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Ive always had small boobs and always thought...

ive always had small boobs and always thought about getting it done but Ive never had enough money to pay for it. now I am a bit older and have more money im looking at getting it done on the gold coast in australia as they have a deal for it to cost 8k which is well cheaper than nz. also my sister lives in gold coast so she will look after me. my bf isnt too fussed either way.

Doctors opinion

so I got an update from the surgeon as I sent my photos to a doctor in Thailand aswell to get there opinion. He said he doesn't recommend round implants and not under the muscle as my nipples are sitting low with a tight short lower breast pole. Has anyone else had this? What have you had done?

new photos

more before photos

Another before pic

Please help! Did anyone have breasts like mine?

Good news from surgeons on here

I've posted on the q & a part of this website and the surgeons there think I could have a normal surgery. I'm still waiting to see what the surgeon in Australia will say and also the final cost


So I've been advised by the Australian surgeon he can do my implants. He's suggested textured allergan silicone implants,round dual plane, medium to high profile 250-400cc inframammary incision. Now all I have to do is put down a $1000 deposit to book my space. I haven't got enough money to pay for the whole thing yet so I will probably have it done in about April next year! So excited can't believe I will have boobs finally! Feels like so long to wait!


I've been reading the bad reviews on this site and it's starting to scare me. But I def want to do it still but doing it next year is so long away! I've been talking with my flatmate who has them and she's got 325cc and they are large on her so I don't think I want to go any higher than that. Maybe 350cc

Won some money

Yay I won some money so I might be able to have it done a couple of months earlier in about feb next year ! It's so far away!!

Date set

So I think I will be doing this on 13th feb next year! So excited! I had to tell my boss to ask for time off and he reaction was nearly worse than my parents!

Deposit paid and flights booked

It's almost surreal that this will actually be happening. Breast implants aren't too common here in Nz so I hope people don't think badly of me after I get it done. I have worked up the courage to tell some of my closest friends and surprisingly they are really supportive. One of them even said she would be keen to do it aswell but not just now! Only 6months to go now better keep saving!

All paid and ready to go

So I'm all paid up and ready to go on the 13th feb! So exciting not too much longer to go and I will have xmas and nys to make the time go super fast. I've also just started a new job today and they have already approved my 2 weeks off which is great!

1 week to go!

Only 1 week till I leave for Australia and 8 days til my surgery! So excited now. A lot more people know about it which i feel ok about! I just can't wait

surgery done

yay so surgery is all done and im starting to feel better, i ended up with 345cc round hp implants, i will give a better update later


so 3.5 weeks post op now and feeling pretty good. just a little bit of general soreness but nothing too bad! so glad i made the decision to get this done as its so good to have boobs for the first time in my life! they are starting to feel soft and already look quite good!
Dr Perron

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