to hunch over a bit but getting better. I've been so frustrated, I have no pain and I feel really good but I just can't stand straight. So when I'm up walking around my back starts to ache and then I have to sit down again. Would like to be able to make some food without having to hunch and end up with a sore back. I have a pulling tightness feeling on both sides of my tummy and around my belly button. Numb in the centre of my belly which is a weird thing. When I wake in the morning my body instantly wants to stretch out but I hold back.....would love to have a good strech right now. Otherwise this has been a great experience for me. My body has taken it very well and I'm healing nicely. I'm bit scared about my scar though. It looks like it's higher up from where I would wear my bikinis. I wear low bikinis and I'm hoping I don't have to change to bigger pairs, that would suck! Seeing my plastic surgeon tomorrow so will be asking about my hunching over and about whether my scar is going to come down a bit. I was told I would have a low scar so fingers crossed. Has anyone else had there scar come down a bit or does it stay where it is from the start?

13 days po

Had my dressings changed today.......ouch! The tape coming off hurt. My PS said everything looks great and that my scar is in fact low even though I can't see that properly yet. I think it's because I haven't fully stretched out yet. I'm still hunched over but I've been given the all clear to try and get straighter. I've been worried because I have such a pulling feeling and I didn't want to wreak anything. My PS said that my body needs to get used to the new positioning of my skin and that my newly tightened muscles are something I'll eventually get used too. So....I came home and layed down for a while with two pillows under my head and the rest of me in a flat position. The pulling feeling is weird, feels like I'm walking round with a child hanging from my shirt. I'm ok to drive now but only when I feel up to it which I'm going to wait til I can at least stand more up right and walk faster then a snail hahaha. I tried on some low cut bikinis, couldn't help myself. My scar is a little higher then them but not by much and I think in time the scar will end up being inline with them which I will be happy with. Scars fade anyway so either way I'm ok. I've still got some of my old stretch marks which I expected and my scar will come up at the sides but I new all this before I did it. My belly button is still in the healing process but looks small and cute and my scar is a nice thin line. I don't see my PS for two weeks now so in the mean time I'm going to try standing straighter little by little each day.

Day 16 after surgery in my time zone

Still not completely up right but getting there. I stand up semi hunched and because I want to get to the bathroom or kitchen at a normal pace I tend to hunch more. I walk like a snail if I stay more up right. I feel like the hunch back of Notredarm (think that's how you spell it). Changed out of my full suit to some cheap ones from Kmart. It still holds me in really tight but without the zippers and pulling from the other one, I can sleep better in it too. I feel good otherwise, I can improvement in siting and getting up out of bed but this hunch is just a bummer! Does anyone know when your body is ready to stand up straighter? I've read 3 weeks or 4 weeks, would really like to know that answer. Another thing I'm worried about is the pulling of my skin and if it causes stretch marks. My PS told me before the op that it doesn't but would like to hear from everybody else on this one. Anything would be great to hear just to settle my mind. The last thing I want is to have spent all this money and to ruin it. I'm Being really cautious about everything.

healing very slowly.....

It's been 3 weeks now since my op. It has been such a slow process in healing but I'm noticing a gradual difference in getting better. I'm still a little hunched but not much at all. I can walk around for a while and have showers with no back ache so I'm guessing that now my tummy muscles are kicking in a little. I've been driving for the last few days and that has been ok. Everything is getting a little easier each day that passes but there's not a huge difference which makes this recovery feel like a mammoth task. My tummy is still really tight and I think that's why it's taking me so long to walk completely upright. My pubis feels pulled in both directions and I'm hoping that settles real soon as my scar just pokes out the top of my underwear which means I have little hairs that are poking through too. Otherwise I'm good, slowly healing and getting through the day. Will post more pictures in a week as I still have bandages on and you can't really see anything.

Feeling terribly depressed today

I'm just past the 3 week mark. Unlike everybody else I have to wear my dressings and support suit 24/7. My dressings get changed every two weeks, I get a quick peek and a photo of me in a layed out reclined position then I sit and wait. At 6 weeks my dressings come off and I only have to wear my support suit when I feel I need it. So I don't get to really see anything properly on my body only the slight shadow of antiseptic stain through the dressings. I'm standing up much straighter just a very slight hunch but can deal with it. I hate looking at myself because my scar looks higher then I asked for. When I first went for my consult I said I wanted a low scar and I'm happy to have a vertical scar from old belly button. My PS said that she could get rid of the belly button altogether and still give me a low scar. She said all scars rise a bit which I knew but she was going to take out 2cms from the top of my pubic region so I thought if there is any rise it will be ok. I did this because I have a fetish for bikinis, I'm not a shoe person but more of a bikini collector. I love them! I wanted to have my saggy skin removed so I can wear my swimmers and feel sexy and good about myself at the beach. I don't wear really low cut bikinis just the hipster kind, they've always covered my private parts with no problem. Anyway, I'm feeling a a bit disappointed. I'm sure I'm going to look good in my clothes with no muffin top or loose skin popping out but I'm now really concerned about the bikinis. Being 3 weeks I thought my scar would have come down just that little bit but it hasn't. I've traded all my stretch marks for a big smile scar across my belly. I literally can't stop crying and I can't tell anybody because I asked for this op, it's not like I had to have it done and I don't want to hear the "I told you so"! My dressings get changed by my PS's nurse as I don't see my PS til week 5, so I told her my pubic hair is popping out the top of my bikinis and my underwear......she said "oh yeah that happens because your skin was pulled from the bottom too" then she told me most people just go get laser hair removal!!!!! WTF!!!! Now I have to pay for hair removal! I thought the middle of my scar would at least be covered! So......I'm really really sad right now. Scar isn't going to fade for at least a year, pubic hair will need to be removed and at the beach I'm going to have a smiley scar that will scream out "hello, I've had a tummy tuck!!!!!!" Sorry for my rant but I need to get it out! This was supposed to be a dream come true. I've posted a picture of what I thought I would look like after this op, a picture at approx 10days, a picture now and a picture in my normal underwear.

