55 going in boots and all mini face and neck lift

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Feeling very tired looking and drained. Revision...

Feeling very tired looking and drained. Revision mini Face and Neck lift, The doctor said he would lift my Eyebrows as well and a little Botox. Since posting pics I feel I need something done around the eyes and also seem to have lost volume in cheek area, will have to speak to Dr Flynn on the Day, maybe I will call receptionist today. Having a full anaesthetic which also make me nervous but Dr. Flynn assures me I will be in good hands. will check in prior to procedure 4 days to go.

before pics

6.45am in the morning 24 hrs to go


8 hours out of Surgery for Face and Neck surgery, The Anaesthetist was amazing and made me feel at ease, I lost the plot prior as I would be under for 3 hours so nervous, Doctor even asked me if I wanted to go home. But as you can see I went through with it.
Starting to swell now, Have had food and keep drinking at home now, taken my Antibiotics no pain relief yet but it is coming I can feel it LOL. have done to much talking tonight sure that is not good.
Will post photos tomorrow as I am not feeling now.
1st appointment with doctor in the morning to take of the turban and the stockings on my legs feeling quite hot with all the gear on. Touch base after appointment.

First Appointment 24Hrs after op

Feeling a little like I have been hit by a Truck today, icing as I type. Dr. Flynn assures me that all is normal, swelling is well and truly on its way. Feeling very tired due to very little sleep. I may have a tooth that is not that great at the back which is a crown and had an ache at the front of teeth this seems to have settled down. Dr. Flynn has mentioned that the next few day the swelling will increase and to just rest as much as I can. He has mentioned that I can call whenever and if I want to go in every day if I have any concerns otherwise next appointment next Monday. Will sign off as I feel so
tired will upload some pics just after op and with the Doctor with the first bandages off. Will keep you updated

prior to surgery more pics

Dat 2 post op

Feeling very tight and stingy around the neck and ears, left side a lot more tender. Icing every hour seems to give relief, had a shower which I was dredding hair loss but to sore to take to much notice, taking Panadol only now. Hoping to get a good rest tonight roll on healing days.

Day 3 post op

Well another disturbed sleep but feel like my head is in a vice, feeling a little sorry for myself today as you do, Hospital rang to see how I am going on my 3rd day which was nice if them, seems I am plodding along fine, no meds today so far icing and resting can't do much else, I find when I move around to much I am exhausted, this site is great when you are feeling worried, will check in tomoz with update would live this tightness to settke

More photos prior

Photos in the wrong order but never mind

Well finally got to day 4

actually went out to pick up some things at the shops BIG MISTAKE absolutely worn out made me feel ill. Rushed home to rest and ice, still very swollen and bruising is coming out. Such a weird feeling not feeling the sides of you face all numb, I am happy with what I see so far it is just time and waiting to see what happens as I heal more and the swelling goes down. Doctors on Monday morning I think they will be taking stitches and staples out. That will be interesting. The one thing that is hard to deal with is the tired feeling that comes over you I know that just means rest which is something that I am not so good at, stopped in my tracks with this. Looking forward to the days rolling on.

Day 5 post op

Well feel so much better today see the doctor tomorrow for check up, took chin strap off and cannot feel the sides of my face what so ever, neck feels very tight and loads of swelling still, so roll on healing. I even went out for a drive today with the head gear on no lookers. I feel like a sponge bob, ballooning out as I type need to look after my diet and when able back out on the beat and walk at least. I am so hoping that when all the swelling etc goes down I am as happy with the results as I am now, will keep you posted after I see the doctor.

Day 6 post op

Well staples out yippee antibiotic cream applied, Told to have a great long shower to soften the scabs and then apply a thick layer of cream so not to form any scabs, Feel very swollen still no feeling around the face next to ears but all in all I am excited to see end results. Swelling seems to be something that we have to live with for a while and now my bruising is coming out look like I have been slapped around a little or a lot. No appointments with Doctor until 3 weeks now unless I feel the need, I was given a gel to use on the suture lines from day 10 to help fade and heal the scars. will post a couple of pics and let you see the progress.

Day 7 post op

Well had a long long shower and applied cream on stitches site at back of ears and front. feeling quite down today have no idea why. Neck feels really tight and still bruised with swelling. So Far so good healing is happening just have to get over the side effects, hoping to go back to work next week without looking like I have been in a boxing ring. We will see. Thank goodness for this site makes me feel so much better being able to vent online to people that know what we are all going through. will put up a side by side pic I suppose we are all looking for that improvement HA. Oh took the dog for a nice slow walk in the sun for 30 minutes with the chin strap and a scarf on lovely.

Day 8 post

Well Day out pulled my hair back sunglasses on and ventured out, I look like a bashed victim the bruising is really taking its time, also the swelling, I took the chin strap off for a couple of hours and I really felt the tight feeling around my neck, as soon as I put chin strap back on all good.
The chin strap has become my little friend. It is truly a waiting game with the bruising and swelling must take some pics of the back of the ears. I have to start using a gel that the doctor gave me from day 10 for the scaring, so will be onto that for sure. Well roll on day 9 hopefully less bruising

Day 10 post not much going on

Hi to all you ladies out there, seems not a lot is happening with me still bruised and a little swollen wishing it away have to work on Monday, have not used makeup as yet feels way to creepy, will make a difference I am sure,see my doctor in another2 weeks now but can contact whenever I like, start the scar gel tomorrow will fill you in. Does anyone still have trouble opening there mouth wide when eating???? Just thought I would put another pic up for good measure befor and after. Taking my dogs for anothe walk going mad in the house will keep updating.

