Very Happy with my Breast Reduction - Gold Coast, AU

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Very happy with the results of my breast reduction...

Very happy with the results of my breast reduction done on 21st May by Dr Mark Doyle at John Flynn Hospital Gold Coast Australia. Its amazing how much better my shoulders and neck felt straight away post op.
My story like others, my breasts grew overnight practically when I was about 14yrs. Whilst they were big, the were obviously less floppy (beauty of youth) but over the years time and gravity took its toll. As you can see from the pre-op photos they had become very saggy. I have been seeing physiotherapists and chiropractors etc for years for neck and back problems. Also I am very sporty, loving swimming, cycling and skiing, but running was a pain, and stopped me from doing triathlons with my friends. I also live by the beach and do lifesaving, had to wear bra underwear my swimmers for training etc, very uncomfortable. I was a 36E, F or G depending on the style of bra, and had dents in my shoulders.
I was referred to Dr Doyle by my GP. Had appointment with him and then saw an assistant Kirsten for more information. Found out he pioneered the "lollipop' procedure. To be honest at this point I had not done much research about breast reduction and didn't really know what that meant. I had gone to him because it was near. I then started to do some research and found this website. I decided I wanted to do the lollipop reduction. I booked in for my operation end of May as I wanted to do it in our winter as knew I had to wear the compression bra for 23 hours for 6 weeks. Where I live is subtropical so much more comfortable in our mild winter than our muggy summers.
Unfortunately in Australia private health care doesn't cover breast reduction like they do in USA. You get a really little bit back from Medicare (public health) and some from your private health cover depending on your cover. The cost of the operation, and the anaesthetist, hospital theatre etc comes out about 10000 Australian dollars (AUD), you have to pay this upfront and claim back from Medicare and private health cover after, I got 3000 AUD back, so all up cost me 7000AUD. Well worth it, I wished I'd done it 15/20 years ago.
Anyway in the lead up to the operation I got great information from this website and all your stories, thank you. I also got a bit panicky, everybody else seemed to have seen their surgeon several times before the operation and went through big discussions or photos etc with their PS about they wanted their breasts to look like. I had only seen Dr Doyle once and said I'd like a C cup. When the nurse Danielle phoned me the day before to tell me what time to come to the hospital I asked her if I would see Dr Doyle beforehand to go through some things, she said yes unless they were running late in which case there might not be time. That threw me and insisted she write in my notes I would't do the op if I didn't see him beforehand! It was fine, I saw him just before going into theatre, he was great, answered my questions and marked me up.
I stayed overnight, they gave me some Endone for pain that night. Dr Doyle checked my nipples the next morning and I went home. Thanks for the tip of the pillow for the seatbelt.
Took it easy and followed the post-op instructions. No lifting heavy shopping or children etc. I could shower from day 1 as Dr Doyle uses the Prineo tape closing system, so no outside stitches and so can get wet. (No pool or ocean swimming for 6 weeks though). They gave me Panadeine forte for pain, used them for the first few days, then just panadol. It really isn't too painful, sure the first couple of days you know you've had an operation but the painkillers work, after that its more soreness and tenderness (as long as you follow the instructions)
Took 3 weeks off work, really wanted to help my body heal as well as possible. Took walks on the beach and ate really healthy, no alcohol etc for those weeks. No problems back at work, sorer at the end of the day.
I also took pre and post op supplements as recommended by Dr Doyle, I think they really helped. They weren't pushed on me, they were in their written info and I asked for them.
The nurse phoned me at home the day after I went home to check everything was OK and answered my questions, I could phone her anytime I wanted. I saw her in their rooms 1 week post op to check on everything. And again after 3 weeks to remove the Prineo tape, which was painless, it pulled off easier than a plaster. There were a few internal stitches which were beginning to poke out which she trimmed and showed me how to do. Then she showed me how to put the fixumoll on for the next 3 weeks. I should mention that I found breastfeeding nursing pads over my nipples for the first 3 weeks really helped my comfort as my nipples were so sore to much or even just the bra against them was sore. I also used some softer round pads at the bottom of the vertical scar where the bra sat on my ribs which were sore especially where some internal stitches were.
So saw Dr Doyle for my final check up this week. All good.
Bought some Scar FX silicone sheet in lollipop shape online (from the USA) to use to lessen and flatten the scars for the next 3 months. Will post some pictures in 3 months time.

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Will update with more photos at 3 months

Very professional and caring. Compared to some surgeons described here, he's not going to spend hours holding your hand, and he hands you over to his staff to go though details etc, which is sensible (and saves you money). The important thing is his work as a surgeon in the theatre, and I think the results speak for himself. He is personable and approachable and plays cool music in his theatre and has a dry sense of humour. All his staff were very professional and helpful.

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