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I've wanted a breast lift for all of my adult...

I've wanted a breast lift for all of my adult life, perhaps even when I was in high school. They started growing pretty steadily when I was around 10, I had a B cup at 12 and a DD by 17. They've never looked like young, perky boobs and have always been very heavy. As I found out in my first consultation with my surgeon Dr Scamp, my breasts carry a lot of gland tissue and not a lot of fat. I guess that's why when I've gained and lost bits of weight over the years I've never seen a real difference in the size of my breasts. One thing that has become more noticible is the asymmetry between my two breasts, and the additional droop to my right one (which is the bigger of the two). I'd say my right is about a cup or a cup and a half bigger than my left (DD-E and a D). For some reason, and I've seen a lot of people saying this too, breasts always look a lot more asymmetric in photographs. It was news to my boyfriend that I had asymmetric boobs anyway! I didn't really 'shop around' for a surgeon, I did my research on the Internet, found Dr Scamp and booked in for an appointment. I found him to be really pleasant, open and honest and he has a lot of experience. He recommended that because of the asymmetry that we do a reduction in my right breast to match my left and lift both. He also said he would reduce the left a little to adjust the shape. That sounded perfect to me. I called the following day and payed my deposit. It was perfect timing for me to have it done before Christmas as I was already having time off work. I had been thinking about it for so long and it was scary finally taking the plunge. The hardest part was telling my boyfriend. I had told him earlier on in our relationship that I was thinking about it and his immediate reaction was 'no'. But he came around, realising that it is my body. He would have preferred me to be comfortable in my own skin and not put myself under a risky procedure when in his eyes I was just fine. Once I told him that I was definitely doing it he was extremely supportive and his usual lovely self.

Surgery complete

So I had my surgery yesterday afternoon. They were ahead of schedule so I was barely sat down before I was being put in my gown and being drawn on. Everyone at the hospital were really nice. Dr Scamp held my hand as I went under, and before I knew it I had woke up in recovery. I was in good spirits after but very very drowsy. My right side was feeling a fair bit more tight and sore than my left when I moved my arms. They gave me some pain meds which then made me a bit nauseous so then I had some more medication for that. All in all I've been in a lot less pain than I would have thought. I woke up this morning at 1am because I guess I was so rested from sleeping so much after my surgery that I couldn't sleep. I walked 15 minutes to and from a nice cafe nearby for some breakfast later on and needed a bit of a rest after that. I have dressings on, but I think I can feel some sensation in my nipples which is very exciting. They are sitting really well and I think they look great. My boyfriend seems very impressed with how perky they look. I'm very keen to see how they look underneath!!

Week 1 Update

So it's now been a week since my surgery. I had my post op appointment on Wednesday. Everything was fine, the doctor took off my dressings and cleaned me up before putting fixamull tape on. I was lying down so I didn't really even get much of a look before they were covered up. You can get a pretty good idea thought the tape though and they still have a lot of healing and settling to do. He didn't take as much off my right breast as he would have liked, mainly because I told him I would like a better chance of breast feeding. The right side is still settling and a bit 'boxy' as he put it- the nipple also seems to point straight out rather than a little up like the left one. All in all it looks like a huge improvement already and I think it's a bit early to be too worried.

I have been off all medication for three days now but I do have a bit of pain, particularly on the outer corners of the horizontal section of stitches under each boob. Did anyone else find this? Also, how long are people keeping this tape on? I've been told to keep it on until it falls off which can take up to two weeks.


Just a quick update to say that everything is going well. Went to see the doctor yesterday and scars are healing as expected. I'm still waiting for the right breast to drop. And at the same time I'm a bit sad about how much my left has dropped already. There is some difference in my breasts, including the sizes of my nipples. I think once the incisions don't look so obvious and Frankenstein-esc it won't seem so obvious to me. In any case it's a large improvement. I havent tried to get back into anything very strenuous but I'm feeling pretty ready to start soon!

2 month update

Quick update- scars are healing well! Not wearing underwires yet but I am getting back into fitness and am getting some strength in my arms and chest back. You can see from the photo that the fixamull tape did not want to come off! And that was after almost a month of wear. I've been rubbing coconut oil in whenever I take the tape off to get some moisture into my skin.

It's been a while

Just thought I'd update on my progress. It's been almost 5 months since my surgery. My breasts are feeling a lot better now, not a lot of discomfort and they are feeling a lot more natural. My scars have been healing nicely, a bit red but fading. I have been using silicon strips on and off, but really more off than on! They have definitely lost some of the initial perkiness which is a bit sad, but they're still a lot better than before. All in all I'm happy but I would have to say, if you are really on the fence about the procedure I would really think twice about it. I have my next appointment in a couple of week's time so I guess I may have some more info then :)

14 month update

I really meant to do this at 12 months, but here are some pics of progress. Scarring is so much more discrete. I'm currently a large C/small D. Really happy with my decision.
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scamp has been very good to deal with so far. He's clearly very experienced and knowledgable and gives honest answers to questions.

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