Not Back at Work Day 13 post

Well will not be going into work today, I have a great shiner under my left eye with a couple of other bruises that just don't want to budge. Going to see If I can camouflage the other bruises and maybe have to put a plaster over the one under the eye and say have had a mole removed not sure yet, any suggestions. Still have a little swelling but overall am feeling a lot better. Bit tight in the neck but that is to be expected will post some pics later. Has anyone covered bruises? suggestions please.

20 days post op

Back at work for a week now, No one really knows what i have done they say I look rested, As I have not been wearing glasses people have mentioned to take glasses off for good you look fantastic, so weird comments but no one except one guy has said you have done something. Still have bruising under the eyes and swelling going on and still tight around the neck is this normal.
will update some better photos as I go. Am toying with cutting a fringe in as I have always had heavy brow lines which is a genetic thing and I don't want to have a brown lift but now I can really notice them so weird. Go back to the Doctors in a couple of weeks and he said he may touch up with some botox etc we will see.

24 Days post op

Well back at work full swing, I still wake with swelling in the morning, I sleep with the chin strap on as it makes it feel better, Still numb around the sides of face, I have tightness around the back of the ears still due to the neck lift all of which I think is normal, I feel that it gets a little worse by the end of the day so when I get home from work on goes the chin strap, But all in all it is getting better all the time, Really happy with the work that he had done fantastic. Seem to be having trouble with my Hair and what way to do it, may have to change my hair style. Also moisturiser seems weird putting on, Due to see the doctor in another week so will see how we go I will gill you in. I will post some pics later for an update.

photos added 24 days post op

26 day post still tight neck

See Doctor next week back at work now for 2 weeks every day is getting better still wake up with a stiff neck and tight, numb around the side of face still but getting better all the time.
Want my hair changed, will have a touch of botox etc when I go back to see Dr. Flynn we will wait and see what he recommends for around the Eye area and Brow. Should I cut a fringe in ladies not sure.
Will keep you posted after i see the Doctor.

Post 29 day Wig day

Well went for a couple with some girlfriends popped a wig on hilarious no one said a word so funny, it makes you wonder if people notice very much at all. I had a great night feeling a little swollen this morning and tight around the neck still see My Doctor this week to talk about anything I feel worried about etc. Numbness still runs down the side of my face but all worth it.

5 weeks post op

Well five weeks ago I had the neck and lower facelift. I have just cut a fringe into my hair not sure that I like it, trying to hide the heavy genetic brow lines that I have, seems we are never really happy, most of the swelling has gone down now, The doctor wants to fix a small fold I have at the back of my hairline, he also put a little botox between the brows for free. I go back in 3 weeks for the fold to be sorted just with a local, he mentioned that I could have some tightening treatment around the lower eye area, how far do we go I feel more critical now so weird. Still numb around the sides of face but getting better all the time. will keep you posted.

5 weeks post with hair cut

Sorry forgot to post pics not sure that I like the Hair still a little swelling but all in all feeling a whole lot better than 5 weeks ago. maybe hair is to light?? and cut quite a bit off.

7 Weeks post

Well it is 7 weeks post op on Monday, review with Doctor on Tuesday for a small fold at the back of the hairline, The doctor will give me a local and sort it, Really happy with results still a tiny bit of numbness at side of face but all good, I would like to ask about the area around my eyes seems the hollows standout a little, are we ever happy but love the neck and lower face. Still can't sort my hair, just can't keep chopping I will end up with really short hair, Will put another review up after I see My fantastic Doctor.

2 months Post

Had my little revision over a week ago to fix some proud skin which went well, Feeling so much better now, Still have the numbness around my ears and around my face, get this weird feeling like I want to scratch and just can't get to the itch. Going overseas this week but when I get back will have a little Hot Dot laser around my eye area just to tighten the lines, to late now as there is a couple of down days with puffiness booked in on the 14th July. Hoping that all of the feeling comes back around the face area who else is 2 months post and has the same thing??? Anyway will post again whilst I am away at 3 months for the update and will update on Hot Dot Lazer therapy thanks for all your kind words and support all you ladies from Real Self.

4 months post

Well things have settled down big time, overseas having a ball, can feel the sides if my face now just a touch of numbness, when I come back have booked in for a little skin therapy under the eye area and top of lips really happy with the results people feel I am holding my age well and that is all I wanted. For anyone contemplating a mini face and neck lift I say go for it, especially if you have a Surgeon like I had.

Update on hit dot therapy around eyes and mouth to compliment mini face and neck lift

24 hours after laser treatment very swollen but is not painful at all, had done under local so was a quick procedure and not painful, now it is bathing and creaming for the next 4 days. My doctor performed this complimentary which was fantastic let's see what we think of the results watch this space.

UPDATE on Hot Dot Laser 3 days in

Well does not sting at all if anything just itching a little now still apply the cream and washing down with water an vinegar, soon to just apply cream, the skin has gone quite dry even with the cream on so must be getting close to peeling. I can't believe how brown my skin has gone so looking forward to that going. Will update a couple of shots so that you can see the difference. Swelling is all going down now, hoping for great results. keep you posted.

well a week and 1/2 out of hot dot much less invasive.

So much easier than I thought lets see what the results bring in the next 6 months. loving the new look I feel so much more refreshed and that is what I was looking for thanks to or the ladies out there that supported me through my journey, I say do what makes you feel happy.
Dr. John Flynn

A true Artist at what he does, a very caring Doctor, explains everything you need to know, also is not one for over the top surgery, So if you want to look refreshed and not like the Joker this Doctor is for you it is all about look good for your age after all. I would highly recommend him.

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