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Hi guys, Thanks to everyone writing reviews on...

Hi guys,

Thanks to everyone writing reviews on this website. It has been so helpful!

Here is my story: I've always hated my double chin. Not sure where it comes from, both my parents don't have it and I'm super fit (165cm/50kg).

Years ago there was a "trend" of injections done to the chin containing soy products (yeah at that time it didn't seem bad). I did 3 or 4 of them and didn't notice any difference to my chin.

About a year ago I started to do some research on this website and asked a question about my profile.

I had never thought about getting a chin implant at that time, I actually didn't know about it. My only concern was to get rid of my pocket of fat. A few surgeons advised getting a chin implant. At first, I was a bit embarrassed to admit that my profile was bad enough to need one and then I accepted the idea and it seems like an obvious thing.

I read reviews for months and contacted heaps of surgeons. My main concerns were:

- would the incision be done externally or internally

- how long I would need to keep a garment for (basically to hide from the world)

- how soon I could get it done

- the type of liposuction they would use

- the type of anesthesia

- how the implant would be fixed

- the location of the surgeon (I live in Australia)

- if they're FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons)

- and of course, the price!

I ended up shortlisting a small number of surgeons. Basically I have two that I like. One on the Gold Coast and one in Melbourne.

I had a consultation with the one on the Gold Coast this week (at John Flynn hospital). I waited like 40 minutes to see the doctor. I thought he would touch my face and my chin area, explain in details what he would do, show me some implants, some before/afte photos, etc. No, he just said he would answer my questions. He said the incision would be done internally and that he would use a medium anatomical implant.

Then I spent some time with a nurse to talk about paperwork and payments. She then took some pictures of me and sent them to the doctor. I asked to see some before/after pics from other people but the doctor called me to show what he would do to my chin. Result was nice.

Then it was getting late and there was no occasion to ask for some pictures of other patients. They just sold me some supplements to prepare the surgery ($200).

I left with mix feelings.


- the proposed surgery date would be in less than a week, really exciting

- the doctor has really good reviews (on this website and others)

- he seemed pretty confident

- if fits in my budget


- I wanted to avoid an internal incision because of some reviews I have seen on this website ; but then I read others saying it doesn't make any difference. So if any of you has their two cents to add please do now! I read it can get infected or that it can migrate!!

- the surgeon said he would not do any liposuction along my jawline (the part under) ; is it normal? I made it clear I wanted a really defined neck, to add a more angular feeling to my face (because I look fatter and youger than I should).

Also the surgeon of Melbourne won't be able to operate before Decembre/January ; that's a long waiting time ; means it's not that easy to choose between both.

As the surgery would be next week, I basically need to pay him by tomorrow to book in.

I am just torn between just letting go and trusting him ; or unfortunately waiting SIX more months and get it done far from home (plus there is no guarantee the other surgeon is in fact better).

> What do you really think of the intraoral approach for the chin implant?

> How far back are they suppose to remove some fat when doing a chin lipo? (according to him it's just the little pouch under the chin - maybe it's normal?).


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Surgery is tomorrow!!

I had a pre-surgery appointment this morning.
Things were a bit confusing and got rushed last week so I really appreciate that I got to see the surgeon before going ahead.
He was really calm and confident. He reassured me about which bit of fat would go with the liposuction under my chin. We're both clear on giving a really sharp edge to my face so I hope it will look good once done :)
I've also been able to play with some implants and see a before/after picture of another patient.

Now that's everything is paid and organised I just have to wait until tomorrow.
I need to fast and stop drinking from midnight tonight.

My only concern is the general anaesthesia. I'm not good with needles! Might have to look away before falling asleep.

I'm glad that I wasn't sure if it would actually happen until this morning. I haven't had time to be too anxious!

I'll keep you posted x

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I'll get one of those in Medium. Not sure if it's the Extended Anatomical Chin Implant or the Conform™ Extended Anatomical Chin Implant.

Result that I would love!

Day 2

So that's it, it's done!

I had my surgery yesterday morning. I wasn't anxious or anything (or maybe a little bit by the thought of the anaesthetist needle!).
The staff at the hospital was wonderful and really caring. I got prepared for the surgery (with some super sexy paper outfits), and then went trough many teams of nurses, each of them having a nice chat with me and making me feel relaxed.
I finally arrived at the anaesthetist room and, in the middle of a few jokes, he put that needle in my arm. And I slowly started to "go". I vaguely remember the surgery room. End of the story, until I woke up. My first thought was "please tell me it's already done". And it was.
I then had to sit on a chair for a few hours, half asleep, and got fed some jellies while the nurse was checking my blood pressure (apparently quite low).
Later, my amazingly supportive partner picked me up and off we went! I was still sleepy in the car.
No pain at any point.
We went home, had a soup and watched a documentary, and it was night time.
I didn't really sleep but didn't feel uncomfortable or in pain.
This guy has been my best friend: http://sleep.muji.net/

In terms of drugs I had to take those before the surgery:
Vitamin C

I have to keep taking them as well as:
Panadol Osteo
(to relieve the pain)

Last but no least, I have something that looks like a chin!
My face is super swollen so I look a bit like one of those for now:

But hey it is a start!

Overall I'm happy I had the surgery (and that it was done on such short notice - no time to be anxious), stoked I have no pain and glad I have a chin!
Can't wait to see the final result :)

Day 8

It's already been more than a week!
I'm still very swollen under the chin area and around the mouth, which is great because it means it can only get better.

I've followed the advice of some other patients here who said they put some Vicks on their swollen bits. It really works!

So far the intraoral approach seems to be a very good option! The only really annoying thing is how hard it is to eat even after a week. I've been eating normal food for a few days but it takes ages as I'm always scared of pulling the stitches inside. Also, it is a bit painful when I laugh or sneeze - haha. But at least I won't have a scar.

It's getting better everyday and I'm quite delighted with the shape of my chin. Can't wait for the jawline to bre more define!
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