5 weeks and 2 days post op

I had an appointment my PS two days ago. They removed the dressings and I don't have to wear them again. I don't wear my support suit either, just wearing some shape wear until the scar fully heals. I can go swimming, no tanning. I can start doing some light exercise. Only need to put a sorb alone moisturiser on to keep my scar soft which is fine with me. I've been wearing my underwear low because I don't want them rubbing on my scar which is also why the shapewear cones in handy because my clothes don't rub either. I thought my scar would have been a tiny bit lower but no big deal, scars fade and I'm happy that I don't have loose skin anymore. I still have heaps of swelling below my belly button area and some on my hips. Forgot to mention.....I can stand up straight! Yay! By the 4week mark I was pretty straight. Now week 5 I'm straight!up and down, I can't do any back bends or fully extend out in bed yet but at least I look normal and not like a hunchy haha. I've put in some up date pictures of a few days ago, will update my pictures in a week or two. In the meantime feeling pretty normal and back to my old self just with less skin. Waiting for scar to heal properly but it's looking good. See my PS in 3 months time.

3 months and 2 weeks post op.......No bikini body here!

Ok so I haven't updated for ages as i have been extremely busy with Xmas holidays etc etc. I've been waiting for the swelling to come down that's under my scar/pubic bone area but it hasn't. I don't know whether it is too early or if I'm going to have a huge Pubic area forever! I feel great in my clothes, maxi skirts and tight dresses I can't wear because I look like I have a man package down there. I really really REALLY wanted to rock my new hot body down at the beach for my husband to be proud of but instead I have a high scar and a puffy pubic bone that looks like a man package. I'm so self conscious now that I wear baggy shorts and a shirt to the beach, I wear only denim shorts out to the shops because skirts and dresses make me look like I have a jock strap on. My husband doesn't like seeing me upset so I suffer in silence and only cry when I'm by myself. I'm now suffering a whole new insecurity about my body now and there's no undoing this or fixing it and as for my bone structure regarding my huge pubic bone, I don't know if it's fluid or that's how I'm supposed to look. Please don't get me wrong, I didn't have high expectations, I knew the scar would come up at the sides and be seen but I thought that the middle of my scar would dip down under my undies and swimwear. I still have a lot of tightness from my belly button to my pubic area and some bumpy areas, not sure if it's fluid or not. Above my belly button sticks out like as though my stomach is full of food but doesn't stick out under my belly button which is weird. The only reason I don't fall in a heap with depression is because I keep hoping that as time goes on my body will correct itself. If I get to a year post op and am still like this then depression will be my new best friend :-/ I see my plastic surgeon on the 27th of January 2016 so I'm going to be asking all my questions on my body and hopefully she can reassure me. I had all my kids mostly in my 20's so I feel I missed out on strutting my stuff at the beach, I was always the fat pregnant one or the after baby jelly belly body person. Fingers crossed this gets better..........please please please get better. (Photos are in my favourite bikinis which have now make me cry to look at)

STILL recovering at 8 1/2 months post op

I haven't updated for a while because my body is recovering so slowly that I can barely see any change. I thought by 8 months I would be back to my old self with a little swelling maybe. Stupid me! I keep getting told that I have to wait the full year to see my results, well its approaching fast and I still have heaps of swelling on my sides and round my belly button and the scar is still so red/pink. I'm happy I got this done but I didn't realise how long my recovery was going to be.
I'm some what disappointed with my scar. It doesn't curve downwards in the middle it's just a straight across the belly scar. I can't hide the middle of my scar in size 8 underwear and I can't wear size 10 because they are too big :-(
Some people have mentioned a tattoo in that area which is a great idea but I don't want to do that.
Anyways, my scar does not move, meaning my skin hasn't got any movement yet so I'm hoping that once the skin relaxes that my scar will sink down in the middle. I can stand straight and stretch a little but the skin is still tight and numb from my belly button down to the scar line. I know you must think I'm crazy and I've just got a bad case of muffin top but I have heaps of swelling STILL on my hips. I've been eating like a rabbit and exercising like a football playing and the muffin doesn't budge.....so it's got to be swelling. If its residual fat then I'll be complaining to my PS as she said I wouldn't need lipo!
My belly button is cute and small but the scaring is still very raised and swollen behind it that it looks like a bee sting without the red to me.
Sorry for the complaining but you spend heaps of money on these operations and yet you don't get to see the results for years to come (in my situation anyways). I wasn't expecting perfect or even an invisible scar, just one that curved down in the middle like everybody else. 8 and a half months post op and I'm just a little sad and depressed that this is how I'm going to be from now on, maybe this is my final result. Upside down scar, pulled up pubic hair line and underwear and bikinis that don't cover it :-( fingers crossed that I'm over exaggerating and that the swelling will at least noticeably subside by 12 months.

8months and 2 weeks post op ????

More pics
Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

Dr moko is so wonderful and caring. She makes you feel important from the moment you meet her. She spent heaps of time with me answering all my questions no matter how stupid some of them were and made me feel confident that she could give me the low scar I wanted and a cute little belly button. Her staff are great too, very kind and welcoming. Dr sheree moko and her staff are very prompt with appointment times and the care you receive is a 10 out of 10. I'm very happy with her.

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