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I know, I know...the inconsistent and often...

I know, I know...the inconsistent and often negative reviews...they didn't put me off. I was SO sick of my stubborn multi-chins and jowls that began sagging and pulling down my already long and narrow face at age 27. I am now 35 and enough is enough!

I am simply not able to wear a compression garment for two weeks, which is why I have never gone ahead with liposuction for this area.

So I went to a place called Dermico in Robina on the Gold Coast. The doctor there (yes, an actual doctor) was very nice, and has had the procedure done herself a few times. On the backs of her arms and her saddlebags (not that I could see any fat at all in these areas on her, but that's not the point). She said on any areas larger than the double chin or jowls, lipodissolve struggles to work effectively, or at all.

She gave me two anti-inflammatory type steroid pills prior to commencing. She made sure I knew everything I needed to know and she explained everything very thoroughly. She was also very much aware that I had realistic expectations and did not hope to get a hugely drastic result.

She lay me down on a comfy reclining seat and started injecting. There were six injections in each of the three sites - under my chin / neck area, and each jowl side. Only one injection actually hurt as it went in. All the others I could barely notice. After she did the first side (the right side) jowl, she had me hold an ice pack to the area while she did the subsequent injections. Ohhhh boy, did it feel WEIRD. I can't say it HURT exactly...but it kinda did. It was a nagging, unpleasant, almost itchy but not kind of discomfort. Oddly, my gums felt inflamed all over my mouth. That was the worst part of it actually. After she had completed all the injections, she got me a bandage and put ice packs in the relevant areas and left me alone (after making sure I was feeling ok, which I was) for 20 minutes of relaxation / recovery time. I think quite a few people who have this may react a bit negatively right afterwards...like with feeling faint, having a lot of pain or feeling nauseous. I was ok. I just wanted to get home actually.

When she came back to remove the bandage and ice packs, I was able to feel my face for the first time and I was absolutely SHOCKED. I hadn't seen it yet, but oh my GOD, it felt BIZARRE! It felt like I had three very distinct goiters sticking out of my lower face!

She showed me in a mirror and said the swelling wasn't actually THAT bad. She also does this procedure on her husband in the double chin / neck area, and says he swells up much more. Goodness me!

She explained about massaging the area, gave me two other anti-inflammatory steroid pills to take (one each the next two mornings), a fresh bandage to wear if I felt like it to contain more swelling, but it was not necessary, and more after-care instructions (which she had gone over with me already).

So...I then had to walk around a shopping center for an hour before catching my bus home, and I felt like a total WEIRDO.

That night I went out to dinner as normal. By now, my gums felt fine and I had no pain. I'd prepared myself by buying some painkillers (not aspirin!!!) but I never needed to take them. I wore a huge scarf though, and felt like a lunatic since it was boiling hot outside. I looked utterly deformed and was not happy about exposing myself with no scarf. I had a few marks from the injections immediately under my chin which made me feel extra unsightly.

The only time it was a bit painful was when moving my neck side to side or looking straight up and stretching it out. Otherwise, it was not bad at all and later that night, I slept fine and normally. I tried to wear my bandage but it kept falling off in my sleep.

The next morning (Saturday) I would say maybe a quarter of the swelling had gone down. Maybe a third. There was no bruising anywhere apart from on the right jowl side (the area where the injection hurt going in), but it wasn't too noticeable. The two injection site marks I could see the night before had disappeared, which I was pleased about.

I attempted to wear a scarf again, but it was just too hot in the middle of the day so I gave up. Nobody seemed to notice me anyway (I didn't know whether to be insulted or relieved!) There was less pain when moving my neck, but whenever I walked at any speed or on a hard surface, it felt like my neck was wobbling and jiggling and it was quite sore and uncomfortable.

There was rock hard swelling on either side of my face (jowls) and immediately under my chin, but then beneath that, lower down on my neck, and even right down to the base of my neck where it meets my collar bone, was soft jiggly swelling and some pain.

I made sure to massage all the areas, using some Hirudoid bruise cream, 5 times a day. I found at first the areas were sore to touch, but after a few seconds it actually felt better and became much easier.

The next morning (Sunday) the swelling had gone down by half, and it was a big relief. I no longer noticed any weird feelings or discomfort when I walked and simply didn't feel as deformed in public.

Monday, I had to go to work and I told a few people who I know well. One of them knew I was doing the procedure and she asked how it went. I told her about the swelling and bruising. She looked closely and said yeah, she could see it, but it wasn't too bad. Another person peered at me and said yes, he could see it but wouldn't have noticed had I not said anything. So...again, should I have been insulted!? My face resembles a potato and nobody noticed!?

Anyway, so each day the swelling has gone down a little more, and now it is almost two weeks since I had it done, and I am ALMOST back to how I looked before the procedure. I am just hoping it doesn't stay like this forever. I mean, I could live with it and feel attractive in myself, but I did pay $700 to look BETTER than I previously did, not WORSE.

I am still doing the massages and it still hurts on either jowl side and right under my chin (though the pain and swelling from lower down went away a while ago). There is never any pain whatsoever except when I do the massages, and even then it's not bad at all. I assume, due to the presence of pain and the hard / firm feeling in the areas, that it is not actually finished in terms of the end result.

The dr advised optimal results would be seen in 4-8 weeks. So...it's only been two so far. Fingers crossed!

It's been 2.5 weeks now

So...it's been a little while and I THINK I MIGHT see a TINY bit of improvement in terms of how my chin and jowl area used to look. But I'm not sure. My jawline seems to be just a teeny bit more defined.

I still have some vague pain at times and stiffness, and I am still massaging the area 2-3 times a day with moisturiser, which feels good, and it's not even been 4 weeks yet, so I will update again in another 2 weeks. I am impatient for it to be 8 weeks as this is when results are REALLY supposed to show!

Still not sure

So it's been now 5 weeks almost, the mild swelling from my dental procedure has vanished and yet, I am still seeing no noticeably change in the jowls and chin area than 2-3 weeks or so ago.

GRRRRR. The area under my chin STILL feels sore and tight and also my left jowl area is still a bit tender when touched firmly. I am still doing my massages, but only once a day or so when I remember.

I will return with another update when I get to the 8 week mark.

Two Months Later

Well, I still quite like the look of my ex-jowls. The lipo-dissolve definitely did something there and I'm pleased.

The double chin / under-chin area on the other hand, actually seems slightly larger, though that could be because I'm now comparing it to the smaller jowl area, so it's more noticeable.

Either way, I would not do this again even though I am quite happy with the results. It was just TOO swollen and it was quite ridiculous to be honest. I would've been ok with it if it hadn't been on my face and thus 100% visible.

I'm now looking to get actual lipo or smart / laser assisted lipo for my chin.

Did NOT Work

Well, it's been 18 months or so now, and no difference whatsoever. I am now getting lipo on this area, which I should have done last year.
Dr Agnes

Very nice and thorough doctor who explained everything in detail and made sure my expectations were realistic

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