Neck Lipo Ruined my Life! Read this before you do it!

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2 years ago I went and had some liposuction done...

2 years ago I went and had some liposuction done under my chin/neck. At the time I was only 29 and very healthy. My neck wasn't even that bad, I just didn't have a nice side on profile, my neck sort of slanted down instead of having a nice defined jaw. For the first 6 months or so the results were great but after about a year I noticed I had one very clearly defined line, right in the middle of my neck that sagged way down. It looked like a spot that had been missed as all the rest of the skin stuck back fine.

I went back to the doctor he suggested thermage skin tightening and offered to pay for half as it was $3,000 and done at a different doctor. I had this done and after 2 months the line was still there. Now I was very depressed about it so I went to a different plastic surgeon who said that the line was intact skin that hadn't reattached properly and that he would do a tiny bit more lipo around it, get inside and rough up the skin, then make me wear a garment for a few days to make it reattach.

It is now 6 weeks post op and my neck is now at least 5 times worse than before. My neck is destroyed. All the skin is loose and hanging down like that of a 60 year olds. I am only 31. Its horrible. My whole face is ruined, you can see it from all angles. I have ran out of money and my confidence is shattered. My only option now would be a mini facelift and result is much more scaring and uncertainty. Don't do this! Be happy with what you have. I have paid the ultimate price for vanity.

Preperation H worked on me!!

Ok, so it has now been 7 months. The skin improved only very slightly (about 10%), it is still very ugly and unattractive and my neck is effectivly ruined. Just the other day i went to ANOTHER surgeon to talk about neck lifts. He does not advise it as i am so young and it will leave scars. I am relieved as i didnt really want to do it but i am DESPERATE! Looks like i will have to fork out yet another $3,000 for more Thermage to see if by miracle it works this time. My doctor also advised Platlet Rich Plasma injections, i will try to to.
But to get to the point of this post, just the other day i purchased some 'Preperation H' hemorrhoid cream from ebay from Canada - its the one with the special ingredient 'Bio-Dyne'. I read that supermodels have used this for years for bags under their eyes. IT WORKED!! I cant believe it but it worked. I put some on the saggy skin and an hour or two later i looked in the mirror side on and my neck was normal looking, the loose verticle line was gone!! I now that this stuff is temperorary but at least now if i have a special event to go to, or a date or whatever i can apply some of this stuff and look normal for a few hours! I am very happy today.
If you want to see photos of my neck please look in my profile at my 'questions' link.
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