Liposculpture to Inner, Inner Thighs Extention and Outer Thigs - Gold Coast, AU

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I went under two days ago to have my inner thighs...

I went under two days ago to have my inner thighs and outer thigs done. Since I chose liposculpture I was only put under local anestetic, thus meaning that I was awake the whole time. I was given... cant remember the name now, P-something, to make me sleepy, but that did not work, i was wide awake the whole time. I am kinda wishing that I had payed more and been put under because the experience was painful. The doctor was very aggressive and when I asked him to slow down over hot spots (such as the inner thigs) he instead got cranky. Not very professional. Also, i did not have any surgery done on my waist but my belly is bruised after him jabbing me with the tool from inside of my inner thigh into my belly. Not fun.

I understand and acknowledge that it is beneficial to be able to stand up, sit up etc in order to be able t get the best results, BUT, when I sat up i started throwing up and did not stop until I got to lay back down again. therefore, i wasnt able to ripe the benefits of being awake. I mainly feel like i was cheated on not experiencing pain.
Also, the worst part about it is that I dont have a low pain-tolerance. I have fractured multiple ribs, arms, tailbone etc and still been able to compete and follow through soccer games and dressage competitions, obviously not painfree but manageble.

Im not saying that the procedure wasnt manageble, because it was, its very doable, BUT not having a doctor that can oversee how sedated you are or how much pain you are actually experiencing, i.e how much effect the medications are having on you is crap. I would have preferred to pay whatever extra i had to pay in order to not see and feel what i had to go through.

I bled ( or whatever that fluid is that comes out of you) all night, it went through all my plastic, my towels and two pair of pants. the plane ride home the day after wasnt really a joyride but doable. still bled through my pants but not the plastic i placed on the seats.(haha poor people sitting next to me on the plane thinking that i had my period).

day two, Im pretty good today, alot more flexibe, can bend over and get my socks and shoes on. did my grocery shopping and a 2 km walk today. slow, but steady. Im bruised but not too bad, mainly just swollen. my legs are feeling really hard and my inner thighs dont really have any sensitivity.its basically a mission to go to the bathroom, i find my self avoiding to drink because i cant bring my self to go to the toilet. it hurts badly to sit down. Im sure it will get better tho. Using skins and they are a freaking pain to get on and off ( as with the bathroom adventures).

Had a look in the mirror without my skins today, my inner thighs look the same. My doctor said that he couldnt remove as much fat as he wanted because there wasnt any there? Hum. Apparently Ive just got really thick skin. Not sure what I think about that, it sounds like BS to me. My outer thighs are looking better tho, the saddlebads are smaller although not at small as i would have liked them to be. the right leg is disproportionate from the left with a bulge hanging out just benith where the saddle bag used to be, not sure whats happening to that but hopefully its mostly just swollen and the difference between the legs will be less significant.

Ill post some photos as soon as a little bit more time has elapsed.

Melbourne Physician

I had multiple consultations with other doctors but he seemed the best. The negatives didnt appear until during the procedure. I.e the before and after care has been good, just his behaviour during that was dissapointing.

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