Considering Removal After Tattoo Turned out Different to What I'd Hoped For! - Gold Coast, AU

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Hi all. About 6 weeks ago i went in to start a...

Hi all. About 6 weeks ago i went in to start a large rose tattoo on my side. What i envisioned was three roses going small, big, small on my ribs with some, i guess girly 'swirls'. I sat for a two hour session and what i ended up with was a large completed rose on my hip, and then two slightly smaller rose outlines going up my ribs. So instead of small, big, small which i had asked for. I got Large, big, big. Not what i wanted! I also feel the tattoo was rushed, the outline on the roses is quite 'shakey' close up and to me, the shading looks patchy in places as well. The artist added dense black 'blobs' here and there without mentioning it to me ... Needless to say i have not made an appointment to finish the remaining roses.

While i don't exactly HATE the tattoo, i just feel disappointed as its not what i wanted, it's too large and too low down on my hip! it's like i went in for a rib tattoo and walked out with a hip tattoo? I have gone around in circles for the past 6 weeks.. from being determined to remove it, to just removing the top outlines, to finishing it and seeing if i would like it better then, and now back to wanting to remove it.

I have enquired about laser removal and was quoted 6 sessions to completely remove (there are no colours or anything, just black shading etc) at $200.00 AUD per session. Which i think is reasonable. My concerns are scarring and incomplete removal... I really don't want to go through the process and come out the other side with my hip looking worse.

Anyway, that's my story. I have uploaded to photos of the tattoo. Please feel free to let me know what you think. :)

Further research leaves me discouraged....

So tonight i have been researching different clinics in my area Gold Coast/Brisbane... and i come across two businesses who both look very professional and real, however they both have the EXACT same before an after image of a particular tattoo!!!!

this has left me feeling very discouraged, one website claims to be an actual Dermatology clinic and i thought they might be able to achieve better results.But seeing the same photos on two completely different websites has me very concerned with the authenticity of both of theirs any everywhere else's photos and their results! I am just so confused right now!!

Europe takes priority!

So I've decided to postpone this whole thing until probably after my trip to europe which is in September next year. I'd just much rather focus my money to that right now! My tattoo will be one year old by then, will this hinder or improve removal chances???
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